Where you are the team manager of Fantasy Cricket

Everyone loves to win, no matter whatever sports are involved and with fantasy cricket leagues; it has never been so easy. Well, depending on whom you pick for your fantasy team that is. Nonetheless, it is great fun playing these games. You get to select your team by picking out the players according to their impending stats or popularity. It depends on what you’re after.

In the recent days more and more people have begun taking part in these sports as the one thing they can get through these games is the power to manage a team of own team, deciding who should have been captain and who should have opened the game.

You are the one who want to do more than just watch and fume at matches by creating your own teams and score big (or small) depending on how the selected players perform in real time.

Choose your combination

A fantasy premier league game allows you to choose your combination, by choosing your playing 11 from among the 22 selected for the real time match. How much you score relies on how your chosen players perform on ground. The more points your selected player earns, the closer you are to winning your league and therefore, the cash allotted.

Gamers can select how many others they play against. Fantasy cricket permit gamers to contend in a league of two, three or even five players. So, if you are challenging against just one other person, your chances of winning are higher even if the cash prize is lesser.

The deadline to lock in your team differs too. While you can begin choosing your team the second the match schedule is available.

A gamer has to choose the best 14 players from the live match — a playing 11 and three substitutes. Your players in the 11 have to play a maximum of 120 balls in T20 matches and 300 in ODIs, while the bowler has to take 10 wickets or bowl reasonably. The winner is decided on the basis of the runs margin.

Two substitutes can be used to replace a poor performer. But, a real-time match may not always reflect well on a scoring card, since a few good saves may not affect the scoreboard.

The entire power of managing your team relies on you. You act like the cricket control board for your team and lead your team to win.

Enjoy playing!