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Fantasy Cricket – 6 Terms You Should be Aware of

Oh, wow! Have you seen Ashwin produced an excellent arm ball to bowl the English team yesterday? Oops, you don’t know what an arm ball is? How do you play fantasy cricket without being aware of these terms?

Cricket terms are something that you should be aware of. In particular, if you recently got hooked to daily fantasy cricket games and want to understand it better. Cricket has evolved and come a long way since it was first played in Britain sometime in the 16th century.

It is a sport which involves a lot more regulations, disciplines and variations than any other popular sport. If you are confused about a few terms then fret not. We bring you a collection of cricket terms which will help you understand the game better and play cricket online at 11wickets app :

Arm Ball

Arm ball is a variation bowled by finger spinners. It is a delivery which goes on with the arm and deceives the batsman with a little or lack of turn off the surface. Shakib Al Hasan of Bangladesh delivers the best of the arm ball.

Ball tampering

When any cricketer tries to change the condition of the ball by artificial means to take undue advantage of the game, ball tampering occurs. Australian players David Warner and Steve Smith might still suffer from sleepless nights because of this term. They were serving one-year ban for masterminding a plan to use sandpaper for tampering with the ball.


Any delivery which haven’t bounced and is over the waist line of a batsman is beamer. It is a dangerous delivery and no bowler tries to deliver it intentionally. The bowler normally says sorry after a beamer delivery. If he repeats the offence for the second time in the same game, he gets banned for that game.


When a batsman is out with on zero before scoring a single run in a game. Normally, the popular term to describe such an instance is ‘duck’.


An effort ball bowled by a bowler that is pitched short and reaches the batsman at chest or head high. The cricket fans also know this as bouncer. According to cricket rules, a bowler can only bowl not more than two bouncers in a single over.


When a team scores run despite of the ball not hitting the bat or body of a batsman, it is a bye. Mostly, it is a mistake by wicketkeepers who fail to collect the ball behind the stumps.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!


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