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5 Professional Tips for Keeper Selection in Fantasy Football Leagues

When the draft time is near, what is the major thought that strikes in the mind of  fantasy football  players? The major problem that arises is whom to keep and whom to discard? Some fantasy league players are notorious over-thinkers and keep on researching to select the best players for the game. 

But when it comes to selecting the goalkeeper, smart, strategic, and calm-minded decisions need to be taken. You can do with a faulty player but a faulty keeper will definitely make you lose the game. What’s the role of a keeper in a football game? A very crucial role. Intercept the shots of the opposing team and block the same on time to get points for the team. 

Since now you know how important a keeper is, it’s better to check out these points that precisely highlights a few tips for professional online  football league selection. 

Tip 1: Don’t be obsessed with selection 

Before the start of anyfantasy premier leagues, every player frets over one thing – the selection of the right players for the game. Is it good to select off-season goalkeeper or an on-season goalkeeper is a better option? Overthinking and changing the selection of the goalkeeper frequently can endanger your winning chances. Maybe the moment you discard a good goalkeeper out of hesitation, the opponent player picks up the same and gets the benefit of advantage! 

Tip 2: Check and research on the background 

Who is a better performing goalkeeper? How well did they perform in the previous matches? No goo decision is possible without complete and extensive research. You can for a change also follow the write-ups of your favourite analysts to check out the details they have mentioned about the goalkeeper you’re planning to select. Start digging into the background of the goalkeeper before you make the final decision. Nothing can beat good research! 

Tip 3: Select the physically fit person 

Quick, sturdy, well-built, and physically fit – these are a few criteria that you need to check in your goalkeeper before you make the decision of selecting the same. before the drafting session, while you’re checking the background of the goalkeepers, do [positively check the strong lunching ability, fast reflexes, and good jumping ability of the keeper. If statistically not possible, then check out a few matches to see these facts. Winning in fantasy sports depends largely on the ability of the goalkeeper to save the goals effectively. 

Tip 4: Study the scoring criteria 

To make the best choices of players, it’s essential that you study the scoring pattern of the online football game. Every strategy of your game will depend on the scoring strategy of the game. Even the choice of goalkeeper will depend on the type of game that is going to be selected. So, keep a close study of the same before you proceed with the selection part. 

 Tip 5: History of penalty shots 

How many penalty shots did your selected goalkeeper save in the last match? That’s a very important deciding point. Penalties are an integral part of every game and can change the face of any  fantasy football game. If your selected keeper is very much able to save penalty shots in every match, then he is the right man for you. Allowing one or two goals into the post is admissible, but a penalty shot is very very important. And you man needs to be able to save the same! 

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