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5 Fantasy Football Draft Mistakes That Can Ultimately Ruin Your Game

A slight mistake in the draft season of  fantasy football  can cost you the whole game. The game comes to an end if you make the wrong selection on the draft day. It’s like a maze, the more mistakes you make on the draft day, the more easily you let your opponent walk away with the winner’s title. 

First and foremost, important lesson – don’t ever be late for a draft in  fantasy league games. It’s common sense because the early bird always catches the worm! The one who comes late will be a loser. 

Keeping this in mind, read on to know the most common mistakes that should be avoided at any cost, to get a good hold in the match. 

Mistake 1: Drafting popular players 

Taking up the favourite player and the most popular one – that’s the vital mistake that novice players make in fantasy  football leagues. Just wait and watch the drafting in session and you’ll see the popular ones taken up in minutes while the household names are been left off! 

Does popularity judge the quality of the player? Not always. Depending on league type, previous performance and current form of the player, the selection needs to be made. Also, check the ranks of the players before jumping to take them into your team. 

Mistake 2: Not realizing the past drafting mistakes 

Even in real-time football matches, managers make mistakes during drafting, so it’s not an unnatural phenomenon in fantasy football. However, a pro  fantasy football tip; don’t make the same mistake again and again! If you’re into the game for winning, then keep a note of the past drafting mistakes that you’ve made. 

To make it simpler, check them out in the app’s draft recap option. Let’s say you’ve won a few leagues before, then go back to the drafting process, look up the strategies, and imply the same in your current match. 

Mistake 3: Stay within your limits 

In almost every fantasy gaming app, you’ll find hundreds of  fantasy league games being listed. If you’re a new player, then go easy! Taking up the best players and the popular ones during the drafting season will not give you a great start. Rather, it will make you lose repeatedly. Selecting leagues and games as per experience is a basic requirement. 

The mere fact that you’re a football fan, doesn’t make you a good fantasy football player. Staying within limits is essential. 

Mistake 4: No idea about league specifications 

Which type of league are you playing? There are hundreds of  online football game players who have simply no idea about the type of league they are playing. Scoring process, roaster formation, free agents – every league has different characteristics. You can’t win a game, without selecting the right type of player for the right type of league. 

Mistake 5: Quarterback and defence player selection 

A quarterback is an important player in any online football game. The one you select should be consistent and completely in-form to make you win the match. It’s better not to hurry in the selection of the same during the drafting session. Sometimes the best is left for the last! 

To sum it up 

It’s always better to be slow than being fast and lose out on the game. Fantasy football players are all football lovers and hence accomplishing a win means a lot to the players. Be prepared before you enter into the drafting session. Hurrying into the selection part might make you lose out on the bigger picture. 


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