5 Professional Tips for Keeper Selection in Fantasy Football Leagues

When the draft time is near, what is the major thought that strikes in the mind of  fantasy football players? The major problem that arises is whom to keep and whom to discard? Some  fantasy league players are notorious over-thinkers and keep on researching to select the best players for the game. 

But when it comes to selecting the goalkeeper, smart, strategic, and calm-minded decisions need to be taken. You can do with a faulty player but a faulty keeper will definitely make you lose the game. What’s the role of a keeper in a  football games? A very crucial role. Intercept the shots of the opposing team and block the same on time to get points for the team. 

Since now you know how important a keeper is, it’s better to check out these points that precisely highlights a few tips for professional online football league selection. 

Tip 1: Don’t be obsessed with selection 

Before the start of any  fantasy premier leagues, every player frets over one thing – the selection of the right players for the game. Is it good to select off-season goalkeeper or an on-season goalkeeper is a better option? Overthinking and changing the selection of the goalkeeper frequently can endanger your winning chances. Maybe the moment you discard a good goalkeeper out of hesitation, the opponent player picks up the same and gets the benefit of advantage! 

Tip 2: Check and research on the background 

Who is a better performing goalkeeper? How well did they perform in the previous matches? No goo decision is possible without complete and extensive research. You can for a change also follow the write-ups of your favorite analysts to check out the details they have mentioned about the goalkeeper you’re planning to select. Start digging into the background of the goalkeeper before you make the final decision. Nothing can beat good research! 

Tip 3: Select the physically fit person 

Quick, sturdy, well-built, and physically fit – these are a few criteria that you need to check in your goalkeeper before you make the decision of selecting the same. before the drafting session, while you’re checking the background of the goalkeepers, do [positively check the strong lunching ability, fast reflexes, and good jumping ability of the keeper. If statistically not possible, then check out a few matches to see these facts. Winning in fantasy sports depends largely on the ability of the goalkeeper to save the goals effectively. 

Tip 4: Study the scoring criteria 

To make the best choices of players, it’s essential that you study the scoring pattern of the online football game. Every strategy of your game will depend on the scoring strategy of the game. Even the choice of goalkeeper will depend on the type of game that is going to be selected. So, keep a close study of the same before you proceed with the selection part. 

 Tip 5: History of penalty shots 

How many penalty shots did your selected goalkeeper save in the last match? That’s a very important deciding point. Penalties are an integral part of every game and can change the face of any fantasy football game. If your selected keeper is very much able to save penalty shots in every match, then he is the right man for you. Allowing one or two goals into the post is admissible, but a penalty shot is very very important. And you man needs to be able to save the same! 


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List of Important Football Penalties that You Should Look Out For

When did your player break the rule? Why is the referee flagging the yellow signal? If you’re not aware of the simple this simple fantasy football tips on penalties, then unknowingly you may lose out on several points and won’t even have a clue why your player was thrown out from the field. 

Not being acquainted with the common terms and penalties may put you in a confused state since the terminologies used in football are a bit confusing. Unless you have got a handy list of some commonly occurring football penalties, it will be difficult for you to play the fantasy football game. 

Here’s a list for your convenience. 


A player will face an offside penalty if any part of the player’s body is beyond the free-kick line. It is a very minor foul. Let’s say a player takes a shot in the goal and a team-mate takes the shot in an offside position. Then the goal will be dismissed and the offside penalty is imposed. 


This is very simple. You may often find players getting either offensive or defensive holding penalties during the fantasy football games. When does this occur? Whenever an offensive player uses his hands, arms, or some other body parts to prevent the defensive player from getting the ball, that’s when holding a penalty is imposed on the player. Other than that, sometimes you also find the defensive player grabbing an offensive player to stop him from getting the ball from the ball carrier. Even in such aggressive cases holding penalty is imposed. 

Pass interference 

Who doesn’t want to restrict a goal? While playing football every player tries to stop each other from getting hold of the ball. At times you’ll find extremely aggressive players on the field. They seem like they can do anything to restrict the opponent from getting hold of the bowl. So, when such a situation occurs where defensive players try to make contact with the receiver and stop him from getting hold of the ball. It calls for pass interference penalty for the defensive player. 

