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ODI Fantasy World Cup – First World Cup History

Cricket world cup 2019 will be held from May 30 to July 14. This time, in the first round of ODI fantasy world cup tournament ten test playing cricket teams, will play. The top four teams will march into the semi-finals.

The participating teams are England, Australia, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and West Indies. England will host the cricket world cup fantasy league for this season.

Today let us talk about the events which led into starting this fantasy cricket world cup championship. Read on:

1912 is the year when the first attempt of any kind of championship had been taken. A three-way tournament involving the teams of test playing nations had been held between Australia, England and South Africa.

The idea of a competition involving all three nations playing Test cricket (Australia, England and South Africa) was proposed at the first meeting of the Imperial Cricket Council in July 1909. The original proposal was for a tournament to be held every four years, with the first hosted by England in 1912.

For a variety of reasons, the tournament was not a success. The summer of that year was one of the wettest since records began in 1766. Rainfall in the three months of June, July and August was more than twice the annual average, and August 1912, was the coldest, dullest and wettest August of the 20th century. This experiment between the cricket playing nations were dropped almost due to bad weather and was not repeated again till 1975.

First Cricket World Cup 1975

The first World Cup was organised in England on June 1975, with the first ODI cricket match having been played only four years earlier. However, a separate Women’s Cricket World Cup had been held two years before the first men’s tournament. England hosted the first three World Cups. From the 1987 tournament onwards, the hosting has been shared between nations under an unofficial rotation system, with fourteen test playing members having hosted at least one match in the tournament.

The first world cup was named as Prudential world cup, sponsored by Prudential Plc. During those days one day match consisted of 60 overs (6 balls / over).

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