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Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Cricket Bat

A bat makes the whole difference in the game. No player is perfect. However, a heavyweight or unpolished bat can restrict the striking power of the player. If you’re playingfree fantasy cricket, then worry about the batsmen and not the bat! You’ll be playing online here. 

However, for the on-field players, keeping these pointers in mind is essential. With all brands advertising their bats out there, it might get difficult to choose from. Don’t get carried away by the exaggerated statements! 

Rather check out these pointers and before going ahead with the one. 

Take up a light weighted bat 

If your bat is as heavy as a mountain, then do you expect to swing it freely? You’ll find expert opinions about heavy bats being durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. However, what good will that do, if the batsman is not able to strike a boundary with the same? So, a smart player will choose the bat depending on his weight. If the player is skinny, low in height, and speedy in nature, then a light-weighted bat is the best option for him. 

Must suit your batting style 

Every good player has a unique style of playing the game. so, taking up the bat that suits your style gives you a winning position. For instance, if you prefer hitting straight shots, a low bat is for you. However, the same is not favorable for the front foot batters. For the ones specialized in fancier kind of shots like the back-foot or the high ones, medium or high bats are favorable for them. Want to avoid such hassles then fantasy cricket app and make easy fantasy cricket login. There you just need to use your mind to make the most rational decisions. No need to be concerned about the batting styles of your selected players. 

A comfortable grip is essential 

What if the bat flies out of the player’s hand while the player tries to take a strike? That would be hilarious and utterly embarrassing. Getting a comfortable hold of the bat is the utmost necessity. A good batsman knows that there are two types of handles – the round and the oval. If you select the oval ones, you’ll get strong control but its good for the top bat holders. In case, you’re a bottom bat holder, then round ones will be easier to handle. 

Willow difference 

If you’re not a professional, then you won’t even know the difference between English and Kashmiri willows. If you’re a beginner, then the cheap Kashmiri ones are perfect for you. However, for an experienced player, English willows are the best options. Hence, it’s obvious that the better the grade of the willows are, the more costly your bat is supposed to be! 

Depending on the balls 

The bat is meant to hit the ball. Hence, depending on the texture and weight of the ball the batsman should pick off the right kind of bat. Let’s say, that you’re using a light-weighted tennis ball, then do you need a heavy bat? Obviously not! Select a smooth. Sleek and light bat for the same. On the other hand, if you’re playing with hard and heavy leather or rubber balls, then you need a thick and heavy bat to hit the same. 

Keeping these tips in mind is essential for the on-field players. Till the time you  Play fantasy sports and enjoy!


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