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Fantasy Football India: 5 Popular Indian Football Clubs on Social Media

Soccer or football – with whatever name you may like to call the same, has huge popularity over any other games in the world. Although cricket is one of the most popular game in India, with a lot of people addicted to the sport, it may look like football has taken a backseat in India. However, the millions of fan base in online fantasy football leagues shows that soccer is not far behind in the run.  

When it comes to Indian football clubs, you’ll be amazed to find that there are a few clubs which have millions and billions of fans which can even outgrow the number of fan base that is present for the European clubs.  

Let’s take a look at the highest fan following clubs which are the favorite choices for playing fantasy football.  

Kerala Blasters 

Kerala Blasters undoubtedly has one of the highest numbers of fan base among the different other Indian clubs. With their home stadium situated in Kochi, if you get the opportunity of checking out any live match of this team, you’ll find a group of voluble fans and an electrical atmosphere being generated in every match. Yellow being their favorite color, there’s no mistaken with the fact that this country is blessed with talent, beauty and intelligence. Fantasy football leagues are worth playing due to the presence of such mind-blowing clubs in the Indian football team.  

East Bengal 

One of the oldest and popular Bengal club in Indian football is East Bengal. The origin of the club dates back the pre-independence days. With around 1.3 million followers on social media platforms and around 61,000 flowers on Instagram, this is an invincible football team. The rich history of some of the famous derbies between EB and Mohun Bagan has seen some record number of fans on the grounds. Fantasy football in India is a loss without the presence of this club into the range.  

Mohun Bagan 

After the official entry of Mohun Bagan into the ISL along with the ATK club, this fan-based club has managed to secure one of the highest number of fans both online and offline. Like EB, MB has a long history of inception and some of the incidents about the fans will make you amazed at the heights that can be achieved by the fans of these clubs. By far this club is the best crowd-puller club and will surely remain the same in the coming few years.  

FC Goa 

One of the most consistent teams to have played in the ISL, the club has around 448,000 followers on Facebook and in total 1.05 million followers including other social media platforms. Hard work, smart performances and consistency will surely take this team to some unprecedented level. although they have not won any trophy in the ISL, however, this misfortune is soon going to be rules out by the hard-working players of this club. Fans of online fantasy football games are waiting for the day when this club attains the new heights and gets the trophy into their wardrobe!  

Chennaiyin FC 

Yet another south Indian club into the list, this club has a cumulative number of around 1.55 million followers on the social media. The down to earth attitude, dramatic winning and high-spirited performances have taken them to the top of the list. although initially during the beginning of the ISL, everyone was having doubts about the success of this club, however later they proved their accord and won the hearts of millions of fans!  

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