Fantasy Cricket League – 5 Most Angry Cricketers of All Time

Short temper, offensive language, aggressive batting, and negative spirit – all these have been an integral part of cricket for centuries now! A look into the rich cricketing history will show some embarrassing moments where players have not been at their best behavior. In  fantasy cricket leagues, the operators generally refrain from selecting the players who are too aggressive. 

Not all aggressive players are bad though. The player may be foul-mouthed but what is important is his performance on the field. If he is unbeatable, then it must include him in your  fantasy cricket team. Here’s a list of players who’ve to deal with temper issues. 

Shoaib Akhtar 

Popularly known as the Rawalpindi express, there were very few batsmen who didn’t fear the aggressive bowling nature of Shoaib Akhtar. There’s been many a time when team Pakistan had to give up on the trophy because of the disciplinary issues of Akhtar. All  fantasy games lovers are well aware of the shameful incident when he lost control of his anger and hit Mohammad Asif with a bat and got banned by the PCB for 5 years in a row. 

Virat Kohli 

They’re definitely no doubts about the immense talent that the current Indian team captain might possess, however, he is not very good with his behavior on the field. Though off-late there’s been a lot of improvement in his behavior, however, it’s just a matter of time. His erratic behavior was projected during the Sydney match when he pointed the abusive middle-finger gesture towards an aggressive crowd. Although every user  playing fantasy cricket wants Kohli in his team, however, you never know when the anger ruins his on-field performance. 

Andrew Symonds 

Coined as the most controversial player of 2000, the talent of Symonds was overshadowed by his bad behavior, anger, and habit of drinking. He did a lot of abusive things. This made him infamous. Cricket is a gentleman’s game. Symonds ruined the reputation of the same. Tiffs, fishing, abusive comments about fellow cricketers – this Australian player had lost his position in the team very soon. 

Shane Warne 

Maybe it’s in the blood, but Australians are the most aggressive cricket team. Former international cricketer Shane Warne made the fact clearer. Considered to be the best spin bowler of the decade, Warne is always the topmost choice in making a dream team in any fantasy cricket game. However, the media has always put him in a negative light because of his short temper, his bashes with the teammates, and his irrelevant arguments with the umpires. 

Ian Botham 

One of the greatest all-rounders in the England team, Botham is quite famous for his outspoken nature. If he has something in his mind, you’ll certainly know it! His career is laden with loads and loads of controversies. May it on-field or off-field in any social gathering, being polite was not the cup of tea for Botham. Although he had retired long back, however, he made sure that he was over the headlines during his time.  


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List of Important Football Penalties that You Should Look Out For

When did your player break the rule? Why is the referee flagging the yellow signal? If you’re not aware of the simple this simple fantasy football tips on penalties, then unknowingly you may lose out on several points and won’t even have a clue why your player was thrown out from the field. 

Not being acquainted with the common terms and penalties may put you in a confused state since the terminologies used in football are a bit confusing. Unless you have got a handy list of some commonly occurring football penalties, it will be difficult for you to play the fantasy football game. 

Here’s a list for your convenience. 


A player will face an offside penalty if any part of the player’s body is beyond the free-kick line. It is a very minor foul. Let’s say a player takes a shot in the goal and a team-mate takes the shot in an offside position. Then the goal will be dismissed and the offside penalty is imposed. 


This is very simple. You may often find players getting either offensive or defensive holding penalties during the fantasy football games. When does this occur? Whenever an offensive player uses his hands, arms, or some other body parts to prevent the defensive player from getting the ball, that’s when holding a penalty is imposed on the player. Other than that, sometimes you also find the defensive player grabbing an offensive player to stop him from getting the ball from the ball carrier. Even in such aggressive cases holding penalty is imposed. 

Pass interference 

Who doesn’t want to restrict a goal? While playing football every player tries to stop each other from getting hold of the ball. At times you’ll find extremely aggressive players on the field. They seem like they can do anything to restrict the opponent from getting hold of the bowl. So, when such a situation occurs where defensive players try to make contact with the receiver and stop him from getting hold of the ball. It calls for pass interference penalty for the defensive player. 

