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ODI Fantasy World Cup – 11 CWC Hosting Nations

The Cricket World Cup has really remained as the main attraction worldwide. The world cup fantasy cricket crowd of the best fantasy cricket platform 11Wickets.com is usually willing to give their best when it is about cheering for their preferred team.

It is an esteemed, and a dream occasion for a cricketing nation to host the Cricket World Cup. But, not all cricket playing nations have got to host the world cup fantasy game all this time. Until now, only 11 major cricketing nations have hosted this famous event of cricket.

The most notable cricketing nations worldwide such as England and India have hosted it more than 2 times. Let us take a look at the 11 nations which have hosted the ODI fantasy world cup:

Bangladesh – 2011

The 10th season of the World Cup had hosted in three nations – India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. For the first time World Cup had hosted in Bangladesh. Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Cricket Stadium and Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium were two main grounds where matches played Bangladesh.

Kenya – 2003

ICC selected Kenya as the co-host along with South Africa and Zimbabwe during Cricket World Cup 2003. The teams played very few matches there. The Nairobi Gymkhana Club picked as the venue to host the games due to its seating capacity of 8,000 spectators.

Zimbabwe – 2003

The standard of international cricket in Zimbabwe has elevated hugely in the last few years. The credibility for it goes to a few high-class cricketers of the nation who took their gameplay to a new extent. This was the reason that this nation had allotted to host a few matches of World Cup 2003. 6 matches of the World Cup 2003 had played in Harare and Bulawayo of Zimbabwe.

West Indies – 2007

West Indies acquired the chance to host the World Cup 2007 in their nation. 8 stadiums used to host 51 matches of the tournament. Kensington Oval hosted the final match of that World Cup.

Sri Lanka – 1996 and 2011

Sri Lanka has hosted 2 World Cups till now. They hosted the World Cup for the first time in 1996 with India and Pakistan as the co-host. They hosted 4 matches of that tournament, 3 in Colombo and 1 in Kandy. Sri Lanka hosted 2ndWorld Cup in 2011 with India and Bangladesh as their hosting partners.

Pakistan – 1987 and 1996

Pakistan hosted the World Cup with India in 1987 for the first time. 10 matches of that World Cup had played in Pakistan and the rest in India. For the 2nd time, Pakistan co-hosted the tournament in 1996 with India and Sri Lanka.

South Africa – 2003

South Africa was selected as the main host for World Cup 2003. However, few matches were also played in Zimbabwe and Kenya. Zimbabwe and Kenya hosted 6 and 2 matches, respectively. So the major part of the tournament was played in South Africa.12 venues were used in the tournament in which Durban and Johannes burg had been chosen as major grounds.

Australia and New Zealand – 1992 and 2015

New Zealand has hosted cricket World Cup for 2 times till now. They had hosted it in 1992 along with their neighbouring nation, Australia for the first time. In the year 2015, they again co-hosted the tournament with Australia for the second time.

India –1987, 1996 and 2011

India has hosted 3 out of the 11 World Cups until now. For the first time, India co-hosted the tournament in 1987 with Pakistan. The next 2 world cups hosted by India had been played in 1996 and 2011, respectively.

England – 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999

The first ever Cricket World Cup in the year 1975 had been hosted in England. They were the nation to host the most prestigious event in the history of cricket. They also have the record for hosting 4 World Cup tournaments so far. The first 3 World Cups were consecutively hosted by the England side in the year 1975, 1979 and 1983. They hosted their 4thcup in the year 1999. In all these 4 world cups, final matches were played in London.

England is going to host the world cup 2019 from this 30th May for the 5th time.

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