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4 Unique Ways to Increase Employee Engagement with Fantasy Games

Are you bored at work? Do your colleagues take leave quite often? Do you feel demotivated to wake up and go to the office in the morning? Working from Monday to Friday can be a hectic schedule and may drain out all the energy left in an individual. 

If you find people not turning up to the office very often, then it’s not about poor health! It’s majorly because of the lack of workplace engagement. What if you can introduce a play culture in your workplace? As the proverb goes “all work no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, jerk up the grey cells of your employees by engaging them into daily fantasy cricketgames. 

Sounds unbelievable? Well, then check out these 4 points that will enlighten you and make you feel the importance of fantasy games at the workplace. 

1. Build up a team with a common goal 

A team that plays together, stays together! What’s the one thing which common in all individuals? The answer is simple. It’s a love for sports. Smart entrepreneurs encash out of the same. Allowing the employees to play online cricket games, fosters a sense of team bonding between them. It’s a very nice technique for breaking the cold walls between the employees.   

The employees get the opportunity to get together and build up their fantasy teams. This is a very smart technique of encouraging team building through games. 

2. Mind refreshment sessions 

Continuous work sessions without any creative venture can result in boredom and mind blocking for the employees. It’s essential to keep your employees happy and refreshed all the time. By teaching them how to play fantasy cricket, you make keep their minds away from the work pressure. 

You can easily set up a 30 minutes play break. Tired and wasted brains are of no use! Energize them so that you get the full productivity out of it. 

3.  Motivated and productive employees 

Browsing social media sites, engaging in interesting gossips and several breaks generally eat up long hours of the employees. If half of the working hours are wastes in such trivial matters, then what sort of productivity do you expect for your company? Among the different perks that you offer to boost up the morale and energy of your employees, including daily fantasy cricket as one of them. 

 4. Knowledge enhancement 

If you think fantasy games are only for playing, then you’re wrong. It’s a knowledge enhancer as well. As widely known fantasy games are skill-based games which means the person playing the same needs to use their rational, mathematical, and logical skills to get hold of the gaming strategies. And since your employee will have the option of playing online cricket games and earn money, hence missing out on the same can be a loss for the employees. You might not be knowing, but unwillingly you’ll make your employees error-free! 

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that since the majority of the millennials feel disengaged at their workplace, hence to lure the interest of the tech-savvy employees within organizational matters, engaging them into playing fantasy sports is indeed a good option. 


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