Fantasy Cricket-Indian Celebs who are Cricket Fanatic

Whether it is fantasy cricket games or real cricket matches, you utter the word “cricket” and see the gleam in the eyes of Indian cricket fans. It is worthy to see the excitement of the Indians when any match is played on Indian grounds or when Indian cricketers are playing a match.

The Bollywood stars are also not behind when it comes to cricket. Leave alone the stardom, in any match of India, they cheer the team with the same excitement and thrill in their heart as the common Indians do. Let’s find out the craziest of the Bollywood celebs who are crazy about cricket. Read on and begin creating your online fantasy cricket team.

Shah Rukh Khan

There is no necessity to explain how much Shah Rukh Khan follows any match, in particular, cricket. Shah Rukh took his love of this sport to the next height when he bought a stake in IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Riders. He also widened his presence in the world of cricket after buying a portion of CPL team Trinbago Knight Riders.

He cheers his team with passion and it is also said that he follows superstitions so that his team wins every time. Shah Rukh’s love for cricket is not new-found. It is a noted fact among his fans that he was the representative of his college cricket team.

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is an enthusiastic cricket fan and never misses a chance to cheer for the Indian cricket team. His attraction in the game can be seen through his tweets as he follows the game incredibly carefully. Bachchan makes sure to congratulate the Indian cricket team following all their victories on Twitter.

At the time of his younger days, the actor himself took time out of his routine and had been caught playing cricket. He is also known to be close to cricketers such as Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is also noticed relaxing watching a cricket game even on the sets of his film. It was once rumored that the Akshay had set up TV sets at the movie sets so that no one misses the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

His kids and friends are Akshay’s buddies most of the time. He flows the game even when touring and stays in contact using his phone. Kumar mentions that Virat Kohli is his present-day favourite player.

Suniel Shetty

Once an ambitious cricketer and today a veteran Bollywood star, Suniel Shetty’s life revolved around cricket, before taking over the silver screen. Shetty has been a life-long enthusiast of the game. It a popular fact that Shetty once was an aspiring cricketer prior to turning to bodybuilding and ultimately becoming an actor.

He is frequent at the crucial India games and Indian Premier League matches. He roots for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL, Mumbai-based team. He is also a part of Celebrity Cricket League team Mumbai Heroes.

Ritesh Deshmukh

Ritesh Deshmukh is another Bollywood star who is regarded to be cricket crazy. Ritesh has been seen posting photos in the Indian jersey and screaming out slogans supporting India at the time of crucial matches.

Sometimes, he has also been captured playing during shoots pushing the director to take breaks. Clearly, there have not been any problems to the producer as he makes up for his work afterward.

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Fantasy Cricket – Top 5 Wicketkeepers of all Times

Wicket keeping is the subtlest art of playing in the world of cricket. Not just in the on-field matches, the online fantasy cricket matches depend on the smart performance of a wicketkeeper to some extent.

It is worth witnessing, how a keeper traps ball, crouches for stumpings and dive for catches. These actions are intrinsic as they happen within a second. Only an unbeatable high concentration can make a wicket-keeper achieve these feats. In fantasy cricket games of , the wicketkeepers play a crucial role to increase the scoreboard of the fantasy cricket game.

Some of the best wicket-keepers in the world include MS Dhoni, Adam Gilchrist and Mark Boucher. Keepers like Kumar Sangakkara and Ian Healy are masters of their own kind performing with intensified skill over the ball.

Read on 5 best wicketkeepers, we have listed here and play fantasy cricket India games.

Mark Boucher

The Proteas wicket-keeper and the pride of South African cricket team, Mark Boucher has achieved the record of highest Test Dismissals. Boucher has 532 catches behind the wicket and 23 stumpings playing 147 matches and 281 innings. In 2012 as he was injured seriously in his eye, he took retirement from cricket. In ODI matches, Boucher a total of 424 dismissals to his name. Combining all the three formats of Test, ODI and T20, Boucher holds the record of highest dismissals of 998 wickets consisting of 952 catches and 46 stumpings.

Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist is not only one of the best wicketkeepers but also one of the best cricketers of all times. His stance as a wicketkeeper is as strong as his record as a batsman. He is cited as the most influential keeper for his contribution of the game and the feats he achieved. As a Test wicket-keeper, Gilchrist has taken 379 catches and 37 stumpings in his international career. Combining his tally in T20 matches, the number of total dismissals racks up to 905, with 813 Catches and 92 Stumpings.

MS Dhoni

The Indian Captain MS Dhoni is known as one of the best unconventional wicket keepers in cricket. It is because of his out of the book techniques, that somehow leads him to beat all the odds. In T20, Dhoni has the top record of dismissals with 63 and counting on his tally. It has 41 catches and 21 stumpings. He has played 274 innings in ODI as a keeper and has 350 dismissals on to his name. Dhoni has taken 261 catches as a keeper in ODI and has done 89 stumpings. This has made him fourth on the list of ODI Keeping records. In Test matches, he had 256 catches and 38 stumpings. In the overall rankings, Dhoni is third following Boucher and Gilchrist with a total of 707 dismissals with 558 catches and 149 stumpings.

Kumar Sangakkara

Sangakkara, the Sri Lankan wicket keeper, is one of the best with the total of 678 dismissals comprising of 539 catches and 139 stumpings. He has taken 383 ODI catches as a keeper and 99 stumpings. This adds up to 482 ODI dismissals keeping him ahead of all other cricketers. In Test, however, the player has a total of 151 wickets. He has 131 catches and 20 stumpings to his name in the 15-year long career as a test cricketer. In T20 matches, the player has dismissed 45 wickets as a keeper with 25 catches and 20 stumpings.

Ian Healy

Ian Healy, the Australian cricketer who played from 1988 to 1999 is one of the best wicket keepers in cricket history. Healy dismissed 628 wickets playing only ODI and Test matches. He had a total of 560 catches and 68 stumpings. In the 168 ODIs he played, he had 233 dismissals to his name with 194 catches and 39 stumpings. He has dismissed 395 test wickets with 366 catches and 29 stumpings.

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How to Win the Big Fantasy Cricket Matches

The eagerness for fantasy cricket in India has reached the sky in the past few years. People of all age groups absolutely love to play fantasy games, isn’t it? But when it comes to India, the number of people who play fantasy cricket at is at its peak during any of the big tournaments.

Everybody in this world wants easy money, and if you are lucky enough, these Fantasy cricket games might do the trick for you. You can go from rags to riches over-night and there have been many such stories of individuals who have earned plenty by winning these fantasy cricket games and leagues.

However, luck isn’t the factor when it comes to winning fantasy games. You got to have the skills and knowledge to pick the right players for the right occasion. So, here are a few tips that’ll help you win. Try to follow these steps the next time you play any fantasy cricket game!

Study the pitch and conditions:

Before the start of any match, you get to know about the pitch and weather conditions. Whether it’s a batting-friendly pitch or will the bowlers play a dominating role, the experts study the pitch and overhead conditions to let you know all these details. Hence, take into consideration these tips while selecting playing XI.

Select one opener from both teams:

When the pitch is hard, flat and good one for batting, try to select at least one opener from both teams. Openers often tend to give good starts while batting, but make sure you select the openers based on their current form. Use your brain and not you heart, while selecting the batsmen in your team.

Take a look at records and statistics:

There are many websites that’ll provide you with the record of a particular player at a particular ground. So, before selecting your playing XI, just go through these stats and numbers as it’ll give you a fair idea of how to go about with your team selection.

Player’s record against a team:

Also, do not forget to check out a player’s statistics against a particular opposition. There are many players who have excellent records against few teams and bowlers. Make sure to select such a player in your team as the probability of him scoring is very high.

Selecting a Captain or power player:

While selecting the Captain of your team, make sure that you select someone who can make a huge impact on the match. Captain can fetch you double the number of points. So, if you select a player who is the leading run getter/ leading wicket taker or player who has chipped in with a valuable all-round performance, it increases your chances of gaining maximum number of points and winning the fantasy cricket game.

