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Top 5 Off-Spinners To Look Out For In Any Cricket Match

During the 1940s and ’50s, off-spinners were mere backup bowlers in a team. The main focus was always on the fast bowlers and leg spinners. However, the concept changed when a few outstanding off-spinners came into limelight. They can successfully spin the ball from the straight path and get the batsman out of the game. Gradually with their skills, off-spinners became a favourite choice in  fantasy cricketplatforms as well. 

Off-spinners knows their strength and weaknesses and can aptly fit into any team. Once you have got a good off-spinner in your  fantasy cricket league, be sure that it will become difficult for the batsman to make a clean shot. 

Here’s a list of top 5 off-spinners who is present in any team that can help you score loads of points in fantasy cricket. 

1. Ravichandran Aswin

When he is on the field, the opposite man standing with a bat will definitely feel weak on the knees. This shining star of an Indian cricket team is a brilliant off-spinner, flipper, and top spinner. A very wise choice for fantasy cricket leagues, Aswin has always been a surprise element in every match. A sharp brain coupled with good height – a great combination to make a spinner. Smashing records, a good number of wickets, and brilliant performance! Surely a wanted player for the fantasy sports. 

2. Muttiah Muralitharan 

Without Muralitharan, the 90s would have been the worst period for Sri Lankan cricket. 800 wickets from around 133 matches – this record of his say the rest. He was an expert in doosras and off-breaks. Undoubtedly one of the greatest off-spinners of all time, this man would have made it to the top in online fantasy games if he was still playing. 

3. Nathan Lyon 

This off-spinner has the quality of playing with the ball as per his own liberty. Give him any kind of pitch, any type of ball, or any batsman, his performance remains unchanged and consistent. After Shane Warne, the success of this man has made the Australian cricket team a huge success. 

4. Harbhajan Singh 

Another Indian cricketer who is undoubtedly one of the best off-spinners in cricketing history is Harbhajan Singh. From the time in the year 1998 when Harbhajan got into the national squad, he started picking up wickets and had successfully picked up 32 wickets in 3 matches. You may not find him playing in international matches, but he has and will be always a favourite player in fantasy cricket leagues. 

5. Mehidy Hasan 

This brilliant off-spinner ended up taking 19 wickets from just 2 matches. So, you can well imagine the level of magic that the bowler can spin with his fingers. Very new to the team of off-spinners, this person is currently a trending choice for any fantasy cricket game. At the age of 22, he is making it to the news with his outstanding spinning skills. The talent is supposed to grow with age! Congrats to team Bangladesh. A star is in the making! 


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