False start 

When the interior player of the offensive team makes a hasty move even before the snap of the ball, then the situation is considered as a false start and that player is penalized. Patience is the key to winning games. So, while choosing your players for the fantasy football leagues, be sure that the player is consistent and not in a hurry. You won’t like it if your player goes out on a penalty. 


If the defensive player crosses the line and starts making contact with the offensive players even before the snap of the ball, then this penalty is positively imposed on the player. 

Not only these there are a greater number of penalties which can reduce your chances of winning a fantasy football league. Again, if a referee finds a player intentionally making moves to delay the game, even then a penalty is imposed. Playing fair and with all strength is what makes a good player.    

5 Fantasy Football Draft Mistakes That Can Ultimately Ruin Your Game

A slight mistake in the draft season of  fantasy football  can cost you the whole game. The game comes to an end if you make the wrong selection on the draft day. It’s like a maze, the more mistakes you make on the draft day, the more easily you let your opponent walk away with the winner’s title. 

First and foremost, important lesson – don’t ever be late for a draft in  fantasy league games. It’s common sense because the early bird always catches the worm! The one who comes late will be a loser. 

Keeping this in mind, read on to know the most common mistakes that should be avoided at any cost, to get a good hold in the match. 

Mistake 1: Drafting popular players 

Taking up the favourite player and the most popular one – that’s the vital mistake that novice players make in fantasy  football leagues. Just wait and watch the drafting in session and you’ll see the popular ones taken up in minutes while the household names are been left off! 

Does popularity judge the quality of the player? Not always. Depending on league type, previous performance and current form of the player, the selection needs to be made. Also, check the ranks of the players before jumping to take them into your team. 

Mistake 2: Not realizing the past drafting mistakes 

Even in real-time football matches, managers make mistakes during drafting, so it’s not an unnatural phenomenon in fantasy football. However, a pro  fantasy football tip; don’t make the same mistake again and again! If you’re into the game for winning, then keep a note of the past drafting mistakes that you’ve made. 

To make it simpler, check them out in the app’s draft recap option. Let’s say you’ve won a few leagues before, then go back to the drafting process, look up the strategies, and imply the same in your current match. 

Mistake 3: Stay within your limits 

In almost every fantasy gaming app, you’ll find hundreds of  fantasy league games being listed. If you’re a new player, then go easy! Taking up the best players and the popular ones during the drafting season will not give you a great start. Rather, it will make you lose repeatedly. Selecting leagues and games as per experience is a basic requirement. 

The mere fact that you’re a football fan, doesn’t make you a good fantasy football player. Staying within limits is essential. 

Mistake 4: No idea about league specifications 

Which type of league are you playing? There are hundreds of  online football game players who have simply no idea about the type of league they are playing. Scoring process, roaster formation, free agents – every league has different characteristics. You can’t win a game, without selecting the right type of player for the right type of league. 

Mistake 5: Quarterback and defence player selection 

A quarterback is an important player in any online football game. The one you select should be consistent and completely in-form to make you win the match. It’s better not to hurry in the selection of the same during the drafting session. Sometimes the best is left for the last! 

To sum it up 

It’s always better to be slow than being fast and lose out on the game. Fantasy football players are all football lovers and hence accomplishing a win means a lot to the players. Be prepared before you enter into the drafting session. Hurrying into the selection part might make you lose out on the bigger picture. 


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4 Common Football Terms For Every Crazy Football Fan

Did you ever encounter a conversation between two crazy football lovers? If you have then you would know that they’ve their odd language to communicate which will seem like an alien language for a non-football person. 

This endless collection of odd terms has originated from different sources and has got some spellbinding history! If you’re a fan of  fantasy football games, then keeping the common terms at your fingertips is necessary to get a winning position in the game. Jumping into the play without any prior knowledge of the jargon, will land you into a messy situation and embarrassing as well! 

Although it is difficult to remember all terms together, while playing  online football game you’ll certainly come across some of these. Read on, they can come handy at times of confusion. 


When you get a free-kick option to put the ball back into the game, then the same is known as a kick-off. The good part about the same is that the opposing team can’t make any attempt to block your kick. As the name suggests it’s free! 

Onside kick 

This is a smart technique where the kicking team kicks the ball short so that they can get the possession of the ball before the receiving team takes control. So, if your player takes an onside kick during the fantasy football league, then you can be sure that your team is going to get hold of the ball. 

