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Play with your Fantasy Cricket Team and Munch Along

Like love, cricket is always in the air! Cricket is the one sport we all are crazy about. Millions of cricket fans hold on to their hearts as they gawk at this sport. For Indians, the appetite for cricket never goes off. Those nail-biting shots, jaw-dropping catches, edge-of-the-seat finishes and one-perfectly-winning online fantasy cricket team truly boost your real appetite and make you to grab some quick and filling snacks.

And it surprisingly works when you have delicious food right at your side that you can enjoy without missing even a single glimpse of the game and also play cricket online at 11wickets App.

Let’s check out some awesome snacks you can munch while making your daily fantasy cricket team, playing and watching over the sport.

Bread Pizza

Toppings just like pizza on toasted bread will make bread pizza a tasty and simple dish to make. Bread pizza may have great variety of versions in toppings. The food is very filling too, so it works as a fairly decent meal while you’re watching the match and playing fantasy cricket India.

Aloo Chaat

With the zingy flavor of the spices and lemon, aloo chaat is an impressive dish made from potatoes. The potatoes are usually roasted or simply boiled. You can even pour different types of chutneys over the chaat to further improve the taste of the entrée. Simple to make, aloo chaat as well tastes yummy when along with curd.

Cheese Sticks

Deep fried string cheese sticks might sound like a large number of calories served on a platter; however, it may be worth it when it is being offered as a snack on cricket match day. If you are health conscious, you can use low-fat cheese and merge it with vegetables such as spinach. The cheese sticks taste extremely yummy with ketchup.


The traditional version of snack is stuffed with potatoes, vegetables and spices. The more recent fusion versions have different types of fillings. Whatever the filling might be, samosas are an amazing snack that can make the moments of cricket matches better. Generally served with dips and chutneys samosas can be also attempted with other combinations like chole or converted to chaat with curd.

Chilli Potato/Paneer/Chicken

This incredibly easy to prepare dish comes in three variants. One can incorporate the chilli with paneer, potatoes or chicken. Making chilli potatoes with a side of honey is effective and brings out the tastes of the dish which makes it superb as munchies for the tight overs of the match.

Fried Rice

Rice tossed with a lot of veggies and Schezwan sauce really makes a healthy and yummy snack. For the non-vegetarian choice, bacon bits and chicken pieces put into the rice make it a tasty dish for the fantasy cricket.

Cheese Bread Omelette

The creamy tiers of cheese take normal bread omelette to a different level. Coupled with spices and garnished with coriander, it is a mouth-watering snack which is a must try. To make this snack better yet, you can include different types of cheeses just like mozzarella and cheddar.


This is an extremely healthy snack made with puffed rice (mamra), tomatoes, onions and different types of chutneys. It is easily prepared and is incredibly filling.


This Mexican snack, once full of toppings such as guacamole, salsa and drizzled with cheese, is delightful. You can even make an Indian edition of these chips with toppings such as paneer and corn. This is an ideal dish to fulfill if you have called your friends over to see the match and play online cricket games with you.

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings with hot sauces are a dish which is a favourite with all the people. Order it from your local eateries and dig into it as the cricketers strike sixes and fours. You will be left licking your fingers with this completely tasty meal.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka with mint chutney can be an appetising starter and a great snack to eat as the match is going on.

Kathi Roll

If you wish to dig into something which is satisfying although not very heavy on the stomach, Kathi roll may be the answer to your query. With fillings such as aloo tikka or paneer tikka for vegetarians and mutton, egg or chicken for non-vegetarians, Kathi roll is a popular dish from North India. Pick it up while you foresee the victory of the team you are supporting.


Deliciously made from a combination of potatoes, carrots and peas, cutlets work nicely with chutney or ketchup. Cutlets may be made from other fillings such as paneer or chicken.

Sev Puri

A blend of bhel and Pani puri, Sev puri is among the most amazing food made flavourful by the several types of chutneys. Just take care, to not choke on the large puris in the enthusiasm of cheering your team in the match.


You mention it and we have a pakoda for it, onions, chilis, bananas, etc. Tamarind or mint chutney accompanied by pakodas are the best appetizers for playing fantasy cricket matches. The dal pakoda tastes astounding with fried green chillies.


Fries are probably the only dish in which there are countless permutations and combos. You may make fries from potato, sweet potato, chicken, and many more things. And you can top these fries up with plenty of things in whatever way you would like to. The variety of fries will certainly keep everyone cheerful, as they can pick what kind of fries they desire and with what topping or dip.

Dahi Vada

Vadas with sweet curd, roasted jeeru, pomegranate, coriander, chilli powder and coriander make an awesome and tasty snack. You can add green grapes also if they are in season after that. The sweet taste of the curd, along with the spicy zing of chillies makes it an ideal to eat as you jump down and up with thrills as the wickets of your competitor team stack up.

Masala Corn

Easy to make and yummy in taste, masala corn only needs boiled corn, butter, salt and pepper. For any spicier flavour, you can add chillies or to bring out a zing in the corn, squeeze a lot of lemon on it.


Sandwiches, whether it is stuffed with vegetables or chicken, is actually a snack that is sentimental and takes one returning to childhood. Relive a similar fervour for your cricket team as you may once had a child, whilst biting a sandwich.

Vada Pav

If you are a Mumbai Indians fan, then feeding on vada pav as your team plays is essential. With the superbly crispy vada and the chilli garlic chutney, vada pav is the ideal companion for the cricket matches that is about zeal.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!