India Fantasy Kabaddi – Gujarat Fortune Giants Preview

The recently trending online fantasy kabaddi games have found a competitive team in Gujarat Fortune Giants. The team has building on strengthening their defence.

And their strong defence has led them to reach the previous two Indian kabaddi fantasy league final. Being the runners up of season 5 & season 6 consecutively, this time they started their matches on a confident note.

Gujarat based Fortune Giants is one of the four new teams playing since the 5th season in 2017. During both the earlier seasons, the Giants have marked the presence in the kabaddi games with utmost determination.

On paper, Gujarat Fortune Giants are a less experienced side. It also estimates to be one of their biggest threats in the past two seasons. However, the lack of experienced players also reduces the chances of injuries. This uplifts the team’s consistency in a three-month tournament like the Indian kabaddi game league.

This is our 4th team introduction post for the readers of our fantasy kabaddi platform,

TEAM CAPTAIN – Sunil Kumar

TEAM COACH – Manpreet Singh, India Neer Gulia

HOME VENUE – The Arena by Transstadia, Ahmedabad

Matches played so far – 49

Won matches so far – 34

Lost matches so far – 10

Tied matches so far – 5

Win percentage – 69.39%

Selected players in the team:

Raiders: Abhishek, Abolfazl Maghsodlou, Gurvinder Singh, Lalit Chaudhary, More G, Sachin, Sonu

All-Rounders: Pankaj, Rohit Gulia, Shazid Hossain, Vinod Kumar

Defenders: Amit, Sunil Kumar, Parvesh Bhainswal, Sonu Gahlawat, Ruturaj Koravi

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India Fantasy Kabaddi – Dabang Delhi K.C. Preview

The Indian fantasy kabaddi league is raiding our lives with thrilling matches. This franchisee based kabaddi tournament has certainly helped elevate the status of the age-old sport. The format has pushed the sport into the limelight where it deserves to be.

Dabang Delhi might sound quite heavy, but the Capital based Franchise has never lived up to the expectations of the fans. Dabang Delhi team has been a part of the Indian online kabaddi games league since its inception in 2014. However, it has never made it out of the bottom three. Sporting the Navy Blue color jersey, the team plays its home matches at the Thyagaraj Sporting Complex in New Delhi.

The team Delhi Dabang has not been quite successful at Indian kabaddi fantasy game and in making a strong impact. Its highest point has been in the first season when it reached the 6th place above Bengal Warriors.

Apart from finishing above Bengal Warriors, Dabang Delhi has little to talk about. The team with the lowest win percentage in the league doesn’t have any laurels so far. The fans of the team are hoping to see good matches of the team during this entire 7th season of kabaddi games. Read on the team overview and who are into the teams this season to play a better game at and win big:

TEAM CAPTAIN – Joginder Singh Narwal

TEAM COACH – Krishan Kumar Hooda

HOME VENUE – Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi

Matches played so far – 102

Won matches so far – 31

Lost matches so far – 64

Tied matches so far – 7

Win percentage – 30.39%

Selected players in the team:

Raiders: Naveen Kumar, Chandran Ranjit, Neeraj Narwal, Aman Kadian, Sumit Kumar

All-Rounders: Meraj Sheykh, Vijay Malik

Defenders: Joginder Narwal (C), Ravinder Pahal, Vishal Mane, Saeed Ghaffari, Pratik Patil, Sombir, Satywan, Anil Kumar

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Fantasy Kabaddi League – A Tea Break with Winners of All Seasons

It is safe to say that the Indian T20 league has changed the face of Indian sports and also the online games. Since its success, a number of sports have attempted to blend in the same formula. One of the sports that have found success is Indian fantasy kabaddi league.

The Indian fantasy kabaddi league has brought life to the sport which was not promoted earlier. Launched in 2014, year 2019 is the 7th season for the league. The league started with 8 teams participating in the tournament. It was in 2017 that 4 more teams were added making the number of participants 12 in total.

