The football legend – Raul Gonzalez

Playing and discussion of fantasy football league wouldn’t be ever completed, if we do not discuss about the legends because of whom we are at first interested in this sport and also play the fantasy football online.  

Today, in our fantasy football series we bring you the Spain hero or legend – Raul Gonzalez. Let’s know him better today! Read on: 

The heart and soul of Real Madrid in Spain since 1994, Raul has been through it all. Good years, great years, and the rare bad year for Real Madrid. 

Raul started out in the rival Atletico Madrid’s youth system. But he made the switch to Real Madrid’s youth system in 1990. He remained there for 2 years until someone called him up to play for the top flighted club. He at the time was the youngest to ever play for Real Madrid. It was his debut for the side when he was just 17. 

As a striker:

Raul has had the pleasure of playing with some of the greats to ever grace the game that have made their way in and out of Madrid’s ranks. He found prolific partnerships alongside Fernando Morientes, and later with the Brazilian, Ronaldo. To date, Raul has made an astonishing amount of appearances for his club which now number over 700. In addition, he has made over 100 appearances for his country of Spain and has found success there as well. 

Raul is a constant threat in front of the goal mouth and his hard work and constant effort lead to him capitalizing on some gritty goals. He has scored over 300 times for Madrid and has found his name creep up the all-time scoring list, recently just passing the great Alfredo di Stefano. For country, Raul netted 102 times, yet he has been left off the squad list in recent games. Raul is still eligible to called out and has yet to announce his international retirement. 

His hard work:

Not only is he a hard worker on the field, but Raul is also a disciplined one. Through his entire career he has never received a red card. As a reward for his immense effort on the field, Raul was appointed club captain in 2003. 

Raul currently has a “contract for life” through Real Madrid, which renews itself automatically as long as the striker plays 30 games in a season. 

Though Raul may have lost some of his pace and his touch on the ball is not what it used to be, he is still a threat in front of the net. His constant work ethic has rewarded him, and he appears to be destined to play at Real Madrid at least one more year. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy football! 

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Getting Higher Points In Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket is all about having high fantasy rankings. However, before the real-life teams make it to the on-field championship; they have to endure countless hours of training and practising for the games. It is something that they have to do to get high fantasy rankings. They are professional players and this is their way of living. If they want to have more advertisements and endorsements, they have to show the world that they are indeed worthy of it and are capable of representing the company. 

First thing that you have to do is learn the rules as well as the ways in how to scoring. If you do not learn these things then you will have a hard time winning, and most importantly, drafting the players of your team. Ensure that you know what the role of each player is when they get to the field. In addition, scoring is also important as it will determine whether you are on the winning or losing end. Good for you if you are ahead of the game, however, if it is the other way around, then you have to rethink your strategies. 

Second thing that you have to do to get higher fantasy rankings is to research. You have to make your own cheat sheets to make things easier for you. In addition, if you have a friend who has been active in online cricket games, you can also ask for some tips from him. Adjust the line-up and the strategy used by the professional coaches to achieve the best results. Consult some information that support online fantasy games to learn more about starting your own team and how you will be able to make this known. 

On your draft day, have a checklist to make things hassle free. Always bring your cheat sheets with you. You just spend hours doing this and it is time that you use it. Highlight players that are on the field or have played so that you can keep track of them. To comfort yourself, you have to bring some drinks. Whether it be beer, wine, soda or anything that can calm your nerves and help you think straight. In addition, you too have to make sure that your brain will work. Remember to pick your defence second to the last and your kicker the last. 

Do these things and surely, you will experience higher fantasy rankings. If things do not go the way they should be, always have a backup plan. Even if you were not able to get the players that you originally want, you still have other options. It can be quite exciting and disappointing at times to see where your team is ranked. Nevertheless, there is so much room for improvement so see to it that you do. 

Enjoy playing fantasy cricket! 

The Unholy Tale of “Holy Water”

Online fantasy football is the game where the users assemble an imaginary team of real life and play. The concept came with the planning of involving the ever-excited fans of soccer actively online in the sport. 

So, when the time, a fantasy football league is getting the most number of ardent football fan traffic? Yes, it is during the World Cup season.  World Cup is the most important event in soccer and believe it or not, this game is full of scandals. 

Perhaps you have forgotten this particular one, we are going to tell you or maybe with so many gossips and scandals surrounding the sport, this one has found a spot in your memory to hide cleverly. We will just shake up your memory with this Argentinean scandal from the time of Diego Maradona. Read on: 

This one is known as the “Holy Water” scandal! Is your memory going back to 1990? Those who don’t know or still cannot remember about it, we are here to make you remember. Let’s take the journey back to 1990. 

