kabaddi fantasy league

Strategies For Playing Kabaddi Fantasy League

With fantasy sports gaining popularity in the world, India is also not behind in the league. Like us, many of the sports fans have been following the online games for a long time and the best and trending one in India after online fantasy cricket games is fantasy kabaddi. It works similar to other fantasy sports like fantasy cricket and football or soccer.

Kabaddi is the indoor sport played in India by teams of seven players on a circular sand court. The aim is for a player to tag or capture opponents and must hold their breath while running, repeating the word “Kabaddi” to prove that they are holding their breath. Many of you must have been a huge fan of Kabaddi. And we are guessing that you have played this indoor sport during your school and college days. But somehow they had got disconnected with the sport after completing education. Thankfully online kabaddi games at 11wickets.com is there to help them be a part of it world.

Kabaddi is particularly gaining popularity after India fantasy kabaddi league has started. People have started watching kabaddi with even more interest. With this gaining interest, Kabaddi has even gone international now.

Under kabaddi fantasy game you create your own team of your favourite players, and the performance of the team depends on the performance of the players in their real-life matches.

While playing the kabaddi fantasy league, we have built some tricks and strategies which can help you win matches:

Selecting the right players

It is important to choose the players that will play the match. You should analyse the previous line-ups and then decide onto the players that you select for your team.

Selecting Raiders

Generally, raiders score more points than a defender. So picking raiders would be more beneficial as compared to defenders.

Choosing the right Captain and Vice-Captain

It is highly critical to determine the right captain and vice-captain in your fantasy team. Selecting raiders as a captain and vice-captain can also bag you some extra points and prove to be beneficial.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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