Looking at the fan following, there is no doubt that this season too is going to be a huge success. So before the season starts, let us get to know a little bit about the previous winners. Here is the list of Indian kabaddi fantasy league winners in the previous six seasons. Know them and start winning online kabaddi games at :

Jaipur Pink Panthers (2014):

Following Indian T20 league’s footsteps, Indian kabaddi league also had an inaugural champion from the city of Jaipur. Jaipur Pink Panthers won the first season of the League, defeating U Mumba in the final. Eight teams competed in the double round robin format in the fight to finish in the top four.

U Mumba (2015):

After missing out on the title in the first season, U Mumba finally got their hands on the trophy next year. The Mumbai-based team was dominant throughout the season and finished the group stages at the top of the table.

Patna Pirates (January 2016):

In the first season of the Indian kabaddi league, people tuned in due to curiosity and stayed for the second season because they liked it. The response in stadiums and TV ratings was exceptional. As a result, the organizers decided to make the league a bi-annual affair, in January and July.

And although the format remained the same with double round robin for eight teams, the competition now became a caravan, playing matches in every city for three days. U Mumba and Patna Pirates qualified for the semi-finals for the third consecutive time while Puneri Paltan and Bengal Warriors made it to the last four the first time. During that season Mumbai based team could not defend the title as Patna Pirates won the final.

Patna Pirates (July 2016):

In the fourth season, being played just 6 months after the previous one, the Pirates dominated the group stage. Patna became the first team to successfully defend the title after beating Jaipur 37-29 in the final.

Patna Pirates (2017):

After trying a bi-annual league in 2016, the organizers returned to their July-only schedule for the fifth season of the League. No one could stop Patna Pirates from completing the hat-trick. 4 new teams were added to the league during this year. 12 teams were divided into two zones of six teams each. With three games each against the opponents from the same zone, one each against teams from the other zone, and one wild card inter-zone match, all 12 teams played 22 games in total.

The fifth season was a big expansion of the league as the total number of matches went up to 138 from 60 in the first four seasons.

Bengaluru Bulls (2018):

The same zonal format continued for the sixth season of Indian kabaddi league, with 12 teams in total. Three-time champions, Patna Pirates failed to even make it to the playoffs, finishing fourth in Zone B.

Bengaluru Bulls, the 2014 semi-finalists and finalists of 2015, finally got their hands on the trophy. They got the trophy after winning the final against Gujarat by 38-33. Gujarat, on the other hands, Gujarat suffered second consecutive defeat in the final.

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India Fantasy Kabaddi – Bengaluru Bulls Team Preview

The Indian kabaddi league has started and its 12 teams are competing with all their heart and might in the kabaddi games. One of the successful teams in the history of kabaddi fantasy game is Bengaluru Bulls. They are the champions of the last edition of Indian kabaddi league and the defending champions.

In this 7th season, Hyderabad, the home of another team, Telugu Titans, has hosted the inaugural India fantasy kabaddi match. Each team is going to play a total of 22 matches in the league stage, two matches against each team in the competition.

Bengaluru Bulls are one of the founding members of the kabaddi fantasy league. Along with their title in 2018, the Bulls have also made it to the finals in 2015 and finished 4th in 2014.

All eyes this season would be on the defending champions – Bengaluru Bulls. At the beginning of the last kabaddi fantasy league season, the sixth, rarely anyone could have predicted a Bulls win. But the Bulls, even though young and inexperienced, covered it up with passion and energy on the playing area.

So while they start the title defense in this edition of Indian fantasy kabaddi league, here is everything you need to know about Bengaluru Bulls. Read on and play online kabaddi at and win big.

TEAM CAPTAIN – Rohit Kumar

TEAM COACH – Randhir Singh Sehrawat

HOME VENUE – Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru

Matches played so far – 106

Won matches so far – 48

Lost matches so far – 51

Tied matches so far – 7

Win percentage – 45.28%

Selected players in the team:

Raiders: Rohit Kumar (Captain), Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, Sumit Malik, Vinod Kumar, Lal Mohar Yadav, Banty

Defenders: Mohit Sherawat, Mahender Singh, Amit Sheoran, Raju Lal Chaudhary, Sandeep, Vijay Kumar, Aman, Saurabh Nandal, Ajay, Ankit

All-Rounders: Ashish Kumar Sangwan and Sanjay Shreshta

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India Fantasy Kabaddi League – Bengal Warriors Preview

Kabaddi has been in India for ages. Great souls such as Gautama Buddha have played this sport. The game finds mention in ancient scriptures like the Mahabharata as well. It is the game requiring strength, stamina, strategy and agility. The Indian kabaddi fantasy league began in 2014 and this is the 7th season of the immensely loved sports. During 2016, the league has been played 2 times of the year because of the high popularity gained by the sport.