False start 

When the interior player of the offensive team makes a hasty move even before the snap of the ball, then the situation is considered as a false start and that player is penalized. Patience is the key to winning games. So, while choosing your players for the fantasy football leagues, be sure that the player is consistent and not in a hurry. You won’t like it if your player goes out on a penalty. 


If the defensive player crosses the line and starts making contact with the offensive players even before the snap of the ball, then this penalty is positively imposed on the player. 

Not only these there are a greater number of penalties which can reduce your chances of winning a fantasy football league. Again, if a referee finds a player intentionally making moves to delay the game, even then a penalty is imposed. Playing fair and with all strength is what makes a good player.    

5 Fantasy Football Draft Mistakes That Can Ultimately Ruin Your Game

A slight mistake in the draft season of  fantasy football  can cost you the whole game. The game comes to an end if you make the wrong selection on the draft day. It’s like a maze, the more mistakes you make on the draft day, the more easily you let your opponent walk away with the winner’s title. 

First and foremost, important lesson – don’t ever be late for a draft in  fantasy league games. It’s common sense because the early bird always catches the worm! The one who comes late will be a loser. 

Keeping this in mind, read on to know the most common mistakes that should be avoided at any cost, to get a good hold in the match. 

Mistake 1: Drafting popular players 

Taking up the favourite player and the most popular one – that’s the vital mistake that novice players make in fantasy  football leagues. Just wait and watch the drafting in session and you’ll see the popular ones taken up in minutes while the household names are been left off! 

Does popularity judge the quality of the player? Not always. Depending on league type, previous performance and current form of the player, the selection needs to be made. Also, check the ranks of the players before jumping to take them into your team. 

Mistake 2: Not realizing the past drafting mistakes 

Even in real-time football matches, managers make mistakes during drafting, so it’s not an unnatural phenomenon in fantasy football. However, a pro  fantasy football tip; don’t make the same mistake again and again! If you’re into the game for winning, then keep a note of the past drafting mistakes that you’ve made. 

To make it simpler, check them out in the app’s draft recap option. Let’s say you’ve won a few leagues before, then go back to the drafting process, look up the strategies, and imply the same in your current match. 

Mistake 3: Stay within your limits 

In almost every fantasy gaming app, you’ll find hundreds of  fantasy league games being listed. If you’re a new player, then go easy! Taking up the best players and the popular ones during the drafting season will not give you a great start. Rather, it will make you lose repeatedly. Selecting leagues and games as per experience is a basic requirement. 

The mere fact that you’re a football fan, doesn’t make you a good fantasy football player. Staying within limits is essential. 

Mistake 4: No idea about league specifications 

Which type of league are you playing? There are hundreds of  online football game players who have simply no idea about the type of league they are playing. Scoring process, roaster formation, free agents – every league has different characteristics. You can’t win a game, without selecting the right type of player for the right type of league. 

Mistake 5: Quarterback and defence player selection 

A quarterback is an important player in any online football game. The one you select should be consistent and completely in-form to make you win the match. It’s better not to hurry in the selection of the same during the drafting session. Sometimes the best is left for the last! 

To sum it up 

It’s always better to be slow than being fast and lose out on the game. Fantasy football players are all football lovers and hence accomplishing a win means a lot to the players. Be prepared before you enter into the drafting session. Hurrying into the selection part might make you lose out on the bigger picture. 


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Fantasy Football – Offensive & Defensive Position

If you’re new to fantasy football games of 11Wickets App for Android/iOS, you may not be able to name all of the positions on a team. Some, like the quarterback or center, are fairly obvious.  

However, do you know the difference between the cornerback and the fullback and what positions they occupy on the field? By learning how to identify the different positions on a football team, you’ll be able to understand how different plays are executed, learn the basics of offensive and defensive strategy and play your fantasy premier league games well. 

