Things You Must Know While Scoring Online Fantasy Cricket Points

As an avid fan of cricket, the upcoming season must be more than thrilling for you! And what better a time than this to join an online fantasy cricket game to put your knowledge of the game to good use? After all, there aren’t many things in life that can club emotions like passion and excitement, and can award you with cash prizes! 

If you’re ready to set the ball rolling, make sure you’re aware of the following aspects with respect to, fantasy cricket point system. 

Scoring Points 

In order for you to score points, the players selected in your fantasy league will have to put up a good show during the actual performance. Based on the number of runs they score, the number of wickets they take and the catches they get, each of them will be given points. Hence, it is imperative for you to choose a winning combination. The better your players perform, the greater are your chances of winning. 

Score Updates 

Your team starts to score points, only once the live match has kick-started. As the on-ground match progresses, the points scored by your team will get updated every few minutes. Once the match comes to an end, the final points scored by each player, along with your team’s total will be displayed. It is at this point itself, that the winners will be declared.  

Reference Websites 

More often than not, fantasy cricket websites rely on live score feed broad casted by reliable sources. The points scored by each player and your team are calculated on the basis of the live feeds received by the websites. In some cases, however, the websites refer to governing bodies and/or other scorecards to ensure accurate calculation of the points. 

Man of the Match Points 

Unfortunately, fantasy cricket point system does not reward any additional points for the man of the match. 

Super Over Points 

Again, super-overs are not scored on fantasy cricket game, since the runs scored or the wickets taken by the players during an over are not included in their personal records by the governing bodies. 

Verification of Points 

In case, you wish to confirm the points scored by your team during a match, you can simply find a link for ‘Fantasy Scorecard’ or ‘Fantasy Points Table’ given on the landing page of your match! 

We hope that now that you’ve a fair idea of the points system for fantasy cricket, your journey into this surreal world would be much easier and of course, extremely gratifying! 

Enjoy fantasy sports!