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5 Most Controversial Football Matches Till Date

Sports without controversies are impossible to find. Although fans prefer to refrain from discussing about the controversies, however, players are also humans and they need to learn from their past mistakes. However, in online fantasy football leagues, there’s absolutely no scope of such mistakes since a lot of money is involved.  

Football is famous for controversial shots and misses. There are magic moments, fake attempts and miraculous shots for every team and club. There are players who’ve been criticized for their performances over the time. However, whatever the situation is fantasy football games are still popular than any other online fantasy games!    

There have been matches which people are still talking about and again there are the ones so highly decorated that would surely give you headaches. For people who are not so acquainted with the controversial matches and their histories, here’s a short summary of the same. Read on and get entertained.  

Match 1: Portugal vs the Netherlands 

With 4 red cards and 16 yellow cards given out in this game, undoubtedly this is one of the most controversial matches in football history. Not far behind, during the 2006 World cup, when the Dutch met the Portuguese, the match soon turned out to be a nasty revenge game. It was a completely visible physical battle between the players of the two teams. Although Portugal won the match in the end, however, online fantasy football players had a tough time deciding their fate during this ongoing match.  

Match 2: Argentina vs England 

It was the memorable 1966 World cup, when the two cross continental rivals came across each other and things got nasty. However, here the controversy was created by the match referee who decided to throw out the Argentine captain out of the field because he didn’t like his gaze! Strange as it sounds, the news made it to the headlines. Moreover, as Argentina won, a strange comment came from the England coach where he claimed that Argentines played like animals! Evidently the match lacked professionalism.  

Match 3: Chelsea vs Barcelona 

Unquestionably one of the most eccentric matches, this one was held during the 2008-2009 UEFA Champions League. Initially the game was a tie between the two teams having 1-1 goals for both the teams. However, in the next half of the match Chelsea was on the verge of scoring when Barcelona defeated their hopes. The intentional red cards passed on to the Chelsea members were the reason behind the unending controversy about this match. Those playing fantasy football experienced an over the edge thrill during this match.  

Match 4: Italy vs Spain 

This match was set during the 1934 FIFA world cup when there was no TVs, or any other platform to record this controversial match. However, the scandals and criminal activities that took place in this match didn’t went undiscussed. Till date, even the modern group of fantasy football gamers are of the opinion that the referees were trying to make the game easy for the host country Italy! The Spanish team also complained that their goalkeeper was fouled by the Italians, however the same was not taken into account.  

Match 5: West Germany vs Austria 

During the 1982 games, when Germany and Austria began playing against each other, all eyes were on Germany as the fans expected the team to take a revenge against Austria for beating Cordoba with 3-2 goals. The Germans were so prepared and in complete attacking position that 10 minutes into the game they scored goal. Later there were unprofessional comments, burning of flags and many disturbances among the spectators which made the game highly controversial in nature.  

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