Try to add a couple of less expensive players:

As you get a fixed amount in which you have to accommodate your playing XI, the budget sometimes goes overboard. Hence, in order to make up for all your costly players, try to add in a couple of less experienced but talented players. These are the real gambles in your team! Select these players wisely and based on their current performances. Try to add one uncapped player from both teams, as it’ll let you select the more expensive and impact players.

Well, these are the various tips that’ll help you win fantasy games in a huge country like India, where millions of cricket fans play these games on a daily basis. A bit of luck, selection skills and some cricket knowledge are the keys to success. You win some, you lose some. Winning provides happiness, losing provides wisdom!

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Pick Your Perfect XI for Fantasy Cricket

Playing fantasy cricket needs good knowledge and loads of skill in cricket. If you are a newbie then you can start with practice league following competing with 1 or 2 users with small money. Moreover, if you want to win big having less investment then play only big leagues. If you want to win big with more investment then play many 2 or 3 players’ leagues. Here winning probability will be good.

You can also win big with normal investment then play many 20 or 50 players’ leagues. In the daily fantasy cricket games at there is also the option to win cash prizes and have much fun with less investment by playing 5 or 10 players’ leagues.

When you have good knowledge of the fantasy cricket India, you can try to compete with more than 10 competitors as here your margin will be high. Avoid Big Leagues at all cost if you don’t have proper plan. Your chance of winning in big leagues is 0.0001% while in small leagues its 30-50%. Most recommended leagues are small leagues with just 2 Players.

Whatever leagues and how many leagues you might play, the tricky part in online fantasy cricket is the selection of the playing XI. If your player is in playing the match he will at least score some points. But if he is sitting on the pavilion you will get zero points for that and your winning chances decreases by 10% for your each player not playing the match. This is also a very essential point for any fantasy cricket team.

So it is important to select a perfect playing XI.

  1. Always remember that your chosen XI players must play in real match.
  2. Any player who’s in doubt shouldn’t be part of your selected XI.
  3. You should get playing XI news from the sources which are reliable.
  4. Choose each player only when he justifies his part in your selected XI.
  5. Choose captain and vice-captain sensibly.
  6. Always try to pick the players who are in their form in the real matches while choosing team
  7. Mostly pick the wicket keeper and other batsmen who come to bat higher in the order.
  8. To make sure you have a perfect playing XI always edit your team in the last hour.
  9. Check which players are injured, which players are back from injuries or any other latest news for your chosen team members.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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Fantasy Cricket- Cricketers with Long Names

There have been many Cricketers with interesting and confusing names, and in some cases too long. Try to remember; haven’t you come across while making your online fantasy cricket team, Vangipurapu Venkata Sai Laxman? Okay, he is our very own V.V.S Laxman. Did your tongue twist while pronouncing it?

In the words of Shakespeare, “”What’s in a name?” Here we list out five such international players who have the longest names for our fantasy cricket fans.

Practice these names while you are picking up your daily fantasy cricket team at, the most trusted online cricket platform of India:

UWMBCA Welegedara

Uda Walawwe Mahim Bandaralage Chanaka Asanga Welegedara or simply Chanaka Welegedara is the longest name in the cricketing world. The left arm fast bowler made his Test debut in 2007 and has become a sort of a regular member of the Sri Lankan Test squad in recent years. The 35-year-old’s career never really took off but he has been a prominent name in Sri Lanka’s domestic circuit.


Chaminda Vaas, the legendary left-arm fast bowler, was famous for his swing bowling and ability to snap quick wickets. With over 750 wickets in his international career, he is the second most successful bowler after Muttiah Muralitharan to have played for Sri Lanka. But, there were one more thing he was remembered for more often. It was for his unusually long name. He has five initials to his name ‘WPUJC’ which transcribes to Warnakulasuriya Patabendige Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas.

