Tips to Win Playing Online Cricket Games

The online cricket gamesfantasy cricket is no less than a real battle of tournaments between the best of players. Different players make the selection of team players as per their likings and preferences and then compete with each other. The must be chosen very carefully as it decides your chances of winning or losing in the gaming tournament. 

The online game which has now become immensely popular is being offered by many online websites. There are many which offer different attractions to the users like play online fantasy cricket and win cash. The users also find it tempting to play their favourite game and getting a chance to win some cash. However, the selection of team and competing against the other teams is not that easy as it seems. You need to follow certain tips which can help you to set up a winning team. 

Here are some of the tips that can help you to make and select a team that can help you play fantasy cricket and win cash along with it: 

Keep shuffling the players: Never select the same team and players for all your tournaments. Always remember to shuffle in between the players and select some new players which are performing well in the tournaments. This will help to enhance the strength of your team against the other teams. 

Choose more bowlers: This can be a twist that the other teams may not be able to get. While the batsmen can make a run, the fielder can stop the opponent’s runs but a bowler will be great with the ball, bat and also on the field. Thus you will get a complete package which can help your team in all the areas. Thus, this is a secret twist to play daily fantasy cricket and win cash along with being the winning team in all the tournaments. 

Observe your opponent: While there are many players who only concentrate on their team and don’t pay any attention to the opponent’s team. And this is where they fail. As they have a complete idea about the strengths and weaknesses of their team players, they fail to understand where the other team is standing. The players besides focusing to play fantasy games and win cash scenario must focus on knowing their opponents. 

Analyze the performance: As the game of cricket is mostly about luck but it is also decided by the efforts and performance of the team players. And this is what you have to keep an eye on. No matter if you have selected the best players there are still chances that you may not win the tournament if you haven’t paid any attention to the performance of the players. 

Team Selection: Even the best of players fail to score runs if they are not in their right form. Therefore, you can only if you have the right team. 

Enjoy playing Fantasy Sports! 

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Fantasy Cricket – Play Watching Live Matches

Fantasy cricket is online gaming where you can win enormous daily cash prizes while watching the live score of a game. It describes as a game of skill and a platform to make your dreams come true. You can get it by earning a huge amount of money using all your cricketing expertise. 

Who all plays online cricket games?

Daily fantasy cricket is for those die-hard, passionate & enthusiastic cricket admirers. Their dream of being cricketers was put on the backseat when parents dream of becoming engineers, doctors took over. But this sport still flows in their bloodstreams, who while watching a cricket match become expert commentators.

Cursing a batsman who gets out playing a rash shot, start shouting on a bowler who bowls a loose delivery. A fielder who miss fields and when a team is not up to the mark. They do believe “If I’d be a selector, my online cricket team would have won each and every single match.” So here it offers them with a huge stage to explore their cricketing skills by being owner and selector both, at a time. So just enjoy the excitement of selecting your best 11 players team within a given credit limit. Make a team plan and the strategies using all your cricket knowledge. 

How different is fantasy cricket from other online games?

It is completely different from betting as it defines the deadline according to which any type of editing stops one hour before a match starts and on the other hand, is betting you can continue playing even during a live match which makes that illegal, you will not find it only legal but 100% fairness & transparency are also there, as it provides the same budget to all the gamers, selected players of all the gamers and points given to them can be seen by any gamer which is the base of winner’s declaration. It is just a source of entertainment. Fantasy cricket is where you get a chance to compete online with your friends and other sports lovers. Keep an eye on the live cricket score of a real match. Top the table scoring high online fantasy cricket points and can make a lot of money from it. 

Anybody can play this from anywhere what it simply requires is an internet connection whether in your smartphone or in any other system. It has very easy steps to follow from the sign-up process to the withdrawal of your winning amount. 

Enjoy playing fantasy sports matches! 