This season of the kabaddi games will see a change in rules. And unlike the past two seasons, there will be no zones classifications. All teams will play each other twice in the group stage to decide the ultimate champion.

Bengal Warriors have made an appearance in all the six editions so far. They have managed to qualify into the playoffs on multiple occasions. However, they have failed to get across the line to clinch India fantasy kabaddi trophy.

Get a closer look at the team before you begin creating the kabaddi fantasy game team at

TEAM CAPTAIN – Surjeet Singh


HOME VENUE – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indoor Stadium, Kolkata

Matches played so far – 105

Won matches so far – 43

Lost matches so far – 50

Tied matches so far – 12

Win percentage – 40.95%

Bengal Warriors full squad:

Raiders: Maninder Singh, Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat, Mohammad Taghi, K Prapanjan, Sukesh Hegde, Amit Kumar, Rakesh Narwal, Bhuvneshwar Gaur.

All-Rounders: Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh, Amir Santosh Dhumal, AR Avinash,

Defenders: Jeeva Kumar, Baldev Singh, Adarsh T, Viraj Landge, Rinku Narwal, Vijin Thangadurai, Dharmendra Singh, Sahil (NYP).

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Fantasy Kabaddi – Defensive Positions in Kabaddi

Kabaddi is a game played between two teams of seven players. This is where individuals take turns to chase and touch members of the opposing team without being captured by them. We have told the fans of online kabaddi games at earlier about the history of this game.

Fantasy Kabaddi is a game relying upon an intricate transition between attack and defense. Teams put a huge weight on raiding the opposition steadily to confirm the pressure piled on them.

Likewise, defenses of fantasy kabaddi games work to keep raiders from effortlessly working up points. They are working in accord to not let the raiders to guess position with no trouble.

Focus and positioning are important to the defense of protecting the team. Look closer to know how defensive positions work in Indian fantasy kabaddi. Read on:

Position – Corners

The corners of a kabaddi team are the widest positions on the playing stadium, stretching the team on both sides. Each of the participating team deploys best defenders on the corner side. This is because it is the most influential position of the game. A game can be won or lost depending on how the corners of the team perform in a match!

The main duty of the corners is to start the tackles at the apt moment. This is because they are the main targets for the opposition’s raiders to score points from. If it is a right raider raiding from the opposite end, he/she will attack the left corner and vice versa in case the raider is raiding from the left side.

In the case of a right raider, the left corner of the team goes deep into his half. To be precise, it goes behind the bonus point line to make the raider come to him. This is to get a touch point while at the same time. The main duty of the right corner is to cover the raider’s track in case a block makes before he returns to his own half.

Position – Covers

The covers of the team normally invade the positions inside the Corners and Ins on both the sides of playing mat. They act as a support system to the chain comprised of Corners and Ins. Though, their foremost duty is to save their star raiders who adopt the safest position, which is the center from getting touched by an opponent. A lot of the team even use their cover defenders to take up raids to give much-needed rest to their best raiders. It is also to save them for do-or-die raids.

Position – Ins

The Ins of a kabaddi team usually comprises of the raiders, who create a chain with the corners and help them maintain their balance on the playing area. With the chain created, they help the chain contain the opponents’ raiders and also try to block the raiders in their tracks. It also forces the raider to go for the much tougher moves like the dubki or a jump to score touchpoints.

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Play Daily Fantasy Kabaddi Games with 11Wickets

With the tremendous popularity of fantasy sports, kabaddi was not behind to join the league. Fantasy kabaddi is now a thing and is very popular amongst the youth.

Kabaddi fantasy game is the sport played by teams of seven on a circular court. In this game, the players attempt to tag or capture opponents. And they must hold their breath while running while at the same time repeating the word “kabaddi”. This is to show that they are actually holding their breath.

The online kabaddi games are an exciting pretty new game for those who are the regular players of fantasy cricket and football. We know the biggest kabaddi season is soon to start and it has grown to be one of the popular and biggest sports in the nation after cricket.

