Famous Nicknames of the Footballer and their Tales Part 2

Do you remember our post where is talk about the famous nicknames of footballers? We hadn’t finished that post as we have many more to share with you. Fantasy football will be much more fun to play, if you are aware of these nicknames. 

So are you up for another part of interesting nicknames of your favourite footballers? Read them before you begin selecting your fantasy premier league teams

Read on before you give a nickname to your fantasy football team:

The King: Eric Cantona given the nickname as the king as the guys was king of the ground. And he was the greatest player of the Manchester United. 

El Angel Gabriel: Gabriel Batistuta named El Angel Gabriel who was basically from Argentina. 

The human lift: Sebastiano Rossi was Italian goalkeeper famous for his remarkable height and athletic skills. 

Sissi: Sisleide Lima do Amor is the Brazilian player. He was just 16 years old when he received the golden boot award. 

A Muralha Azul: Dida whose name was Nelson de Jesus Silva was the best goalkeeper of Brazil. He had the nickname which means the blue wall. 

The shorty: Romario O Baixinho who was a Brazilian striker at 5 ft. 4 in., yet he was incredibly agile and a thorn in the feet of opposing defenders.  

La Brujita: The nickname means the little witch and was given to Argentine young player. He took the name from his father Juan Ramon. 

The Czech Cannon: Pavel Nedved who was Italian was given the nickname for his accurate delivery and fantastic penalty kicks. 

Magic Dwarf: Philipp Lahm was German player who was only 5 feet and 7 inches tall. He was known for his intelligence as ground was named as magic dwarf. 

The fifth Beatle: George best who was named so because he was stylish, handsome and one of the only men at the time to rival the fame of the music group. 

Chopper: The ex-Chelsea player Ron Harris was named chopper because of his aggressive behaviour and tackling capacities. 

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El Torero: Paolo Rossi names as El torero after the 1982 world cup in which he scored big exploits. 

The Giraffe: As the name suggest, the nickname was given to Jack Charleton. It was because of his long legs and high neck. 

Take a list of few more nicknames:

Mayor of Street: Edgar Davids was the former Tottenham and Juventus player was famous for his fierce style of play. 

Piranha: Edgar Davids was also known by the name and also by the name shark. 

El Muneco: El muneco means the doll. It was for the title to an Argentine player who was 168 cm tall. 

The Flying Flea: Jimmy Johnstone was a Scottish player who had nickname as the flying flea and was known for his amazing gameplay. 

Zeko: Zeko means rabbit which means the player was too fast at ground and the nickname was of Velimir Zajec. 

Pequeno Buda: Pequeno buda means little Buddha and the nickname was for Ivan de la Pena who was Spanish player as played as central midfielder and was famous for his bald head.  

Le Divin Chauve: The nickname means the baldheaded God and dedicates to he ex-French international goalkeeper who was famous for the rituals set by him and his teammate Laurent Blanc. 

The White Pele: Zico is famous as the white pele who was Brazilian midfielder and was the coach of national team as well. 

Der Ausserirdishche: Oliver Kahn, the best ever goalkeeper of Germany, had the name. He was the best player of the world cup 2002. 

The Extraterrestrial: Oliver Kahn had the name because of his elegant performance. 

Der Titan: Der titan means the titan and the nickname attributes to Oliver Kahn.. 

Volcano: Oliver Kahn also named as volcano because of his fantastic performance.  

Machtig Maus: The name means the mighty mouse and attributes to the famous player Kevin Keegan.  

El Buitre: The name is for the Emilio Butragueno who is famous Spanish striker and excellent player of Real Madrid. 

Take note in these ones listed below:

El Toro: The nickname is of Argentine forward player Mario Kempes who won golden boot award in the world cup 1978. 

Prince Polley: Prince Opoku is Ghanian striker who was famous for his exploits at the FC twente.

Petit Prince: Daniel Bravo attributed with the name who was French national and played as midfielder and started career at a young age of 19. 