MKGCP Lakshita

Mataramba Kanaththa Gamage Chamila Premanath Lakshitha more famously known as Chamila Garnage was a right-arm medium pacer who played for Sri Lanka in 2 Tests and 7 ODIs in 2002. After making his debut in July 2002 against Bangladesh in Colombo, Gamage could never really seals a permanent spot in the squad and last played at Melbourne against Australia in 2003. His time with the national team might not be memorable but his name surely is remembered whenever people discuss about the long name.

HMRKB Herath

Sri Lanka’s spin bowling weapon Rangana Herath also has five initials which read in full as – Herath Mudiyanselage Rangana Keerthi Bandara Herath. Herath currently is Sri Lanka’s premier spinner. The left-arm spinner has been carrying the burden of leading the bowling attack ever since the retirement of the Muttiah Muralitharan. His has been very impressive and has built a great reputation by being Sri Lanka’s all-season performer.

PADLR Sandakan

Lakshana Sandakan who full name goes by Paththamperuma Arachchige Don Lakshan Rangiku Sandakan is left-arm wrist-spinner who made his debut against Australia in the first Test in 2016. Dubbed as mystery spinner, the chinaman is very capable of bowling accurately and has a well-disguised googly. His consistent match-winning performances in domestic cricket have made him one of the best future spin bowling prospect of the nation.

Hence, we get that mostly long name players to come from Sri Lanka. Good!

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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IPL Fantasy Cricket – Tale of Quirky Extras

This is the time of the year when IPL fantasy cricket fever has hit the entire nation. Already, the tournament is slowly nearing to its end. After the jam-packed T20 season, both the Indian side and the overseas players will compete for the highest glory in cricket, World Cup 2019.

For sure, this year is the season for cricket lover and the IPL T20 fantasy cricket fans. Do you know any other way a cricket team scores runs in the field apart from batting? Yes, you have guessed right! Extras! An extra means a run scored by a manner other than a batsman hitting the ball.

No batsman is given the credit of accumulating the extras for his side. The extras are calculated separately on the scoreboard. Extras have been the saving grace for many teams on several occasions, and even for IPL fantasy league fans.

Here is a list of teams scoring most extras in an innings during IPL T20 cricket game. Read them on:

Tale of 28 Extras

During the 4th IPL match at Kolkata on20 April 2008, Deccan Chargers and Kolkata Knight Riders were playing. Chasing 110 runs made by Deccan, KKR scored 112/5. They earned 28 extras, which is till date highest in IPL history. The 28 extras included 4 byes, 8 leg byes, 15 wides and 1 no ball. KKR beat Deccan by 5 wickets with 6 balls remaining.

Tale of 27 Extras

During the 63rd IPL match at Dharamsala on17 May 2011, Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore were playing. Batting first, KXIP made232/2 runs and in reply, RCB could score121 only. KXIP earned 27 extras, which is second highest in IPL history. The 27 extras included 7 byes, 14 leg byes, 4wides and 2 no balls. KXIP beat RCBby 111 runs.

Tale of 26 Extras

During the 47th IPL match at Kolkata on16 May 2009, Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings were playing. Chasing 147/5 runs made by Mumbai, Chennai scored 151/3. They earned 26 extras, which is till date third highest in IPL history. The 26 extras included 16 leg byes and 10 no balls. CSK beat MI by 7 wickets with 5 balls remaining.

During the 39thIPL match at Jaipur on17 May 2008, Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore were playing. Batting first, RR made 197/1 runs and in reply, RCB could score 132/9 only. RR earned 26 extras and these26 extras included 1 bye, 6 leg byes, 18wides and 1 no ball. RR beat RCB by 65 runs.

During the 54thIPL match at Mumbai on16 May 2015, Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders were playing. Batting first, RR made 199/6 runs and in reply, KKR could score 190/9. RR earned 26 extras and these26 extras included 3 leg byes, 18wides and 5 no balls. RR beat KKR by just 9 runs.

Tale of 25 Extras

During the 27thIPL match at Mumbai on6 May 2014, Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore were playing. Batting first, MI made 187/5 runs and in reply, RCB could score 168/8. MI earned 25 extras, which is fourth highest in IPL history. The 25 extras included 4 byes, 8 leg byes, 12wides and 1 no ball. MI beat RCB by 19 runs.