On a historic day June 24, 1990, Argentina eliminated Brazil from the World Cup, supposedly using a spiked water bottle. 

Although Argentinean team was the defending champions, they had to struggle throughout the group stage, finishing behind Cameroon and Romania. However, they advanced as the highest-ranked third-place finisher. Brazil, in the meantime, topped their group, winning all three matches. 

They met in the first knockout round at Turin’s Stadio Delle Alpi, where Brazilian defender Branco helped keeping the Argentinean greatest striker, Diego Maradona in check. However, during a break in the game, Branco drank from a water bottle handed to him by a member of the Argentinean staff. In a while, he complained that he was feeling drowsy and was not capable to keep up with Maradona, who finished a brilliant run with a pass to set up Claudio Caniggia for the winning goal. Argentina in due course advanced all the way to the final, where they lost to West Germany 1-0. 

Later on, Maradona claimed that the water bottle Branco had been given was dose with tranquilizers. Branco threatened to sue the Argentine Football Association; however they denied any knowledge of the event. Ever since dubbed the “holy water” scandal, it has added fuel to the already-intense rivalry between the two football passionate nations. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy football! 

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Fantasy Cricket Online – The Fun Way to Select Dream 11 Fantasy Team

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word fantasy? That it is something about which we fantasize, but rarely get chance to actually do what we want to. Well, this is what people commonly tend to think when they hear about the term fantasy and in most of the cases, this is true. But online cricket game is an exception from the rest and actually allows cricket fans to indulge in their fantasy. There cannot be a cricket fan, who does not want to select his or her dream team for a tournament. 

All cricket fans live in a dream. They believe that their team is the best in the world capable of beating any international team in the world. Well, the reality may be that your favourite team may not be the best in business. But nothing can stop anyone from dreaming, right? Fantasy cricket league is a source through which cricket fans can indulge in all their dreams and fantasies. So, if you always wanted to select your dream team, fantasy cricket online provides you with the chance to do so. 

Taking part in fantasy cricket is very simple. There are several online sites on the web that give the chance to cricket fans to participate and play cricket games. It is all about testing your cricketing knowledge and check out your selection skills. Selecting a team is one of the toughest jobs in the field of cricket. So be on your guard while selecting the best possible team for playing the game online. 

You can play fantasy cricket whenever an international cricket tournament gets underway. All the players who are participating in that tournament will be eligible for selection for your dream team. Points allotted to each player based on their performance and current form. You will be given a particular budget point within which you will have to manage your team. Suppose you are allotted a total budget point of 100, then you will have to manage your team within 100 point. It means that the total sum of all the players combined cannot be more than 100. 

Ideally you can select five batsmen, four bowlers one wicketkeeper and one all-rounder for your team. Since you can choose only one all-rounder and wicketkeeper just make sure that you pick the best for your dream team. Though this is difficult to do, it is advisable not to get swayed by big names. Go strictly by merit. Suppose you have chosen your favourite player, but what purpose will this serve you, if he does not perform well in the field. You winning or losing a game depends on the performance of your selected players on the field. 

Online cricket is a chance for all cricket fans to select their dream team. The team can consist of all the best players in the world. So if you are a cricket fan, you can realize another dream, i.e. seeing all your favourite cricketers in action at a time for your team. Yes, you get to control the entire team, choose who will open the batting, who will bat one down and who will bowl the crucial first over. 

Enjoy playing fantasy cricket! 

Arrival of Football to Argentina and its History

Argentina’s passion for soccer or fantasy football game is truly amazing! This is the country who gave the football fans from the entire world, Diego Armando Maradona Franco. Yes, that Maradona who has earned 91 caps and scored 34 goals. And he is regarded as the greatest football player of all time. 

Know about how the football game arrived in Argentina before you start creating your own dream football team for playing the online fantasy football game. 

Football’s beginning in Argentina:

Football came to Argentina via British sailors travelling to the Rio de la Plata basin in the 1860s. From there, the game developed in a number of British schools spread in Argentina. It spread rapidly throughout the country from there. Clubs formed as offshoots of these schools, numerous featuring English-language names (Newell’s Old Boys, Banfield) which still carry on today. 

play fantasy cricket online games

But of these early clubs, none have had quite the achievement of River Plate and Boca Juniors. These two teams have won a combined 56 Argentine club titles, almost half of all national titles. And they fight for the tag of best team in Buenos Aires each time pitted in their bi-annual superclasico. Both had starting points in the poor La Boca district of the city. However, when River moved north to the Nunez neighbourhood in 1923, the followings of these two teams deviated.