Let us tell you the simple method of playing kabaddi fantasy league at the best online fantasy sports platform, Read on:

Have a meet with the game

Kabaddi is a very unique game as it is a team contact sport without having a ball. This sport does not even need any equipment to play. Each side has 7 players and 3 players in reserve. Each play, known as a ‘raid’, has a member of the attacking side run into the opposition half. The attacker aims to tag as many defending team players as possible, cross a baulk line in the defender’s territory. Then he runs back into his half in order to score points. If the defending team affect a tackle on the attacker and prevent him returning to his own half, the defending team earns a point.

At 11Wickets, you have to select a fantasy Kabaddi team which contains 7 players. Your playing fantasy kabaddi team have 2 to 3 defenders, 1 or 2 all-rounders and 1 to 3 Raiders.

Like the other fantasy sports, each player of kabaddi is worth a specific number of credits. And you have 100 credits to select your playing fantasy team.

Once you have selected your team, you then have to select a captain and a vice-captain. The format of Indian fantasy kabaddi is similar to cricket and football online games. To be precise, all of the concepts remain the same. As your players score points in real matches, they will translate to fantasy points for your team. The more points your team accumulates, the better chance you have of winning loads of cash prizes!

Fantasy kabaddi is a great game for online fantasy gamers in India. Hence why not join today and give it a try at

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Fantasy Kabaddi – A Journey of Rise for Kabaddi Games

As the season of Kabaddi games is approaching, we know that the fans of are curious to know where the roots for the sport lie. Kabaddi is primarily an Indian game and popular as Game of Masses. The game is very popular, simple and also the rules are easily understandable. However, strong evidence states that the game is 4,000 years old. But still very few people know about its origin.

India fantasy kabaddi is a simple and economical game. It does not require a huge playing area or any costly equipment. It is basically an outdoor sports player play on a clay court or a synthetic surface.

The sport originated in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Other forms of kabaddi fantasy game originated in northern parts of India. The modern kabaddi introduced in the Indian National Games at Calcutta in 1938.

Sundar Ram of India introduced and popularized the game in Japan during 1979. He was touring Japan on behalf of Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation for two months to introduce the game. The first Asian Kabaddi Championship was held in 1980.

Different names of the game

Nowadays the HTT is known by different names. Fans call Hu-Tu-Tu in Western India, Chedugudu in Southern India, Kabaddi in Northern India and Ha-Do-Do in Eastern India. The duration of the game is 35 minutes with 5 minutes break in between to change the sides.

The two teams occupy opposite halves of a field and take turns sending a raider into the other half to win points by tackling members of the other team. The raider then attempts to return to his own team holding his breath and saying “Kabaddi” during the whole raid.

At the international team version of kabaddi, two teams each with seven members occupy opposed halves of a field of 10m by 8m (for women) and 11m by 13 m (for men) and each team has three extra players in reserve. Participants play the game with 20-minute halves and a five-minute break during which the teams exchange sides.

Teams take turn sending a raider to the opposite team where the goal is to tag members of the opposite team before returning to his own team. Tag members go out and sent off the field for the time being. Meanwhile, the defender must make a chain, by connecting hands. If the chain breaks down, a member of the defending team go off. The aim of the defender is to stop the raider from returning to his side before taking a breath.

The sports fantasy kabaddi can also be played in three different forms like Amar, Gemini and Sanjeevani. Let us discuss these forms in detail.


This form of kabaddi played based on points scored by both sides. The playfield has no particular measurements and nine to eleven players add up to each of the teams. The main advantage of this form of the game is that the cover players remain in the court throughout the match and are able to give their best performance.


This form of kabaddi played with 9 players on either side. The main attribute of this form of kabaddi is that a player is putting out to remain out until all the team members are putting on. The team which is successful in putting out all the players of the opposite team secure a point.


This form is closest to the present game. In this, the players put out and re-energized. The team that puts out all the players on the opponent’s side scores four extra points. The winning team is the one that scores maximum points at the end of 40 minutes.

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Fantasy Cricket World Cup: Australian Team Records

The Defending champions Australia has an outstanding history in the cricket world cup fantasy league. In 2007, Australia became the first cricket nation to win three consecutive world cup tournaments.