*Records have been compiled as on April 18, 2019

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IPL Fantasy Cricket – Best One-Handed Catches

Ever since the inception of the IPL T20 fantasy cricket, it has been the richest and most popular cricket league around the globe. In cricket, fielding contributes equally to winning a match for a side as its batting and bowling.

IPL matches and IPL fantasy cricket games have helped to revolutionise the concept of this short format of cricket. Over the years, the fielders have taken some brilliant catches and have shown some amazing aerobatics skills to fans.

In all the catches, the most brilliants ones are the catches which the fans’ eyes catch. Every single handed catch becomes a moment of rejoicing for fans sitting in the stadium along with IPL fantasy league fans.

Let us take a look at the best single-handed catches in the IPL T20 cricket game history. Read on:

Trent Boult vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

This one is said to be the best catch in the history of IPL. The New Zealand bowler, Trent Boult is the first in our list. During IPL 2018, in match Delhi Daredevils was playing against RCB, Trent Boult stole the show for his one-handed catch. Boult caught Virat Kohli’s ball single-handed. He caught Kohli’s potential boundary on the line keeping his nose in-field.

Kieron Pollard vs Chennai Super Kings

The Trinidadian cricketer and the aggressive all-rounder, Kieron Pollard is popular for his acrobatic fielding efforts. In this IPL 2019, Pollard shows off his brilliant acrobatic skills again to the fans. On 3rd April 2019, during the 15th IPL match, while playing against CSK Pollard dismissed one of its top order batsmen.

He dismissed Suresh Raina of CSK. During the 5thover, Raina’s bat connected flawlessly with a length ball and it flew towards deep cover. Pollard, who was positioned in front of the boundary line, pulled off a spectacular catch and CSK lost their third wicket. It was a marvellous moment to watch.

Faf du Plessis vs Mumbai Indians

The South African right-handed batsman, Faf du Plessis is the third in our list of fielders with the best one-hand catch. During IPL 2015, it was the match between the two strongest teams of the tournament, CSK and MI. CSK bowler caught the ball of MI batsman Corey Anderson. Anderson came to bat for his side MI at number 3 but could stay long at the crease, thanks to the one-handed catch by du Plessis.

Anderson pulled a short length delivery from Nehra of CSK but couldn’t quite middle it. The ball flew straight over the head of Nehra into no-man’s land.  But, du Plessis ran in from mid-off and took a single handed catch.

Sanju Samson vs Mumbai Indians

During the last IPL season in 2018, the Rajasthan Royals player Sanju Samson added another stunner to the list of one-handed catch. Playing against Mumbai Indians, Samson covered a lot of ground and dive full stretch to take a single-handed catch and sent Hardik Pandya of MI to pavilion for 36 runs.

Ricky Ponting vs Mumbai Indians

The Australian star played in IPL 2013 for a few matches for Delhi Daredevils. But he left an incredible mark by taking a single-handed catch. Unmukt Chand of MI tried to flick a delivery by Harbhajan Singh of DD to the leg side. However, it took a leading edge and flew towards extra cover where Ponting flung himself in the air, after slipping during his run, to take a brilliant one-handed catch.

*Records have been compiled as on April 17, 2019

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IPL Fantasy Cricket – Players with Highest Strike Rates

Batting in IPL T20 fantasy cricket can be extremely difficult, as a batsman hardly gets time to settle down at the playing ground. In the shortest format of cricket, users are almost always enthusiast, and strike rate is the most essential metric for a batsman.

The IPL fantasy cricket is an extravagant T20 tournament which draws in the best of the talent from around the globe. As a result, the competition is actually stiff during IPL and the quality of bowling is really high, that makes matters even more difficult for batsmen.