The prosperity of the team:

River Plate became the team signifying more prosperous classes of Buenos Aires, while Boca Juniors stayed the team of the people. They played with the name of the gritty neighbourhood they called home across their jerseys. Still these days, the rivalry perseveres as one of the most intense in the world of qualified football—so much so that an English newspaper ranked the super clasico as one of the 50 sporting events you must see prior you die. That’s high praise coming from the origin of the game itself. 

Since the begin of the qualified football era, Argentina and its players FBL-ARGENTINA-DI STEFANO-COPAM have long played an imperative role in world football, and European leagues are no exception. One of Argentina’s early top exports to Europe was Alfredo di Stefano.

The son of Italian settlers, di Stefano starred at River Plate as a 17-year old however, made his biggest splash with Real Madrid. Here he started in 1952 and would play for over a decade on one of the first European club rosters to be really international in nature, alongside stars such as France’s Raymond Kopa and Hungary’s Ferenc Puskas. The great success of Real Madrid and di Stefano set a guide, which would soon be followed in the years to come by other most important European clubs. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy football! 

The Tale Of German Football Evolution

We have been bringing you the history of different countries and how soccer or football came to those countries as a series of fantasy football posts. In 2018, Germany is ruling the FIFA ranking with 1558 (1558.49) points. 

Hence, today we will focus on the soccer history of Germany! Read along and enjoy the glorious historical past of soccer in this nation before you start to play fantasy football league and create your fantasy 11 team. 

Germany and Football

Football reached Germany relatively early. It was so early, in fact, that the English had not yet defined the different codes of football. The German Football Club of Hannover, found in 1878, frequently accredits with the title of being the first football club in Germany. But, what they played in Hannover was rugby. Even as late as 1900, the men who founded FC Nürnberg started playing with an oval ball.  

Although the oval ball in Germany first seen at Germany in 1870. It was not until 1874 in Braunschweig that a round ball was really used. The school students of Germany, where the game originated, had no idea what to do with it. Just to try out something new, August Hermann and fellow teacher Konrad Koch had ordered a football from England. He just threw it into a group of boys and watched as chaos followed. 

This was the instant when German football was born. However, you might be curious how the game developed from here? 

The new school:

Koch’s school started to play other schools at this new-found game. The town of Hamburg then set up its own football club. Finally, the game spread outside the confines of the education system, as students started to graduate. Many clubs started to emerge in the 1880’s, like the Football Club of Bremen, Fussballverein Hannovera, and Viktoria Berlin. But, the only club still in existence today from the premature days is FC Germania Berlin, which was founded in April 1888. 

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In the early days, footballers had to overcome many problems, such as finding boots and footballs. But, the biggest challenge was finding a place to play. 

The early days:

In the early days, those who played football harassed by the German public, which is hard to believe based on how football is seen in the country today! The earliest football games were played in military parade grounds, which were spacious and vacant on Sundays. 

But other rather strange places also played host to a football game. Werder Bremen, formed in 1899, played in a cow pasture. Even a cemetery played host to MSV Duisburg, and many a game had to be halted to let coffins to be carried across the field. 

In 1895 at Stuttgart, a football game scared a herd of sheep so much, that authorities threatened to reprimand the players. There were also troubles in Mannheim, as sheep could no longer graze the land owing to the harm caused to the grass by playing football. 

The first football club

Preussen Berlin FC turned to be the first club in Germany to have its own ground in 1899, with wooden fences and a wooden stand. Football kit was also a vast hurdle for these early German clubs. One funny instance is that a lack of air pumps to inflate the ball supposed that ‘those with potent lungs had to see to the inflation of the football’.  

Despite resistance to the game, leagues began to form around the country, most particularly in Berlin. 28 January 1900 is a vital date in the history of German football. On this winter’s day, 86 clubs united in Leipzig to form the Deutscher Fussball Bund (DFB). In 1903, the DFB decided that the initial games of the national championship of Germany played. After years of moving goalposts around the rural area and playing on sheep fields, football was at long last began to establish itself as a reputable, orderly, and synchronized organisation. 

Football in Germany was to stay. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy football! 

The Fun of Playing Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is an online game that a player wins cash if his team will win the game. As a player, you will manage your own team, choose your players and have the right to manage them. If you are into football and dream to become a team manager then this game is the one for you. This game will make you as if you are in the real life situation. 

To earn points and do well in this game you must be familiar on how football works. The strategies and the skills are needed in order for a manager to succeed. The fun thing about it is you can choose players create any teams and combine them as one. Selecting the best players can also be very tough. And you need to have more money in your stash since they will really cost a lot. There are certain rules that have to be followed to play this game as well. Mostly, adults play this game because it needs more thinking and a role-play as well. 