In earlier 11 world cups, they have won 5 world cup fantasy cricket game. The men in green and yellow have made a strong case for themselves ever since the 1987 world cup win. Australia won its first world cup under the leadership of Allan Border. Ever since there has been no looking back for the nation.

Each generation, the Australian cricket setup throws up special talents that take the center stage to be counted amongst the best players of that era. Australia is always a tough opponent to beat. They always tend to emerge as a strong contender to stake a claim for the fantasy world cup.

Let us relive their dominance in fantasy cricket world cup with records held by the Australian team and enjoy playing online cricket at India’s best platform,

Leading run-getter

Former Australian captain, Ricky Ponting is the leading run-getter in the world cups for the nation. He has scored 1743 runs in 46 matches at an average of 45.86 with five centuries and six half-centuries. He is followed by Adam Gilchrist scoring 1085 runs at an average of 36.16 and Mark Waugh scoring 1004 at 52.84. They have secured second and third spot.

Most runs in a single edition

Matthew Hayden’s tally of 659 runs at the 2007 World Cup is most by an Australian batsman in a single edition. He struck three centuries and a fifty averaging 73.22.

Best batting average

Andrew Symonds who averages an astonishing 103 from 13 innings has the best average among the Aussies. Clarke follows with at second with 63.42 at second followed by Steve Smith (56.87)

Most sixes

Ponting, the three-time world cup winner, has hit the most no. of sixes with 31 followed by Hayden (23) and Gilchrist (19). He also jointly holds the record for most sixes in an innings alongside Gilchrist with eight which he smashed against India in the 2003 World Cup final.

Highest run in a match

David Warner blasted 178 off 133 against Afghanistan in the 2015 edition which is the highest by an Australian at the event. Hayden with 158 vs West Indies in 2007 and Gilchrist with 149 vs Sri Lanka in 2007 final completed the top-three.

Highest wicket-taker

Glenn McGrath leads the wicket charts with 71 scalps in 39 matches spread across four editions. His tally is also the all-time best in world cup history. He averages 18.19 and boasts of an economy of 3.96. Next on the list is Brett Lee with 35 wickets in 17 matches followed by Brad Hogg who took 34 wickets in 21 matches.

Highest wicket-taker in a single edition

McGrath also holds the record for most wickets in an edition – 26 wickets at 13.73 at the ICC World Cup 2007. Shaun Tait with 23 wickets (WC 2007) and Lee with 22 wickets (WC 2003) occupy the second and third spot respectively

Best bowling figures

With 7/15 vs Namibia in February 2003, McGrath also has the all-time bowling figures in world cup history. Andy Bichel emulated his tally in the same edition with seven wickets against England but McGrath edges ahead having given five fewer runs.

Best bowling average

Nathan Bracken has the best bowling average of 16.12 among the bowlers with 10 matches being the minimum cut-off. Lee (17.97) and McGrath (18.19) are at the second and third position respectively.

Best strike-rate

With a minimum cut-off of 10 matches, Lee has the best strike-rate among the bowlers with 23.5 in 17 matches followed by Shaun Tait (24) and Bracken (26.8)

5-wicket hauls

Gary Gilmour and McGrath each have two five-wicket hauls – the joint-most among the Australians. Mitchell Marsh, Alan Hurst, Ken MacLeay, Andy Bichel, Starc, Dennis Lillee, Damien Fleming, Brett Lee and Craig McDermott are the others to have taken the five-wicket haul

Most dismissals as wicketkeeper

Gilchrist, with 52 dismissals (45 catches, 7 stumpings) leads the wicketkeeping charts followed by Brad Haddin’s 29 (all catches) and Ian Healy’s 21 (18 catches, three stumpings)

Most catches by a fielder

For a non-keeper, Ponting has also taken the most catches – 28 – which is also the most by any player in the history of the showpiece event

Highest partnership

Warner and Smith combined to add 260 for the second wicket against Afghanistan in Perth in March 2015 which is the highest ever partnership for any wicket by an Australian pair at the quadrennial tourney.

Most world cup appearances

Ponting’s 46 world cup appearances are also the most from his country. He has also led them in 29 matches which is also a world cup record.

