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Red Ball Vs. White Ball – Which One Do The Players Prefer?

In cricket, you need to play every ball with equal expertise. A missed ball or a wrong shot can be your last strike! Since the time of its inception, cricketing rules have been molded now and then to suit the needs of the game. 

Unlike the online cricket games, for field cricket, the wrong ball means a failed match! If you’re a keen observer, then you might be knowing that red, white, and pink, these three balls are usually used in different platforms of a field cricket. 

But did your inquisitive mind ever wonder about the difference between these balls? Mostly, the answer would be NO. Red and white, these two are the most commonly used balls and you would see them being used in different matches. 

If you’re a full-timer player of online fantasy cricket, then knowing these unique cricket trivia will make you stand out in the crowd.  Did you now? The major difference between red and white ball is the platform of usage! Red balls are used for test matches while the white balls are used for T20 and One Day Internationals (ODI). 

To add up to your cricketing knowledge, read on. 

Visibility issue 

When you’re watching the match on the TV, it’s the white ball that pops up easily instead of the red ones. So, when the same was observed by the cricketing authorities and the concept of the white ball was introduced among the players, everyone readily accepted the concept. The white seemed any day better from the viewpoint of players and viewers. 

Polish and shine 

Well, this is an insider fact. It’s interesting that in the case of white balls, the surface of the ball is polished to make it smooth, fine, and easy to swing in comparison to the red or pink counterparts. So, if you keep on polishing the surface of a particular ball, then the ball is bound to generate a good swing. Players started liking the use of white balls instead of the red ones because they were able to swing it and get the opponent out of the league. 

The untidiness of the balls 

Just like the red ball, the white ball has its list of flaws. Using the white balls for the test matches can be devastating because you’ll find the ball getting dirty or dull when used for a long time. On the contrary, use red balls as much as you want. The color is dark. The dirt won’t show! 

Limited overs 

The reason why red balls are used in tests and white balls are used in ODIs is simple. As per cricketing rules, a red ball can be used for more than 80 overs while you can use a white ball only for 80 overs. A test match is a long one! So, it’s better to opt for the red ones and play safe! 

To win and play and flawless game of fantasy cricket in India, you need to be well-versed with the on-field techniques. Hope this blog enlightens you. Keep playing and win cash daily.  


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