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Super Iconic Moments in World Cup Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is a very competitive sport but there are always moments in every sport that can tickle our funny bone. Apart from giving the fans immense joy, some moments have also made them cry. The fantasy cricket world cup organises in every four years and it brings out the best talents in cricket.

With the on-going world cup fantasy cricket in England and Wales, we are sure to get some more moments to cherish and capture them in our memories.

There are a few moments the fan cannot ever forget. It is those moments which create history. They are the moments ODI fantasy world cup which bring a smile to fans’ face.

So we bring you a collection of the memorable moments in cricket world cup fantasy league. Also join 11Wickets, India’s most trusted fantasy sports platform to play fantasy cricket world cup. Now read on:

Rain delay costs the Proteas

This is one of the worst moments in the cricket world. Why? You will know after knowing the incident. We are sure you know this one and we are just recalling it for you. When South Africa required 22 off 13 balls to proceed to the final during world cup 1992, a rain delay of 12 minutes came their way. Only 12-minute rain gave England a spot in the finals as the revised changed to 22 off 1 ball, which is impossible. However, the real story is that England after playing the finals against Pakistan also lost by 22 runs.

Gatting’s moment of madness

This is the incidence of England playing against Australia during the final of world cup 1987. It appears that South Africa is not the only team of misfortunes. England is another team who has been falling short of winning the world cup trophy so far. England has reached to the finals thrice but every time they failed to lay their hands on the trophy. The nearest they went to win the trophy was in 1987.

Australia made 235 runs in the finals. England was on the verge of winning the match with Mike Gatting and Bill Athey were on the crease. Gatting opted for an adventurous reverse sweep, when the Australian left arm off spinner came to bowl. He deflected the ball off his own shoulder and Australian wicket-keeper took the catch. His wicket proved costly to England and they lost their way, finishing seven runs short of their target.

Jonty Rhodes turns “Superman”

South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes has been one of the top fielders in international cricket scenario. His fielding brought him into fame after this moment. In the group match of world cup 1992, Pakistan’s Inzamam-ul-Haq was on the crease with his captain Imran Khan to chase the revised target of 194. Pakistan side was on 135 and Inzamam set off for a run but was turned back by Khan. Rhodes ran in from the backward point, gathered the ball. He then raced to dive full-length and breaks the stumps before Inzamam could get back. South Africa won by 20 runs as Pakistan faltered from that point.

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