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4 Common Cricketing Injuries and Their Prevention

Unlike football, cricket is a contactless sport, however the number of reported injuries is higher in cricket in comparison to any other game. whether it’s for the bowling or for the batting hamstring strains, lower pain, knee problems are some of the common and long-term injuries that definitely makes things worse for a good performer. 

While playing fantasy cricket in India, it is necessary to keep a track of the physical fitness level of the players before deciding on selecting them for your dream team. Sudden accidents, hazards and excessive stress results in poor performance many times. So, if you think that the popular player will play great and secure good points for your fantasy cricket leagues, then you might end up being wrong.  

Even the young bowlers face issues like lower back pain and muscle injuries so be very careful whenever you make a team for fantasy cricket.  

Although some of them are very common and are quite unavoidable, however some preventive measures against the injuries can definitely help the cricketer be a better performer. Let’s take a look at the 5 most common form of injuries and some the preventive measures that every player should take. 

Hamstring injury 

Around 15% of the cricketing injuries are a result of the tear that takes place in the muscle tissue. At whatever positions they’re playing, no matter what, this injury is almost unavoidable. Since a cricketer is always at stress hence this injury can come in way of his performance anytime soon. However, depending on the severity it may be classified as first, second- or third-degree injury. While building up your team for online fantasy leagues, if you come across information related to hamstring injury, then its better to get rid of that particular player for the time being. To successfully prevent the same, a player should successfully practice few warm-up exercises to smoothen up the muscles before the game begins.  

Lower back pain 

This is undoubtedly a common injury in case of any individual. But for a batsman this can be crucial. A sudden cramp in the discs, ligaments, facet joints or lower muscles can permanently end the career of a cricketer. These types of players are generally not eligible for fantasy cricket leagues. especially the fast bowlers in a team are quickly affected by this problem. The players need to ensure that the lower back doesn’t get overloaded due to bowling practice.  

Ankle injury 

A sprained ankle will keep the cricketer away from the game for a long time. The soft tissues around the ankle areas may get twisted while running and that will definitely put the player at rest! Again, a good warm up exercise is helpful for the players in this case. More importantly taking the help of physiotherapists for the purpose of ankle exercises will also be helpful in the long run.  

Abdominal pain 

Just as the bowler bows down to bowl, he might end up getting a cramp on his abdominal side. This pain may continue for a longer duration and can sometimes turn out to be dangerous because of the tears that takes place in the soft tissue areas. Thus, flexible and less weighted players are more preferrable for playing fantasy cricket games.  

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