There are a few batsmen throughout the history of IPL fantasy league who’ve been able to master the quick scoring strategy towards batting. Here is a look at 5 batsmen who are at the top of the charts as far as strike rate is concerned:

Andre Russell

The Jamaican all-rounder, Andre Russell is playing for Kolkata Knight Riders for the current season. He started his IPL T20 cricket game career with Delhi Daredevils in 2012. For both the teams, in total, he has played 46 innings. He remained not out in 9 and scored 1202 runs at an average of 32.48. His highest is 88*. Russell’s strike rate is 185.49. He holds the first spot in the record of highest strike rates.

Ben Cutting

The Australian all-rounder, Ben Cutting is playing for Mumbai Indians for IPL 2019. He started playing for Rajasthan Royals in 2014, then played for Sunrisers Hyderabad from 2016-2017 and joined MI in 2018. He holds the second spot in the record of highest strike rates. In total, he has played 15 innings. He remained not out in 5 and scored 223 runs at an average of 22.30. His highest is 39*. Cutting’s strike rate is 174.21.

Sunil Narine

The Indian origin West Indies bowler, Sunil Narine is playing for Kolkata Knight Riders for this season IPL 2019 as well. He started his IPL career in 2012. Narine holds the third spot in the record of highest strike rates. In total, he has played 53 innings. He remained not out in 12 and scored 717 runs at an average of 17.48. His highest is 75. Narine’s strike rate is 168.30.

Rishabh Pant

The Indian wicketkeeper-batsman, Rishabh Pant is playing for Delhi Capitals (old name Delhi Daredevils) for this season IPL 2019 as well. He started his IPL career in 2016 with Delhi Daredevils. Pant holds the fourth spot in the record of highest strike rates. In total, he has played 46 innings. He remained not out in 4 and scored 1493 runs at an average of 35.54. His highest is 128*. Pant’s strike rate is 162.45.

Glenn Maxwell

The Australian batting all-rounder, Glenn Maxwell has played last for Delhi Daredevils (now called Delhi Capitals). He started his IPL career in 2012 with Delhi Daredevils and then played for teams Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab as well. Maxwell holds the fifth spot in the record of highest strike rates. In total, he has played 68 innings. He remained not out in 7 and scored 1397 runs at an average of 22.90. His highest is 95. Maxwell’s strike rate is 161.13.

*Records have been compiled as on April 16, 2019

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IPL Fantasy Cricket – Captains Winning Most Matches

The 12th edition of the IPL has already given the fans IPL fantasy cricket great entertainment in four weeks. Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals are playing well this season until now. Team Bangalore is at the bottom of the table and fans have already had no hope from it.

“To do great things is difficult, but to command great things is more difficult.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

This quote relates the importance of a captain for a team. The performances of any IPL team to a massive extent rely on their skippers. Over the 12 years of IPL, IPL T20 fantasy cricket fans have witnessed numerous skippers who have attempted to bring IPL glory to their teams. Just a few of them succeeded to a great extent.

There is no doubt that MSD will top the list of the captains winning most matches in the history of this Indian T20 tournament. The IPL fantasy league fans know how much crucial role a captain plays for his team.

Let’s us read about the top 5 captains who have won most matches in the history of IPL T20 fantasy cricket games.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni – 2008-2019

Records will speak for this cricketer. MS Dhoni has been the skipper for Chennai Super Kings since 2018. During the suspension of CSK in 2016 & 2017, he was bought by Rising Pune Supergiants and was named a captain. Till now, as the captain in IPL matches, he has played 167 matches. Under his leadership, his teams have won 101 matches and lost 65. One of the matches has come with no result. As a skipper, his winning % now is 60.84.

Gautam Gambhir – 2009-2018

The Delhi lad initially was the skipper for Delhi Daredevils, before turning the skipper for Kolkata Knight Riders. He again went back to Delhi in IPL 2018 as the team captain. In our list, he holds the second spot. Under his leadership, his teams have played 129 matches, has won 71 and lost 57. One match has been tied under his leadership. His winning % is 55.42.

Virat Kohli – 2011-2019

The Record Smasher hasn’t still broken this record. Virat Kohli has been playing the role of captain for Royal Challengers Bangalore since 2011. In our list, he holds the third spot. Under his leadership, his team has played 103 matches, has won 45 and lost 53. Two matches have been tied and 3 have no results under his leadership. His winning % is 46.00.

