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Fantasy Cricket Record Diary – Best Catches in Cricket

warm greeting to all fantasy cricket India fans! Welcome back to yet another post at your favourite fantasy cricket game platform, 11wickets App. 

A popular phrase in the cricket world and among the daily fantasy cricket fans goes like this – “Catches wins matches.”  

A single catch or a single catch drop can turn the head of a match for teams along with online fantasy cricket fans.  

Let us take a look at top 5 catches in the history of cricket including all the formats. 

Suresh Raina 

With the advent of the 21st century, a new era began in Indian Cricket. Sourav Ganguly’s stoic leadership saw many youngsters in the team who not only improved the existing fielding standards but inspired the future generations to become more physically fit. Suresh Raina took the catch of Younis Khan during Asia Cup. He dived back to grab a lightning ball, that was Khan’s shot to get him out at 52. Raina’s catch helped in the slowing of the Pakistan innings towards the end. 

Jonty Rhodes 

Jonty Rhodes took this catch off a Lance Klusner delivery. The shot hit by Robert Croft of England was going high above Jonty’s head. Realising that he could get only a hand to it, Rhodes raised his left hand to somehow deflect the ball and then as the ball fell after his deflection, he caught it. The catch at the time of Rhodes was considered to be the greatest. 

Angelo Mathews 

This is probably Sri Lanka’s best catch ever. The shot hit by David Warner was caught very near the ropes by a jumping Mathews. No sooner did he take the catch, he realised that he would run on the ropes. So, he threw it out, just in the nick of time to make it a legitimate catch instead of a six. The catch provided an entry into the match for Sri Lanka as Australia were going strong at 72 for just 1 wicket and requiring 85 more runs to win at a run rate of 6.5. The catch was taken off Ajantha Mendis’s bowling. 

David Hussey 

David Hussey fielding in the long on jumped to try and grab a ball that was hit by Paul Collingwood of Delhi team during a match of the Indian T20 league. He could not grab it and instead managed to deflect it near him as he jumped right on the edge of the ropes, catching the ball. Realizing his inability to keep himself from going over the ropes, Hussey threw the ball up again. And this time when it started falling down, he dashed from behind the ropes and took the catch with one hand. 

Adam Gilchrist 

This catch brings to the fore the athletics, concentration and presence of mind of Adam Gilchrist. The catch of Marcus Trescothick off a Shane Warne delivery in the 2001 Ashes is the best catch of all. With the scoreboard at 52 for null, Trescothick tried a remodelled sweep, to hit the ball to the cover boundary. Instead, he ended up hitting the heel of the fielder at silly point. The ball went up on the rebound, with the fielder in agony. Gilchrist realized that the ball had gone up and was on its way down near the silly point. He raced from behind the stumps and jumped near the foot of the fielder to collect the ball just in the nick of time. 

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