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Fantasy Cricket – Highest Scores in England-Australia Matches

Cricket is life for many ardent lovers of sports. The world of daily fantasy cricket has brought for them the immense scope of utilizing sports knowledge to these fans. 

Many years ago, England and Australia begin their Test cricket rivalry, called Ashes, in 1882. The ardent fans of these two oldest cricketing nations are waiting for this series these days to begin to play online fantasy cricket at 11wickets AppThe Ashes series over the years has seen many big totals scored by teams in typically batting conditions. 

The first five highest team totals in Ashes series have all come in England with four of them in London. The fifth highest total came at Cardiff. Read about them and play cricket online. 

The Oval – 1938 

This was during the 5th Test of The Ashes Series and Australian tour of England at London on August 20-24 1938. England scored the highest so far 903/7d in 335.2 overs at a run rate of 2.69 in The Oval. Sir Leonard Hutton of England went on to score a rocking triple century of 364 runs. Two other centuries came from English batsmen, Maurice Leyland and Joe HardstaffTwo other players scored half-centuries. England won by an innings and 579 runs. 

Lord’s – 1930 

This was during the 2nd Test of The Ashes Series and Australian tour of England on June 27 – Jul 1 1930. Australia scored a total of 729/6d in 232.0 overs at a run rate of 3.14 in The Lord’sAustralia won the test match by 7 wickets. Sir Donald Bradman scored double century and another century added by Bill Woodfull from the Australian side. 

The Oval – 1934 

This was during the 5th Test of The Ashes Series and Australian tour of England on August 18-22 1934. Australia scored a total of 701 in 171.2 overs at a run rate of 4.09 in The Oval. Australia won the test match by 562 runs. 

The Oval – 1930 

This was during the 5th Test of The Ashes Series and Australian tour of England on August 16-22 1930. Australia scored a total of 695 in 256.1 overs at a run rate of 2.71 in The Oval. Australia won the match by an innings and 39 runs. 

Cardiff – 2009 

This was during the 1st Test of The Ashes Series and Australian tour of England on July 8-12 2009. Australia scored a total of 674/6d in 181.0 overs at a run rate of 3.72 in Cardiff. This match had been drawn at the end. Four batsmen of Australian side scored centuries. 

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