Extra point 

After every touchdown, a player can attempt a kick which is one-point worth. This is one of the oldest terms of the game. If your player scores a field goal, he gets 5 points and if he scores a touchdown, he gets 1 point. So, a smarter player will target getting an extra point which is worth 4 points. Since points are the only thing that you should look out for in an online football game, hence, knowing this term is very essential. 

Pooch Punt 

It is the type of kick that is made by the player when the player drops the ball and kicks the same from his foot. A punt is usually made on the fourth down when offense surrenders the possession of the ball to the defense. It’s also the best way to avoid lethal kicks since it’s a short kick. Try our players expert in pooch punt for your fantasy football leagues. 


This is a big shot. One touchdown and you get six points. But when does a touchdown occur? When the player with the ball crosses the goal line of the opponent, then the player catches the ball in the end line of the opponent and touches down with the ball. For every fantasy football player, the ultimate goal should be to cross the end zone and score a touchdown. 

To score winning points in fantasy football leagues, keep up with all crazy and trending foot terms and surprise your opponent with the move. 


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Fantasy Football – Top Legendary Goal Scorers

Football has always been a sport which displays passion, determination and enthusiasm. Being one of the most influential sports in the world, fantasy football has seen the inception of some of the greatest legends in this industry.  

The fantasy premier league fans of 11Wickets app have players with their hearts. These players have scored plenty of goals which have given them a place in the record charts and in the heart of the fans. 

You will be surprised to see the number of goals that these players have scored and the number of matches they have played in. Take a look at the numbers by the legendries and play fantasy football league games 

Josef Bican 

Nobody can miss out when it comes to the top goal scorer legend Josef Bican. He was one of the highest goal scorers of the last century and received the “Golden Ball” for his excellent performances. He played for Austria and the Czech Republic apart for his clubs and scored 1468 goals in 918 national, international, friendly and club matches. His goal per match ratio was 1.59 and is the most deserved person in the list of top goal scorers. 


Former Brazilian forward Pele has been another legendary footballer who deserves a name among the topmost goal scorers. He played in the national team of Brazil and according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics; he has been listed as the World Player of the century in 1999. He scored 1284 goals in 1375 national, international, club and friendly matches and has a goal per match ratio of 0.93. He even received the Fifa Ballon d’Or Prix d’Honneur in 2013 for his extraordinary contribution towards the game. 

Franz Binder 

Franz Binder has been a prominent name in the football industry and has earned a spot on the list of top goal scorers. The former Austrian player has won the Austrian championship four times and scored 1006 goals in 756 national, international, club and friendly matches. His goal per match ratio was 1.33. He played for the Rapid Wein club and scored 267 goals out of 242 matches. 

Ference Puskas 

Ference Puskas has been named as one of the best Hungarian footballers since the last fifty years. Besides his club, Ferenc played for Hungary and Spain and scored a total of 746 in 754 national, international, club and friendly matches. His goal per match ratio was 0.98 and has contributed some of the best goals for the world to witness. 

Uwe Seeler 

When it comes to the top goal scorers Uwe Seller’s name pops into our minds. The former German player has been named as one of FIFA‘s 125 greatest living players in 2004 by the demigod Pele. He has been known to score the maximum number of goals from Germany. He represented West Germany and also for the clubs. His record of goals has been massive and he scored 575 goals in national, international, club and friendly matches altogether. His goal per match ratio was 0.88 and has been one of the legendary players of all time. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sportsand enjoy! 


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Fantasy Football – Offensive & Defensive Position

If you’re new to fantasy football games of 11Wickets App for Android/iOS, you may not be able to name all of the positions on a team. Some, like the quarterback or center, are fairly obvious.  

However, do you know the difference between the cornerback and the fullback and what positions they occupy on the field? By learning how to identify the different positions on a football team, you’ll be able to understand how different plays are executed, learn the basics of offensive and defensive strategy and play your fantasy premier league games well. 

Take a look at the positions explained below and play fantasy football league games well. 

Offensive Positions 

There are 11 player positions on a football team’s offense: 

Quarterback: Receives the ball from the center at the start of each play before either handing it to the running back, throwing it to a receiver or running with it himself. The quarterback is usually the player in charge of calling the offense on the field. 