Reignite Your Online Cricket Fantasy with 11Wickets

Are you among those cricket fans who love to daydream about the sport? Then 11Wickets – The fastest growing Online Cricket site is the best platform for you to reignite your cricketing passion. After all, it is an online fantasy cricket site “for cricket fans, by cricket fans”.  

11Wickets is a very engaging fantasy cricket gaming portal that keeps the cricket craziness within you alive by challenging with your fellow cricket fans & friends. You can use your cricket knowledge for creating an online cricket team to play, celebrate & enjoy cricket like never before and earn real cash in the process. 

Chiefly, the platform lets you as an online cricket player to add a bit of fantasy to real cricket matches and offers a number of contests related to each live cricket match. 11Wickets includes a number of inventive features that make it simple yet highly engaging. This user-friendly India fantasy cricket platform would never make it hard for you to access it and steer around it. Starting from registration to winning monetary awards, the whole process is simple enough for every cricket fan. 

Key features of 11Wickets, at a glance 

Easy User Registration:

Play the game through a simple & standard sign-up process. The sign-up page also allows you to log in through social sites namely Facebook and Google+. 

Detailed Dashboard:

The dashboard on the home page shows details of diverse cricket contests and clicking on any one of those takes you to the contest page that has player details, contest rules, score details etc. 

How to Play Section:

Starting from choosing a contest to selecting the team, managing the team and knowing how to earn points, this full-featured section introduces you with the details of playing the fantasy cricket game fruitfully. 

Devoted Support:

This section is informative enough to get your queries about playing the game, point system, cash prizes, checking account balances etc. 

Individual “My Profile” and “Joined Matches” Sections:

These two sections provide you with your contest and transaction details. 

Cashier & Withdraw Section:

It shows you the detailed account balance including your deposits, wins, total balance and cash bonuses. You can verify your account through valid KYC & directly add or withdraw cash amount from this page. 

Other Functions:

You can easily create teams, and leagues, see your scoreboard for ongoing matches, different user reports etc. 

Cross-browser and Cross-device Compatible:

11Wickets can be accessed from both mobiles and tabs with different browsers such as Apple OS, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Windows OS etc and also download the 11Wickets app to play. 

Multiple Payment Gateway Integrated:

With this feature, you can easily transfer the money you win and deposit money as and when you want. You can use your PayTM wallet to transfer funds. 

All in all, packed out with multiple attractive features and particularly, the option of adding fantasy to cricket matches, make 11Wickets quite addictive to cricket lovers. With this platform, you as a cricket fan can easily reignite your spirit of online cricket.  

Enjoy playing fantasy cricket matches! 

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Fantasy Cricket is a Social Experience

You’ve been thinking about playing fantasy cricket but have yet to take the plunge. Your friends have asked, and you’ve thought about it, but so far, no dice. Either you think it’s too hard or it’ll take up too much time. Look, there are a thousand reasons why you should play online fantasy cricket. You can win money. Furthermore, you can rip on your friends after a big win. You can feel like a real General Manager by making trades. All of this isn’t new. But it’s only part of the reason why India fantasy cricket is the biggest growing aspect for cricket fans. 

Why play fantasy league anywhere else? This season, get your cricket game at 11Wickets. 

Sometimes the outcome of the daily fantasy cricket is secondary to just take part in it. 

The benefits of playing far outweigh the results on the computer. Here’s why. 

Your knowledge of the game will be increased 

Right now, you may only really know the star players and have in-depth knowledge of your team and the few who make news all the time. That will change within a month of playing fantasy. You’ll know every team, every injury, who might be an up and coming star and who might not. And this is not doing anything special. It’s just following the game. Just like anything else, when you pay attention to something you get more knowledgeable about the said topic. You will become a cricket freakazoid of brainpower. 

You can keep in touch with old friends and make new ones 

Forget about Facebook. How many more times can you scroll through postings involving Candy Crush, Criminal Case requests and pictures of every family member except the ones you know because they don’t like how they take pictures, so the one person you want to see is never in them? You want to keep in real touch with people you like who live far away? Play fantasy cricket. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy sports! 

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