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4 Awesome Experiments In Cricketing History

From the time Cricket has been invented, the game has gone through many changes. Some good, some bad, and some utter disastrous! However, there’re a few which have significantly changed the face of the game. Fantasy cricket leagues  being one of them. Previously the game was limited to the fields only. But now anyone can play the game and win real-time money out of it. 

This new platform has revolutionized cricket to a large extent. However, some awesome experiments have failed and left a mark in cricketing history. 

Let’s take a look at some good as well as bad ones. 

Decision review system 

If you’re a passionate cricket fan, sudden run out of your favorite player can certainly come as a shock to you. There are times when the audience feels that the decision of out was not taken wisely. Then in 2008, this relieving experiment was introduced. The moment DRS was introduced in cricket, everyone understood that it’s here to stay. Even the online fantasy cricket game players are highly concerned with this. You may ask why? That’s because they don’t want their batsmen to walk out of the pitch for a wrong decision! 

Rain rule 

The last 2 balls of the match are left and your team is just 6 runs away from the win – just then, rain starts falling! Even in worst nightmares, the players of  fantasy cricket leagues can’t think of such a pathetic situation! They’ll incur huge financial losses if the game doesn’t resume on time. However, that situation will not come up now. Thanks to, the World cup committee for introducing the rain rule during the 1992 World cup match. The rules are simple. For every over lost, the target of the teams will get reduced. 

However, unpredictably, the same turned out to be disastrous. Nevertheless, the authorities made a few modifications. So, now if the rain happens after the 12th over, then the match will be declared as a “no result” game! Sad, but makes sense. 

T-20 cricket 

Playing cricket with 20 overs only – sounded like an absurd idea in the beginning! But, turned out to be a successful move. Fantasy cricket in India is largely based on the T-20 platform of cricket. With only 20 overs in hand, the match doesn’t get boring and even the players don’t get exhausted. Fast cricket for the fast millennials! Batsman scoring 180 or more in one-day cricket is not unnatural. But, scoring the same within 20 overs seems like a dream! 

T-20 made sure that players get recognition and are able to set forth a few marvelous strike rates. Adding stars to their long cricketing career, T-20 is the favorite platform for cricketers as well as fantasy game players. Cricket has become more entertaining and thrilling from the time T-20 matches have started. 

Super substitute 

Although this experiment was a very short-lived one, however, needs a special mention among all. This concept was introduced in 2005. What’s the catch point? A unique one! One substitute player can be brought into the game at any point. This player can act as a batsman, bowler, fielder, or even wicket-keeper. However, this didn’t fit right for any team! And the same was discarded in 2006. Let’s say, if the practice was followed till now, then fantasy cricket leagues would have had 12 players instead of 11 on the list! 


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