Halfback: Lines up in the backfield and generally is responsible for carrying the ball on run plays. A running back’s primary role is to run the football, he is also used as a receiver at times. 

Fullback: Lines up in the offensive backfield and generally is responsible for run-blocking for the halfback and pass-blocking for the quarterback. Fullbacks are usually bigger than halfbacks, and also serve as short-yardage runners. 

Wide receiver: Lines up on or near the line of scrimmage, but split to the outside. His primary job is to catch passes from the quarterback. 

Tight end: Serves as a receiver and also a blocker. The tight end lines up beside the offensive tackle either to the right or to the left of the quarterback. 

Offensive tackle: A member of the five-player offensive line. There are two tackles on every play, and they line up on the outside of the offensive guards. 

Offensive guard: A member of the five-player offensive line. There are two guards on every play, and they line up on either side of the offensive center. 

Center: Hikes (or snaps) the ball to the quarterback at the start of each play. The center lines up in the middle of the offensive line, between the offensive guards, and often relays play calls and offensive assignments to the other linemen. 

Offensive Positions 

There are 11 player positions on a football team’s defense as well: 

Defensive end: These two players occupy the outer sides of the defensive line. Their job is to penetrate the offensive line and target the quarterback or to stop the run. 

Defensive tackle: These two players occupy the inside of the defensive line and are expected to block the offensive line from advancing. 

Linebacker: Three or four of these players who line up behind the defensive line, serving as a backup. Depending on the play, there will be outside, inside, and middle linebackers. 

Corner: Two line-up opposite the wide receiver on offense to block runners from advancing and create outside pressure on the QB. 

Safety: Charged with stopping the long pass and the deep run, these players line up behind the linebackers. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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Fantasy Football – Know the Basics before Playing for Cash

You are already very well aware that you are a huge football sports fan. However, what you really want to be is a fantastic fantasy football player. You want to be renowned; you want to win over friends and be on the top tier of your fantasy football leagues at 11Wickets App for Android/iOS. Most all, you want to earn cash because as you know, fantasy football for cash is a very lucrative business.  

You do know that in order to win fantasy football and play fantasy football games for cash you first have to know the basics.  

Play fantasy football for cash and be prepared to be meticulous in knowing statistical data, trends analysis, knowing the fantasy premier league players’ strengths and weakness.  

Aside from all these methodical and analytical parts of being a fantasy owner and playing fantasy football for cash, you also have to know the rules of the game.  

Fantasy football for cash 

Several fantasy football leagues have leagues that are created to for cash. These football league operations adapt a certain standard in fantasy football rules. Each of these rules have various levels of wagering and playing, each with different reward opportunities as well as risks.  

The general rule in game playing is the more cash you invest, the bigger chances you have on winning. Some of these football cash leagues ask for entrance fees and other monthly dues all of which will go to a cash pot. 

This is the same principle used for enterprises like Fantasy Factor. In fact, it is the same set-up as say, getting your friends to pool in cash and you watching a football match with the winners splitting the pot. 

These fantasy football sites are there to play fantasy football for cash. And since most of them are online, they have a bigger network to tap and a larger cash pool to collect. 

Do your research before playing 

Of course, as with any site in the wide world of the Internet, you have to be careful and do your research. You would want to gamble your cash in a way that you are expecting to win, rather than giving it away to fraudulent sites. 

Before putting your cash on your favorite fantasy team, you do research, right? As a fantasy team owner, you are diligent enough to know the statistics of your players and how to draft them in your team. You should do the same when choosing cash leagues, although, it is a fun venture when playing against a lot of players and wagering cash on a bigger cash pot. 

So, good luck with playing fantasy football for cash!  

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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Fantasy Football – Tale of Football Rivalry in Bengal

The rivalry between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal clubs as far as fantasy football is concerned is epical. This is surprising when we consider that the popularity of Football in India has been reserved in very well-defined pockets. 

It is interesting how Cricket gradually but decidedly took over as the national favourite. Perhaps as a conspicuous deviation from trends across the country, Bengal has been the seat of Indian fantasy premier league football through many years. The other region where the game is extremely popular and promoted is the coastal state of Goa, with its Portuguese heritage. 

