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The Tale Of German Football Evolution

We have been bringing you the history of different countries and how soccer or football came to those countries as a series of fantasy football posts. In 2018, Germany is ruling the FIFA ranking with 1558 (1558.49) points. 

Hence, today we will focus on the soccer history of Germany! Read along and enjoy the glorious historical past of soccer in this nation before you start to play fantasy football league and create your fantasy 11 team. 

Germany and Football

Football reached Germany relatively early. It was so early, in fact, that the English had not yet defined the different codes of football. The German Football Club of Hannover, found in 1878, frequently accredits with the title of being the first football club in Germany. But, what they played in Hannover was rugby. Even as late as 1900, the men who founded FC Nürnberg started playing with an oval ball.  

Although the oval ball in Germany first seen at Germany in 1870. It was not until 1874 in Braunschweig that a round ball was really used. The school students of Germany, where the game originated, had no idea what to do with it. Just to try out something new, August Hermann and fellow teacher Konrad Koch had ordered a football from England. He just threw it into a group of boys and watched as chaos followed. 

This was the instant when German football was born. However, you might be curious how the game developed from here? 

The new school:

Koch’s school started to play other schools at this new-found game. The town of Hamburg then set up its own football club. Finally, the game spread outside the confines of the education system, as students started to graduate. Many clubs started to emerge in the 1880’s, like the Football Club of Bremen, Fussballverein Hannovera, and Viktoria Berlin. But, the only club still in existence today from the premature days is FC Germania Berlin, which was founded in April 1888. 

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In the early days, footballers had to overcome many problems, such as finding boots and footballs. But, the biggest challenge was finding a place to play. 

The early days:

In the early days, those who played football harassed by the German public, which is hard to believe based on how football is seen in the country today! The earliest football games were played in military parade grounds, which were spacious and vacant on Sundays. 

But other rather strange places also played host to a football game. Werder Bremen, formed in 1899, played in a cow pasture. Even a cemetery played host to MSV Duisburg, and many a game had to be halted to let coffins to be carried across the field. 

In 1895 at Stuttgart, a football game scared a herd of sheep so much, that authorities threatened to reprimand the players. There were also troubles in Mannheim, as sheep could no longer graze the land owing to the harm caused to the grass by playing football. 

The first football club

Preussen Berlin FC turned to be the first club in Germany to have its own ground in 1899, with wooden fences and a wooden stand. Football kit was also a vast hurdle for these early German clubs. One funny instance is that a lack of air pumps to inflate the ball supposed that ‘those with potent lungs had to see to the inflation of the football’.  

Despite resistance to the game, leagues began to form around the country, most particularly in Berlin. 28 January 1900 is a vital date in the history of German football. On this winter’s day, 86 clubs united in Leipzig to form the Deutscher Fussball Bund (DFB). In 1903, the DFB decided that the initial games of the national championship of Germany played. After years of moving goalposts around the rural area and playing on sheep fields, football was at long last began to establish itself as a reputable, orderly, and synchronized organisation. 

Football in Germany was to stay. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy football!