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4 Most Controversial Football Moments Which Are Popular Till Date

nlike any other sport, soccer has always been involved in different controversies. Whether its about the players, or about the goals, football controversies have been hot topic of discussion among the fantasy football fans.  There’ve been cases when your favorite footballer might have joined your rival club. Again, there’ve been hullabaloos about the shocking goals that helped countries and clubs win matches. With advent of fantasy premier leagues, the myths, discussions and controversies have raised in numbers.  

Since the game and its rules have been created by humans, hence mistakes are likely to be an integral part of the same. However, suspicion arises when some of the unethical actions in football are done on purpose. For the times when you’ve had severe headaches by seeing matches which look completely fake, here’s a list of a few popular ones. These matches have been hot topic of discussion for ages among online fantasy football players and the offline watchers as well.  

From Diego Maradona’s hand of god to Battle of Santiago, football has a rich history of fishy moments. Let’s take a look down the memory lane. 

Andres Escobar’s goal in 1994 

This is certainly the most tragic controversy that happened in world football till date. During the 1994 world cup, when Columbia had all chances of winning the game, Andres Escobar, the captain scored an own goal and was eventually defeated by South America for 2-1. Eventually he was shot and killed on the streets just after the world cup ended. Although the killer is unknown, however till date it is anticipated that the fury of the defeat resulted in this tragedy. Unquestionably a very sad incident that is discussed by online fantasy football gamers till date.  

Diego’s Hand of god in 1986 

Way before Escobar’s incident took place, there was another incident that shocked the football fraternity. This hand of god goal by Diego made him the prince of world football. During the 1986 quarter final between England and Argentina, Maradona had put forward the most controversial goal into the net by jumping and punching the ball inside. Till date experts are uncertain about the ethical aspect of this goal. Haters would say it’s a foul. But that’s the charm of the game, if you can’t find the offence, then the win is yours!  

Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt in 2006 

Now coming fast forward to the year 2006. This is sad and humiliating at the same time. The 2006 World cup was supposed to be the last match of Zinedine Zidane. Even after giving the best throughout his career, a headbutt of Zidane to Materazzi during the match called for the fourth red alert for Zidane. Later from sources it was found that Materazzi had insulted Zidane’s sister which enraged the footballer. Having said that, online fantasy football fans are till date all praise about this great footballer and his on-field skills!  

Battle of Santiago in 1962 

Again, going back to 1962, a high-tension match was created between Italy and Chile. Before the match started, fire was triggered by an obscene comment made by the Italian journalists about the beauty and morality of the Chile women. Now, just as the match started, a battle started between the two countries. Different players of both teams engaged in fouls, scuffling, hitting and spitting which resulted in some nose breaks and bloodbaths. Finally the police had to intervene and take the situation into control.