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5 Surprising Countries That Will Participate in Future Cricket Leagues

The raging craze for cricket is now not only limited to countries like India and England, rather, but the game has also spread its wings in a few unimaginable countries, which were unthinkable even a few years back! With Afghanistan making it to the International leagues in just 6 years, many other countries who’ve already excelled in other sports, are thinking of following their footsteps. 

With growing interest in cricket, these 5 countries can make a mark in cricket ten years down the line. New countries, new teams, and new players with unique playing styles – daily fantasy cricket will reach more exciting levels. 

Position 1: United States of America 

With baseball being the National game of the USA, cricket has always taken a backseat for the cool Americans. With the same bat-ball design, easier rules, and less time – baseball has always overtaken cricket among the fast-moving Americans. However, with love for all types of sports, around 2,00,000 Americans have been seen playing cricket in around 6000 teams till 2017. USA is now the 105th ICC member and it looks like a positive turn of events will definitely occur in this country within the next few years. Surely a great news for the fantasy cricket fans! 

Position 2: Germany 

From 70 teams in 2012 to 350 teams in 2019, Germany is definitely an achiever among the others. Coined as the “fastest-growing nation in world cricket”, German fans can now fulfil their desires by watching the 400 home clubs play cricket at different levels. How did this miracle happen? The easy immigration rules of the country have helped to bring Asian players into the country and form one of the strongest cricket teams. One more addition to the daily fantasy cricket!   

Position 3: China 

Although there’s a long cricketing history dating back to 1858, 1.4 billion people in China are still believed to play cricket with plastic wickets and on one single grass pitch! As bizarre as this may seem, China has made into this list, which means there’s a faint chance of the country making it up to the levels of India and England. It’s not that they don’t know the sport, but with limited resources and very little publicity, relating cricket with china seems like a strange thing to do! They’ve been granted the associate status in 2017, hence expect to see more of China in fantasy cricket games in the coming years. 

Position 4: Ireland 

Ireland cricket team is the 11th nation to get the test status. However, other home sports like rugby and Gaelic football has, in reality, overshadowed the cricketing talents of the Irish players. You can expect some of the notable Irish players soon joining the daily fantasy cricket leagues, as cricket is growing at an unprecedented rate in Northern Ireland. Beware, other teams, a tough competition is expected from the North Irish players! 

Position 5: Nepal 

By claiming the status of an ODI team in 2018, Nepal is not very far behind in the race. Although a small country, Nepal has the potential of catching up to the levels of Afghanistan only if the junior national level players are trained well to make it up to the international levels successfully. Given the amount of passion that the Nepalis have for the game, they can soon make a place for themselves in some of the best online cricket games. Just a bit of nurturing is required! 

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