Fantasy Cricket Rules Galore – Funny Cricket Rules Followed Strictly

Like online fantasy cricket games, cricket has many rules and regulations. It is a game that has evolved over a period of time. Even, its rules have also evolved with time.

In fact, we have to keep a track of these rules to follow the performance of the cricketers while we play daily fantasy cricket matches. Some of these rules are weird while the others are pretty funny.

But believe it or not, these rules are real and these are followed quite strictly while playing the cricket matches. In the meantime you pick up fantasy cricket team at for upcoming matches, let’s have a look on these funny rules. Read on:

Timed out

A batsman taking more than 3 minutes to come out and take guard may not get the chance to come out at all! However no one has suffered this fate in international cricket.

Handling the ball

If a batsman prevents the ball from hitting the stumps using his hand he is given out in this fashion as he would have been bowled otherwise.

Hit wicket

A batsman dislodging the bails by falling back on the stumps departs in this fashion.

Obstructing the field

If a batsman prevents a bowler or fielder from gathering the ball he can be sent back for obstruction.

Can’t position a fielder in a straight line from the stumps

It is believed to give the fielding side an undue advantage so fielders are positioned only at angles.

Not being able to bat or bowl for time spent off the field

If a player is off the field due to an injury or a toilet break, he cannot resume his duties with the ball or the bat until he has spent the same amount of time on the field.

Runner must wear similar gear to the batsman

So as not to put added pressure on the fielding side, a batsman’s runner must have similar attire so as to make the weight similar. This way he can’t be quicker between the wickets.

Cannot hit the ball twice

A batsman is permitted to hit the ball just once and no more. If he does it again and the umpire feels it’s intentional, the player can be given out.

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