Take a look at the positions explained below and play fantasy football league games well. 

Offensive Positions 

There are 11 player positions on a football team’s offense: 

Quarterback: Receives the ball from the center at the start of each play before either handing it to the running back, throwing it to a receiver or running with it himself. The quarterback is usually the player in charge of calling the offense on the field. 

Halfback: Lines up in the backfield and generally is responsible for carrying the ball on run plays. A running back’s primary role is to run the football, he is also used as a receiver at times. 

Fullback: Lines up in the offensive backfield and generally is responsible for run-blocking for the halfback and pass-blocking for the quarterback. Fullbacks are usually bigger than halfbacks, and also serve as short-yardage runners. 

Wide receiver: Lines up on or near the line of scrimmage, but split to the outside. His primary job is to catch passes from the quarterback. 

Tight end: Serves as a receiver and also a blocker. The tight end lines up beside the offensive tackle either to the right or to the left of the quarterback. 

Offensive tackle: A member of the five-player offensive line. There are two tackles on every play, and they line up on the outside of the offensive guards. 

Offensive guard: A member of the five-player offensive line. There are two guards on every play, and they line up on either side of the offensive center. 

Center: Hikes (or snaps) the ball to the quarterback at the start of each play. The center lines up in the middle of the offensive line, between the offensive guards, and often relays play calls and offensive assignments to the other linemen. 

Offensive Positions 

There are 11 player positions on a football team’s defense as well: 

Defensive end: These two players occupy the outer sides of the defensive line. Their job is to penetrate the offensive line and target the quarterback or to stop the run. 

Defensive tackle: These two players occupy the inside of the defensive line and are expected to block the offensive line from advancing. 

Linebacker: Three or four of these players who line up behind the defensive line, serving as a backup. Depending on the play, there will be outside, inside, and middle linebackers. 

Corner: Two line-up opposite the wide receiver on offense to block runners from advancing and create outside pressure on the QB. 

Safety: Charged with stopping the long pass and the deep run, these players line up behind the linebackers. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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Fantasy Football – Know the Basics before Playing for Cash

You are already very well aware that you are a huge football sports fan. However, what you really want to be is a fantastic fantasy football player. You want to be renowned; you want to win over friends and be on the top tier of your fantasy football leagues at 11Wickets App for Android/iOS. Most all, you want to earn cash because as you know, fantasy football for cash is a very lucrative business.  

You do know that in order to win fantasy football and play fantasy football games for cash you first have to know the basics.  

Play fantasy football for cash and be prepared to be meticulous in knowing statistical data, trends analysis, knowing the fantasy premier league players’ strengths and weakness.  

Aside from all these methodical and analytical parts of being a fantasy owner and playing fantasy football for cash, you also have to know the rules of the game.  

Fantasy football for cash 

Several fantasy football leagues have leagues that are created to for cash. These football league operations adapt a certain standard in fantasy football rules. Each of these rules have various levels of wagering and playing, each with different reward opportunities as well as risks.  

The general rule in game playing is the more cash you invest, the bigger chances you have on winning. Some of these football cash leagues ask for entrance fees and other monthly dues all of which will go to a cash pot. 

This is the same principle used for enterprises like Fantasy Factor. In fact, it is the same set-up as say, getting your friends to pool in cash and you watching a football match with the winners splitting the pot. 

These fantasy football sites are there to play fantasy football for cash. And since most of them are online, they have a bigger network to tap and a larger cash pool to collect. 

Do your research before playing 

Of course, as with any site in the wide world of the Internet, you have to be careful and do your research. You would want to gamble your cash in a way that you are expecting to win, rather than giving it away to fraudulent sites. 

Before putting your cash on your favorite fantasy team, you do research, right? As a fantasy team owner, you are diligent enough to know the statistics of your players and how to draft them in your team. You should do the same when choosing cash leagues, although, it is a fun venture when playing against a lot of players and wagering cash on a bigger cash pot. 