Apart from these, fantasy football games have achieved some concentrated favor in Punjab and Kerala in addition to being the popular local sport in North-eastern India. Allowing for all these factors, a football fan outside Bengal will not be able to conceive the degree of intensity a Bengali Football fan will attach to the game. Nor will anyone unaccustomed to the fervor of the true Bengali nature begin to fathom the passionate rivalry that exists between the two clubs of the State. 

Mohun Bagan Athletic Club 

Mohun Bagan Athletic Club is Asia’s oldest sporting club and the first to defeat the British in colonial India. Founded on 15th of August 1889, the club was the flag-bearer of Indian nationalism from the very beginning. The date (July 29th, 1943) is ‘Mohun Bagan Day’ in the club calendar and a century later Rajiv Gandhi named Mohun Bagan as India’s national club and issued a postage stamp to commemorate what was essentially a victory of patriotism. 

East Bengal Football Club  

East Bengal Football Club was formed in 1920 to represent supporters from East Bengal, so-called because it was differentiated from the Western counterpart in undivided Bengal. Later, by the time East Bengal actually became Bangladesh, the club was already weaved inextricably into the matrix of Bengali football. At that time, the British restricted the number of Indian teams in the main league to two and Mohun Bagan and Aryan club were included. Incidentally, both teams had not supported promotion for East Bengal, leading to the beginning of a celebrated rivalry. 

The rivalry 

The passion behind the Mohun Bagan-East Bengal rivalry has been far from healthy at times. One of the reasons may be that the initial bitterness that was born out of socio-political happenings in eastern India, unfortunately, has not been erased even with time. The ‘Bangal‘ (East Bengali) – ‘Ghoti‘ (West Bengali) divide has been too rigid at times and it has had its influence in football too. The 1971 war of Independence saw a steady inflow of immigrants from Bangladesh or East Bengal to West Bengal increasing the fan base of East Bengal football club. There are supporters of both communities for each of the two teams. Bengali cuisine has not been unaffected by this rivalry either. An interesting thing to note is that the Mohun Bagan fanatics celebrate a win with prawns while the East Bengal fans pour over the exotic Hilsa fish. 

Overall statistics 

The overall statistics show that in terms of numbers, East Bengal is ahead of its archrival but Mohun Bagan perhaps has the edge over when it comes to more impressive achievements. At present, they remain a prevailing force in Indian football with high profile Indian and overseas players, mainly from South America and Africa. It is unfortunate, that in spite of some corporate endorsements in the past decade and efforts to overhaul the state of Indian football, not much result is visible in terms of international performance. Viewed in this light, many supporters feel that a Mohun Bagan-East Bengal face-off holds more promise than any national game. In recent times, clubs from Goa have humbled the Bengal teams a number of times but it may be safely said, that whenever a third team is playing one of the rivals, it is sure to get all the support from the other. 

At present both Mohun Bagan and East Bengal are overburdened with administrative politics and its related trouble and this has been severely affecting the quality of the teams’ performance. Supporters can only hope that better days lie ahead when both the teams can concentrate on keeping the supremacy in Indian Football from slipping out of hand, or feet, as it is in this case. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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Fantasy Football – All-time Top Players of the World

Today, fantasy football is one of the best and most popular sports, which is watched and played all over the world. Do you know who the top football players in the world are?  

Well, below you can find the top fantasy premier league match players who won the heart of many people at 11Wickets App and became legends at their clubs, countries and all over the world. 

Top Ten Football Players of all over the World Include: 

Diego Armando Maradona 

He won the world cup in 1986 and became most popular for his two goals against England in the quarter-finals. Maradona contentiously voted the best player of all time. Also, he was the only performer who set the world record agreement fees twice. Diego Armando is still renowned for his ability to ball control and scoring opportunities. 

Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento) 

Pele is from Santos, New York, made his debut in the Brazilian union at the age of 16, and immediately went to become the league’s top scorer, got 36 goals in 29 football matches. At age of 17 Pele was, and is to this very day, the youngest ever World Cup winner. 

Johan Cruyff (Johan Hendrikus Cruijff) 

He was the player of 1974 Dutch and he had the ability to dribble the ball. Cruyff had a very fast speed in fantasy football games and he was nine times winner of the Netherlands. Also, he won the European Cup thrice with Ajax and was voted European team player in 1999. 

Franz Beckenbauer 

His nickname is “der Kaiser” and he was the stronghold of Bayern Munich’s Cup Winning team of the mid-Seventies. In 1974, he captained his country that was in Germany. 

