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4 Tricks to Make Fast Cash from 11Wickets App

In case you are new to the fantasy cricket world, you’ll be wondering how 11Wickets app works. And how to win money? In this blog post, we will make an effort to explain how 11Wickets app work and some tips and tricks which you can use to beat others in your contest. 

You simply need to do 3 things to play fantasy cricket: 

  • Select an upcoming match and make a team of 11 players from both teams

  • Deposit money and sign up for some contests utilizing your team 
  • Following the match starts, track your scoreboard and see if your team wins 

Tip #1: Use the app that lets team customization after the toss 

Most daily fantasy cricket apps close the contest entries One hour before the official match beginning time. Which means you cannot be absolutely sure about the playing XI of both the teams. As the toss is usually done only Half an hour before start time, you may have more possibilities to predict the best players. So, try 11Wickets app that enables you to modify your team prior to the match starts. Likewise, after the toss, you will be aware of which team is going to bat first. So depending on this, you should be able to guess the opening players and bowlers and can pick the best mix of players. 

Tip #2: Join compact but confirmed contests 

In case you are joining a large contest exceeding 10,000 members, the likelihood of reaching Rank 1 and therefore winning that big sum is very low. To win cash easily and with more probabilities, try joining small contests with 10 or 20 members. It really is easier to beat 9 other members in comparison with 9,999 other members. Check if the contest is a confirmed contest, as well. Therefore the contest will run even if it is not full. 

Tip #3: Be familiar with the points system 

Every online fantasy cricket app has distinct points structure. A lot of them give more points to Batting such as runs, the fifties etc., a few give more value to bowling. Also, some apps like 11Wickets give different points for ODI, T20 and Test matches. According to the match and app’s points’ structure, go for suitable players. 

Tip #4: Choose your star players sensibly 

11Wickets let marking two players as Captain and Vice-Captain. If a cricketer scores 10 points, the same cricketer if chosen as captain, can get 2x, i.e. 20 points. Vice-captain gets 1.5x, so 15 points. Therefore you have to think a whole lot before selecting a player as captain or vice-captain. Consider the recent performances of these players and come to a decision. 

Thinking of playing in 11Wickets? Get the app soon! 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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