To stay long in the game:

In order to stay long in the game a player or a manager has to follow the guidelines. And avoid those penalties. Online fantasy football is a good training ground for teens too to be a good team manager in the future. It is a learning point for those who have the ability to manage a team. This game can also be played through your mobile phones. This is a good thing because anywhere you go, you can check out your team. You can also handle them properly in order to get good points. 

play fantasy cricket online games

Football fans find that spending time with friends, while watching a game, is one of the best ways to relax. Fantasy football brings the entire fun-filled experience to the cyber world. Every dedicated follower of popular professional football loves to create his/her own dream team. One can even brag the team’s performance to like-minded friends. Fantasy football league gives a chance to such a fan to enter the virtual world and see his/her dream-team compete with that of his/her friends in a fun-filled as well as challenging simulated atmosphere. 

In fantasy football games, like all other fantasy sports, a gamer gets to follow up a live tournament/series and build his/her team from the players participating in the tournament. The performance of the team would then be based on the on-field performances of the players selected. A few of the fantasy football games allow gamers to form leagues with friends, whereby a person gets to create a league and then invite others to join the league.

The challenging task:

In such a scenario he/she becomes the league manager who coordinates with the rest of the league members. Each member can make a “wish-list” from the list of actual players participating in a live match. The wish-lists are then processed automatically using a unique algorithm called “draft” to create teams for the league members wherein no two teams get the same player. Thus it becomes a challenging task to create a clever wish-list so that the gamer gets to see his/her favourite player in his/her team at the end of the draft! Finally, the team that earns the maximum points wins the game. 

Fantasy sports players need not be football experts to enjoy the game. They are in fact from various backgrounds, but are united in their love of the sport and interest to spend time with friends. Friends can upgrade their sporting knowledge during the course of the game while they get a chance to watch their dream-team win major tournaments. It is definitely a unique way to enjoy the sport you love! You even get a chance to win attractive prizes since most sites announce such prizes to winners in order to make the challenge more exciting. 

Enjoy playing fantasy football! 

History Of Cricket In India

India is the land of cricket, amazing cricket grounds, talented cricketers. It is also one of the nations who have lots of top international rated batsmen and bowlers. They have some amazing records of theirs in their bags and for their ardent fans. 

Real cricket or fantasy cricket, no matter what, cricket needs the Indian fans to stay to be forever associated with it to be in limelight forever. 

Online fantasy cricket is the game which binds the cricket fans with the real cricket. Do you play them too? We assume, like us you too are the fans of cricket and show up your skills and knowledge of cricket through online cricket. Let us tell you the tale of Indian cricket history: 

The entire history of Indian cricket is based on the existence and growth of the British Raj through the East India Company. 

The initial days:

On 31st December 1600, Queen Elizabeth I granted a Royal Charter to East India Company. Initially, it emerged as the trading company. It later on started to conquer all the parts of India and rule it. The East India Company was the tool to bring the game of cricket to India. 

The Company founded the city of Madras in 1639, acquired Portuguese region. It was on the west coast of India which included the city of Bombay in 1661. In 1690, an Anglo-Mughal treaty allowed English traders to establish a trading settlement on the Hooghly River, which became the modern Calcutta. All these places were the leading centres of cricket as the fame of the game grew among the native people. 

The first match:

The first definite mention of cricket played anywhere in India, from a report of English sailors of the east India Company written in 1737. Reports was that cricket played at Cambay, near Baroda in 1721. The Calcutta Cricket and Football Club came in existence by 1792, but perhaps founded more than a decade earlier. Another club formed at Seringapatam, south India in 1799 after the victorious British siege and the defeat of Tipu Sultan. 

In 1864, a match between Madras and Calcutta was possibly the beginning of first-class cricket in India. The British played the Indians to form bonds with the Indians. And if the Indian influential had links with the British, the British could have more control of India through Cricket. 

The most vital game in the 19th century was the Bombay Presidency Match which developed, first, into Bombay Triangular and later on into Bombay Quadrangular. The match was played in 1877 first. Then sporadically for some seasons played until at last being given first-class status in 1892-93. 

An English team led by George Vernon in 1889–90 was the first foreign team to tour India. But none of the matches that it played regarded as first-class. 

First-class cricket began in the 1892–93 season with two matches Europeans against Parsees, at Bombay and Poona. The first match was drawn and the in the second match Parsees won by 3 wickets. Lord Hawke captained an English team which played four first-class matches including a game against “All India” on 26–28 January 1893. 

Happy reading and playing fantasy cricket!