Super Mario: Mario Basler had the name because of his outstanding set pieces and creativity in the football ground. 

Donkey: Well, this is definitely not the best nickname for a footballer but had credited by Tony Adams who was English captain and famous for captaining the title wining in three different decades.

Spillo: Alessandro Altobelli credited the name as Spillo who was Italian forward player and winner of the 1982 world cup. 

The Beast: The beast name attributes to the great French player Marcel Desailly who was defensive midfielder and known for his strength, consistency, and hard tackling style. 

Stan the Man: Stan collymore was English striker who was at the time most expensive player and signed for more than $8.5 million. 

Profesore: Gunnar Gren who was the Swedish football player famous for his un-matched tactical skills and had nickname of Profesore or professor. 

La Perla: La Perla means the pearl and is the name of famous Julen Guerrero famous for his ambidexterity.  

The Blind Venetian: Massimo Taibi played for Manchester United as a goalkeeper and is famous for his poor performance. 

Speedy Gonzalez: The name is of famous footballer Cristian Gonzalez who was famous for his speed and aggression and was part of world cup 2002. 

Lion de Rekem: The Belgian defender Eric Gerets had nickname as the lion de rekem who was famous for dark and long hair. 

A few more:

El Narizon: Carlos Bilardo was  the El Narizon which means the big nose and he belonged to Argentina.  

La Joya: La Joya means the jewel and attributes to the Portuguese player Paulo Futre. He made world cup appearance as well as played for many clubs in the Spain, Japan, France, Italy, and Portugal.

Diablo: Diablo means devil and attributed to Bolivian national Marco Etcheverry. He is one of the best footballer of all time. 

Olen: Olen is for deer and is the nickname of Russian player who became politician as well and his name was Dmitrij Alenichev.  

Desert Maradona: Desert Maradona is the name of Saudi Arabian player. He appeared in the world cups as well and his name was Al Owaeran. 

Billy: Billy attributes to the Alessandro Costacueta, the Italian defender known for his skills and performance. 

Kun: Sergio Aguero was the argentine player who had the nickname of Kun. It had taken from famous cartoon series as his appearance was like kun character. 

Flout de Neu: Ronald Koeman, from Holland, had the name from Barcelona fans. It was because of his complexion and he also resembled the character of flout de neu. 

Disorderly: Duncan Ferguson who was standing at 6 ft. 4 in., the Scottish player scores more goals than any other player of his country in the Premier League but was famous for his red cards and antics on the field. 

Big Dunc: The name also attributes to Duncan Ferguson. 

Village at Elland Road: Jonathan Woodgate who was K. defender who is most famous for the best responses to a routine questionnaire. 

Super Frank: Frank Lampard who was possibly the greatest player in the history of Chelsea, he went from Fat Frank to Super Frank. 

A set of some more nicknames:

Tank: Tank is the nickname of Saed Kolasinac who was from Bosnia and played for Arsenal. 

El Nino Maravialla: The nickname means the squirrel which attributes to the famous player Alexis Sanchez. It was because of his climbing and restless habit of climbing on buildings of hometown. 

Little Mozart: The nickname is of famous player of Tomas Rosicky. He gained the title because of his abilities and epic gameplay. 

Hulk: Hulk is the nickname of Givanildo Vieira de Souza from Brazil who was tall, strong, and huge. 

Roadrunner: The roadrunner is the nickname of Aaron Lennon from England. He was famous for his epic speed and classic gameplay. 

Crazy Horse: Emlyn Hughes of England earned the nickname because he was famous for his commitments and galloping runs. He was crazy on the field. 

Zizou: Zizou is the name of world’s most acknowledged footballer of all times, the great Zinedine Zidane. A French player, Zidane got famous for his head hit to the opponent in world cup final. 

El Fenomeno: Ronaldo has the nickname El fenomeno. He became the star of all time and is among the best strikers of all time. 

Sparky: Mark Hughes is from Wales who is Sparky. The nickname earned by him as he and his mates decided to look for a comic book and Hughes chose Sparky. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy football league!