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Fantasy Cricket – Tricks of Hitting a Six Effortlessly

Long boundaries, back to back sixes, powerful shots – it’s no secret that it is the dream of every cricketer to hit sixes from the moment they step into the grounds. But a mere six landing just beyond the boundary is not enough to get the crowd’s applause. More power, consistent shot, and a good amount of distance is required to hit the right kind of six. Fantasy cricket players are more inclined towards boundary hitting batsmen with the view of getting more points in their bags. 

Even though theoretically the technique is the same, but you’ll find hard hitters like Gayle scoring long-distance sixes compared to the consistent ones like Rohit Sharma. Good reflexes and great muscles are a must combination that can help your favorite batsmen get a six during any fantasy cricket league. 

There are times when every cricket fan has wondered about the effortless manner in which the boundary shots are taken. And if you’ve played street cricket even once, then getting a window breaking sixer has been and will be your dream forever! 

In case you’re wondering how to get a great shot? Then this article will definitely help you to get some ideas on the same. 

How to get power for hitting sixes smoothly? 

Hitting the ball as hard as to get it over the stadium can seem a highly skilful act. While your favourite fantasy cricket player may keep on hitting the ball over and over again, however, to do this he needs an ample amount of skills! 

To strike the ball over the crowds, a person needs an immense amount of strength and lots of practice. It’s not a magical shot and will certainly not happen in a day. There’s a chain of movements associated with the same. Your hips, legs, shoulders, joints, and muscles need to be in a good form. A little cramp can ruin your plan! 

That’s the reason the performance of every player needs to be evaluated before selecting the same for online fantasy games. 

What will help in becoming a flexible boundary scorer? 

Exercise, diet, and practice – these are the three major factors that will help you become a hard-hitter. Ask any good batsmen and these three things will come as a common answer. Practising the sixes with not-so-heavy balls makes the person an expert. Moreover, you can check out various videos which show the correct leg positions, bends, and arm spins that are required to get a marvellous boundary shot. 

There are times during a fantasy cricket league when you might get frustrated at your favourite batsman for mishitting the ball. However, remember that every attempt at hitting a six may not be successful all the time. For an explosive shot to happen the batsmen must keep the head still while the ball is being bowled. 

Synchronization with the ball is of utmost necessity. If you want your ball to skyrocket out of the grounds, then keeping an eye on the bowling pattern is necessary. Moreover, you don’t want the hit to be too explosive! Length of six matters. Too much power can reduce the length and the batsman may end up getting caught out instead of getting six runs for his team. 


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