Alfredo di Stefano 

He rewarded as two-time European footballer of the year and he guided Real Madrid to five European cups. Also, Alfredo di Stefano won the various domestic league and cup victories in 1956-1960. 

Ferenc Puskas 

He was an incredible player of the wonderful Hungarian national team of the early 1950s. They had won Olympic Gold in Helsinki in 1952 and then they arrived at the FIFA world cup in Switzerland. 


He was most popular for his great dribbling move where he intimidated inside and then swiftly went outside with fast speed. In 1962, he led Brazil World cup victory. 

Zinedine Zidane 

He was three times FIFA World Player of the Year in 1998. Zinedine was one of the best players of the last decade and also, he was the runner-up 2006, winner of the world cup in 1998. 


He was Brazilian footballer and known as one the best football players of all the time. In 2006 world cup match, he scored smartly and turned into a record holder of scoring the top goals at World Cups. 


He won the European Cup in 1962 and scored two goals in the finals against Madrid. Eusebio scored a total of 733 scores in 745 matches in his career. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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Fantasy Football – Top 5 Popular Football Movies

Football movies are great to watch at any time of the year. Are you an online fantasy football admirer or a crazy fan who cares to visit the stadium for a football match of even the smallest importance 

Movies and football will always go hand in hand and that is not going to change anytime soon. When you play fantasy premier league at 11Wickets App, you will wish to find all the drama in the movies based on football for extra entertainment. 

In our today’s let us talk about 5 popular football movies you will love to watch again and again while you are also playing fantasy football games at your favourite 11Wickets app. 

Brian’s Song 

Brians’s song is a film based on a true story of two great football players. Released in 1971 it tells the story of the friendship of Brian Piccolo (played by James Caan) and his friendship with teammate Gale Sayers (played by Billy Dee Williams). They were the first interracial roommates in the history of the NFL. At first, Piccolo was the one that helped out Sayers throughout the rehabilitant period of his knee injury. However, when Piccolo was stricken with terminal cancer it was more that Sayers can handle. The production was a major success that was enthusiastically received and later showed in theatres. 

Friday Night Lights 

Friday Night Lights is a sports drama television series that was produced by NBC Universal and was aired for two seasons on NBC. It is a sports drama television series that detail events surrounding a high school football team from a town called Dillon in Texas. It addresses many issues of American culture including, racism, drugs, abortion and economic issues that they have to deal with however football is something that brings all of them together. The film was written and directed by Peter Berg. It was a critical success for its realistic portrayal of its characters and how they dealt with all that came their way. 

The Express 

Davis always dreamt as a young boy of scoring a triumphant touchdown while fans cheered. When he became older, he became a star for the Syracuse Orangemen with the coaching of Ben Schwartzwalder (played by Dennis Quaid). However, when Davis was diagnosed with leukaemia after being drafted into the NFL, the battle for his life became his number one goal. The Express was shown nationwide in theatres and was generally met with positive critical reviews. 

Remember the Titans 

The Express is based on actual events. In 1971the court orders three high schools to in Virginia to integrate for the first time their student bodies and faculties. Coach Bill Yoast (played by Will Patton) is asked to step down and is replaced by Coach Herman Boone (played by Denzel Washington). Boone has a team of players both black and white that do not trust each other. Boone overcomes all challenges and manages to get the players to respect each other and become a team that has to be reckoned with. It is a film that was inspired by real events and was written by Gregory Allen Howard. 

We Are Marshall 

On November 14,1970 Southern Airways Flight 932 was carrying the Thundering Herd Football team from Marshall’s University back from a game that they had lost. Onboard were 37 players; head coach Rick Trolley and five members of his coaching staff; Charles E. Kautz, Marshall’s athletics director; team athletic trainer Jim Schroer and his assistant, Donald Tackett; 25 boosters; and five crew members. About one mile from the runaway the plane crashed. All 75 people on board died instantly. At first, the university wanted to suspend the football team indefinitely but after listening to the pleas of the students and the few players that didn’t make it on to the flight, they hired Jack Lengyel as the new coach. The young inexperienced team lost their first game 29-6 however they did not give up and ended up winning the first home game of the season. It is a true story of tragedy and hope that ended up capturing the hearts of millions. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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