Fantasy Cricket – Top 5 Batsmen with Most Sixes

In daily fantasy cricket matches, the batsmen from your created playing XI team hit a six and you get 3 points on your scoreboard. Isn’t it fascinating?  

That is the beauty and fun of playing online fantasy cricket matches. 

Moreover, there is nothing more entertaining for the fantasy cricket loving crowd of the newest App of 11Wickets in the stadium other than witnessing some big sixes being hit all around the stadium. Let’s explore the some of the top international players who have hit big sixes till date. 

Shahid Afridi 

The Pakistan cricketer, Shahid Afridi, tops this chart. He began his career as a bowler. Afridi has played 27 Tests matches, 398 One Day Internationals, and 99 Twenty20 cricket matches for the Pakistani national team between 1996 and 2012. He records the greatest number of ODI sixes to his name with 351 sixes in 369 innings. 

Chris Gayle 

The West Indies allrounder, Chris Gayle, is the second in this chart.  He is known as one of the most barbarous hitters of the cricket ball everHe is well known for hitting sixes. Gayle has played 103 Tests matches, 284 One Day Internationals, and 56 Twenty20 cricket matches for the West Indies national team. He records hitting 275 sixes in 279 innings of ODI sixes to his name. 

Sanath Jayasuriya 

The Sri Lankan allrounder, Sanath Jayasuriya, is the third in this chart. He began his career as a fairly non-descript utility player who had an ability to smack the ball hard.  He had given ordinary performances in his early career and then blasted to tremendous success from 1996. Jayasuriya has played 110 Tests matches, 445 One Day Internationals, and 31 Twenty20 cricket matches for the Sri Lankan national team. He records hitting 270 sixes in 443 innings of ODI sixes to his name. 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni 

The former most successful Indian skipper, MS Dhoni, is the fourth in this list. He was also the wicket keeper of team India. Dhoni has played 90 Tests matches, 325 One Day Internationals, and 93 Twenty20 cricket matches for the Sri Lankan national team. He records hitting 217 sixes in 276 innings of ODI sixes to his name. 

AB de Villiers 

The South African wicket keeper batsman, AB de Villiers, has found fifth place in the list. He is one of the finest batsmen, most versatile batsmen, across all formatsAB de Villiers has played 114 Tests matches, 228 One Day Internationals, and 78 Twenty20 cricket matches for the Sri Lankan national team. He records hitting 204 sixes in 218 innings of ODI sixes to his name. 

*Records have been compiled as on April 02, 2020 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 

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