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Latest Trends in Fantasy Cricket Sports

Fantasy Sports was never so enormous and thrilling, as it has turned now. In fact, major credit for the craze of playing online cricket games goes to Twenty20 format and IPL matches in India. 

Here are some recent trends and takeaways that are quite interesting and will let you estimate the magnitude, popularity, reach and worth of the daily fantasy cricket league players. 

New participants increasing rapidly: 

In India, there are more than 7 million people who associating with daily fantasy sports. In terms of percentage, the growth rate ranges from 30-50% per year. Estimated numbers reveal that the nation expects to reach 50 million users in the coming years. In this era of internet, the trend of fantasy cricket is increasing with each passing day. 

Female Gamers are equally interested: 

The modern females are equally interested in showing their talent in fantasy cricket, as the males are. Many can see females players registered online to play the fantasy sport and also win cash prizes through the sport. 

Gamers prefer playing online cricket games in mobile: 

With the introduction of faster communication networks, and with a boost in the capacity of the smartphone, more people now prefer to play the fantasy game on their phones. Although, many people still access gaming websites through their laptops and computers.  

Daily gaming is currently the custom: 

While previously people played the fantasy cricket game seldom. The number of daily players has now increased spectacularly. Considering the increase in the amount of cash prize, apart from freebies, coupons and other stuff. 

Apps make gaming uncomplicated: 

Apps provide a richer, cosy and better gameplay experience and the reputation of the games have further increased by their introduction. 

The giant scale at which these games are played is bound to gather more awareness and freedom in the later years. Poor interaction and slow internet speed is a major hurdle in many places in the popularity of the fantasy games, and with improvement in the area, the games are going to attain greater popularity in the coming years. 

Enjoy playing fantasy sports!

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