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Movies Based on Football around the World

Even the average football fan is aware of the fantasy football online games it is quick and easy to create a team and play fantasy football league online. 

As we know that the charm of football is widespread. And we can see that in the recent popularity of online football games. The entire planet plays the sport and the entire planet watch movies about the sport and the entire planet make movies based on this sport.  

Let’s journey through the countries and see what movies based on the world of football sport they have for us to offer. Read on: 

17 (Jordan, 2017) 

Widad Shafakoj’s terrific documentary depicts a country and a society in transition. Following a group of Jordanian girls from diverse backgrounds as they prepare to play in the Under-17 FIFA Women’s World Cup, held in Jordan in 2016. 

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (England, 1939) 

Directed by‎ ‎Thorold Dickinson, this is one of the first feature films where football is a central element in the plot. 

Le Ballon d’Or (Guinea, 1994) 

Directed by Cheik Doukouré, the movie is about a 8-year-old kid who yearns to play football. However, he is crushed to know that buying just a football to play needs lifetime work on his part. The movie depicts his journey from there. 

A Barefoot Dream (South Korea, East Timor, 2010) 

Directed by Kim Tae-kyun, the movie is based on the true story of Kim Shin-hwan, a retired Korean footballer. 

Bend It Like Beckham (England, 2002) 

This iconic movie is directed by Gurinder Chadha and is British-Indian family romantic comedy sports film based on football. 

Black Diamond (Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, 2010) 

Directed by Pascale Lamche, the film is about the dreams of hundreds of young African players who are ready for tremendous sacrifices to become soccer superstar. 

Center Forward (North Korea, 1978) 

The movie is about a coach who takes a different approach to training his team. This is a movie directed by two directors, Kil-in Kim and Chong-song Pak. 

Crab Goalkeeper (Japan, 2006) 

Director Minoru Kawasaki made this animal-suit comedy. This bizarre low-budget movie follows the travails of a giant crab that joins a soccer team and becomes a most excellent goalie, in spite of being a crab and all. 

The Cup (Bhutan, 1999) 

This Tibetan-language film directed by Khyentse Norbu is about two young football crazy Tibetan refugee novice monks. 

Cup Final (Israel, 1991) 

This movie of Director Eran Riklis involves an Israeli soldier, planning to go on vacation to see a big soccer match, is captured. 

The Damned United (England, 2009) 

This movie of Director Tom Hooper, this riveting drama re-creates the doomed 44-day reign of headstrong genius coach Brian Clough at the mighty Leeds United in 1973. 

Football as Never Before (England, 1971) 

Directed by Hellmuth Costard, the movie involves Footballer George Best playing a 90-minute match against Coventry City. 

The Game of Their Lives (North Korea, 2005) 

This movie of Director David Anspaugh, tells the tale of the 1950 U.S. soccer team. 

Garuda in My Heart (Indonesia, 2009) 

A young boy is determined to become a soccer star, much to the dismay of his grandfather. The movie is directed by Ifa Isfansyah. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy football!