So, good luck with playing fantasy football for cash!  

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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Fantasy Football – Vital Skills for Offensive & Defensive Position

Football is a familiar game around the world. Not just this kick-based sport, fantasy football is one of the most popular pastimes for the sports lovers of 11Wickets App.  This popular game is known by different names such as soccer, futbol etc. With millions of fans, there are many opportunities to learn this game.  

however, not at many places you will learn the much-needed skills to play the actual game. It is very important to make sure that you learn the skill before playing fantasy premier league. 

Here are three skills to learn, which that are important playing fantasy football league.  

The speed 

Speed is the key factor that decides the success of a professional football player. Speed is very important for the players in the offensive position. As the offense players have an important role in football, he needs to be fast and precise in passing the game. It has to be noted that a slow offensive player in football can cause enough damage to lose the game. Various training techniques are used today to increase the speed of the football players. You should have noted that the very best football players will give much importance to speed than anything else. 

Breaking towards the sidelines 

The offense player of the football team should also be able to break towards the sidelines immediately after catching the ball. Breaking towards the sidelines after catching the ball at the highest point will prevent the defenders of the game from getting the best angle to grab the. Moreover, breaking towards the sidelines will limit the number of that the defenders of the game will be able to grab. Hence the skill of quickly breaking towards the sidelines is necessary to become successful in football. 

The defense players should be fast and aggressive 

It must be noted that the defense line up of football must be very aggressive. The aggressiveness of the defense players will force the offense players of the other team to make mistakes. When compared to the skills needed for a player in offense position, the defense player skills are easy to develop. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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Fantasy Football – Evolution of Football & Goal Posts

The fantasy football fanatics of 11Wickets App always look forward to the moment when their favourite teams will score a goal against the opponents. The goal makes all the differences between the winning team and the defeated one. To score a goal, the ball must be kicked into the net fastened to the posts. Football is one of the most loved games in many countries and making a name in this arena is not easy. 

Football goal posts play an important role in the match. Over the years, those posts have evolved a lot. We will take a closer look at the evolution of both fantasy premier league and goals posts throughout this write-up. 

Walking Back to 13th Century 

Before the 13th century, football was mainly played by the peasants because this sport was played barefooted. The elite persons restricted their choice only to sports on horseback, such as Polo. The upper class considered football as ‘Mob Football‘. The youths from two villages used to play football games. The rules and regulations, in those days, were far different from what is governing modern-day football. The number of damage and injuries was also higher at that time. Due to high rate of on-pitch injuries, King Edward III banned the sport. 

In that century, people used to become riotous while watching the game. Another reason behind the ban was an emerging belief that football was distracting the common men from practised by almost all and sundry as preparation for war. The sport was banned for the next three centuries. Anyone playing football was imprisoned or fined 4 pence as punishment. 

That ban failed to discourage people from playing football. They kept their love for the game alive. During the 16th century, King James I lifted the embargo. He even encouraged the Christians to play on the weekend (Sunday) after their morning prayer. 

Encouragement in Schools 

Later, the students in schools were encouraged to play the game. Those students were from the upper class. To minimize injuries to the participants, rules and regulations were created and implemented. Even off-side rules also came into practice. After steam engine was introduced, matches were organized among the schools from the neighboring nations. However, in absence of any authority to create and implement universal rules, every school used to play according to their own set of rules. In order to maintain fairness and decorum, two sets of rules were used to be followed in two halves. 

Evolution of Goals 

Evolution of football has also revolutionized goal post design. In the 15th century, two strategically planted bushes were used as goal posts. Those were referred to as gates. Modern-day goal posts are now available in different sizes like 24ft in length (standard), 12ft in length or the smaller one for children. 

Most of the rules developed in the early period of football playing, along with the measurements of the goal posts, are still used in today’s matches. The football fans should be grateful to those people who never let their passion die down in spite of banning and dire consequences, which has brought us the game in today’s refined form. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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