Rohit Sharma – 2013-2019

Rohit Sharma has been leading Mumbai Indians since 2013. In our list, he holds the fourth spot. Under his leadership, his team has played 95 matches, has won 54 and lost 40. One match has been tied under his leadership. His winning % is 57.36.

Adam Gilchrist – 2008-2013

In his IPL career, Adam Gilchrist has led two teams Deccan Chargers (2008-2010) and Kings XI Punjab (2011-2013). In our list, he holds the fifth spot. Under his leadership, his teams have played 74 matches, has won 35 and lost 39. His winning % is 47.29.

*Records have been compiled as on April 15, 2019

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IPL Fantasy Cricket League – 5 Most Expensive Flop Players

Every year, excitement for the IPL T20 fantasy cricket fans begin with the auction of the players! The day of the auction has been fascinating for the fans, since the advent of this popular T20 tournament.

All these years, IPL franchises have surprised the fans with their selection of players for their squad. While some of the franchises empty their fund to buy a particular cricketer, some others manage a decent purchase all through. The IPL fantasy cricket fans find auction stage intriguing and base of the teams’ strength.

Every year, not just the players sign multi-crore deals with IPL franchises but also add loads of pressure on themselves. They also have to deal with the added responsibilities and expectations of IPL fantasy league fans and cricket management.

Look below at the list of a few costly purchases in various seasons of the T20 cricket game. These players failed to deliver for their respective franchises. Read on:

Yuvraj Singh

The Punjabi lad, Yuvraj Singh is top in our list. It has been too risky for the Mumbai Indians to buy him this season, IPL 2019. For the team this year, he has played just 4 matches and made 98 runs at an average of 24.50.

But, we are not talking about this season.  During IPL 2015, Singh was bought by Delhi Daredevils for a whopping ₹ 16 crore. He was the costliest player ever bought in an auction. In that edition, he managed to score just 248 runs in 14 innings at a strike rate of 118.09 and an average of 19.07.

In IPL 2014, Singh played for Royal Challengers Bangalore and was released by them ahead of the IPL 2015 auction. Their decision came after his ordinary performance.

Tymal Mills

He is the extremely talented bowler from England; Tymal Mills caught the attention of IPL franchises when he toured India for T20 international in 2017. It was not his performance but his pace variations which impressed all. In the T20 internationals, he troubled the Indian cricketers much on their home soil.

RCB purchased him for ₹12 crore, the second highest paid cricketer in the auction for IPL 2017. Mills didn’t live up to the hopes of the team & fans. He managed to take just 5 wickets in 5 matches at an economy of 8.57. He was dropped for his underperformance and went unsold in the IPL auction 2018.

Dinesh Karthik

RCB invested the cash they got after releasing a lavish Yuvraj Singh in purchasing the wicket-keeper batsman Dinesh Karthik. Karthik played for DD in IPL 2014. He had an average season and was released by the franchise ahead of the IPL 2015auction. Bangalore surprised all when they bought him for ₹10.5 crore.

He performed excellently behind the stumps but failed to show his batting skills. He managed to score 141 runs in 16 matches at an average of 12.81.

Pawan Negi

Delhi Daredevils surprised everyone when they bought the youngster for a huge₹ 8.5 crore in IPL 2016 auction. Negi played for CSK in the 2015 and had mesmerized all with his all-around performance.

Negi played 8 matches for the Delhi team and performed poorly both with both bat and ball. He managed to take one wicket in the season and bowled at an economy of 9.33.

Irfan Pathan

During IPL 2011, Irfan Pathan was bought by Delhi franchise for approximately ₹8.5 crore in the auction. Pathan had delivered a pretty decent season in 2010 and has the money pressure on him for the season.

But sadly, Pathan failed to deliver according to the high hopes of his team this time. He managed to take just 11 wickets and score 150 runs in 14 matches at an average of18.75.

*Records have been compiled as on April 15, 2019

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