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Fantasy Kabaddi Game – Bengaluru Bulls Team Analysis

Though Delhi team is at the top of the points table so far in the Indian kabaddi fantasy league, many eyes are on the Bengaluru team. After all, they are the defending champions.

At the start of the season 6 last year, hardly any online kabaddi games fans of could predict the Bengaluru win. However, the Bengaluru team, though young pulled the championship with their passion and energy.

The team has the moto “Stop at Nothing.” The logo for the team represents an angry bull, representing their aggressive and fierce nature. During the fantasy kabaddi game inaugural season in 2014, the team had a good start. They finished third on the table and advanced to playoffs. During the next season as well, they reached third on the table and then reached the finals. But unfortunately, they lost the final match against U Mumba.

They got a setback in 2016 and could reach to the 8th place on the table without qualifying in the playoffs. In the next season of Indian kabaddi games, they reached 4th on the table without getting chance of improving much.

Major player for Indian kabaddi league 2019

Rohit Kumar has been retained as the captain of the team due to his amazing leadership skills and constant decent performance for the team. He has taken the major responsibility of the team on his shoulders. This season again comprises of young and fresh talent like Lal Mohar Yadav. Players such as Sanjay Shrestha, Vijay Kumar, Sandeep and Raju Lal Chaudhary have been retained from the last season and they continue the play.

The defensive resources of the Bulls look quite fulfilled and coach, Randhir Singh, would have to make sure in the pre-season training and practice that they find a working defensive setup from the get-go, unlike in the past seasons where they had to experiment during the season to find the optimum combination.

*Records have been compiled as on August 06, 2019

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