Match record

Overall, Australia has played 85 matches, winning 61, losing 21, one ending in a tie and two producing no results.

Highest team total

417/6 is vs Afghanistan is Australia’s and World Cup’s highest team total. Their biggest victory margin (in terms of runs) also is against Afghanistan – 275 runs which are a world cup record.

*Records have been compiled as on June 11, 2019

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World Cup Fantasy Cricket – Indian Cricket Team Record

India, no doubt is one of the successful teams in world cup cricket match. The world has already seen the team conquering the throne twice in 1983 and 2011.

Our nation has marked some brilliant records in the biggest tournament of cricket. With each passing world cup fantasy cricket, cricket fans witness many records. The major tournament, which is in its 12th season, has seen a lot of premium performances so far.

But there are some records in the fantasy world cup made by Indian cricketers which are simply astounding. Virat Kohli and Co. will try to make some new records in this edition as well.

We all love keeping track of records, don’t we? Check out the Indian cricket team records in fantasy cricket world cup. And enjoy playing online cricket at the favorite, the most trusted fantasy cricket platform of India. Read on:

Maiden overs by Bishan Bedi

The left-arm orthodox from Punjab, nicknamed as Bishu was part of the Indian squad during 1975 World Cup. Bedi bowled two maiden overs in a single game against East Africa. From last 11 World Cup editions, this record is untouched. Not a single bowler has achieved this awe-struck feat in the tournament.

God of records, Sachin Tendulkar

The “Master Blaster” of Indian and international cricket, Sachin Tendulkar dominates nearly 50% of the world cup records. He is the only cricket persona who has achieved two “Man of the Match” awards before the age of 20. Tendulkar is the highest run-scorer in the tournament and in a single edition of the tournament.

Most catches in a single match

Do you remember the enthusiastic and best fielder from 2000s era? Yes, you guessed right. We are talking about Mohammed Kaif. He has the most catches in a single match. He has four catches in his bag against Sri Lanka in world cup 2003. The record is shared by SoumyaSarkar of Bangladesh against Scotland in 2015 and Umar Akmal of Pakistan against Ireland in 2015.

Incredible feats by beloved “Dada”

The beloved “Dada” of Indian cricket, Sourav Ganguly has participated in three world cups in 1999, 2003 and 2007. He led the Indian team in 2003 and reached the finals for the first time since 1983. In the history of the tournament, Ganguly holds an exclusive record of involving in three 200+ partnership.

Highest average of Indian batsman

Have you ever heard about the batsman bagging runs at an average of 113? Though this is tough, India’s legendary Sunil Gavaskar holds this unique record. With two not-outs in three matches of world cup 1975, he has the highest average of 113. This record has not been touched by any other Indian batsman so far.

Leading wicket-takers

Two men, one with lethal left-arm swing and other concentrating on line and length, share this record. JavagalSrinath and Zaheer Khan, these two are the proud bowlers of the Indian team and the joint leading wicket-taker. They took 44 wickets each at the world cup during their career. Zaheer Khan’s 44 came from 23 matches whereas Srinath’s total resulted from 34 matches. Khan took 21 wickets alone in world cup 2011 when India won the trophy.

Best bowling figures

Ashish Nehra, the left-arm fast bowler recorded the best bowling figures for India in the World Cup. He bowled superb spell of 6 for 23 against England at the 2003 World Cup which.

Unique record by KapilDev

He is the man who changed the face of Indian cricket. He has given the Indian cricket fans something to cherish generation after generation. Under KapilDev’s leadership, India won the world cup trophy and he is still the youngest captain to lift the trophy. He was 24 years, 5 months and 19 days old then.

India’s successful wicket-keeper

MS Dhoni, the skipper in the 2011 and 2015 World Cup, is India’s most successful wicketkeeper with 32 dismissals. Dhoni has held 27 catches and made five stumpings at the tournament.

Biggest win of India

India’s biggest World Cup win came over Bermuda in world cup 2007 when they beat them by 257 runs. India put up the mammoth total of 413 runs. It happened due to Sehwag’s blistering 114 in 87 balls. In a return, Bermuda was all-out on a mere total of 156.

*Records have been compiled as on June 11, 2019

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