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6 Money Making T20 Cricket Leagues for Fantasy Cricket Lovers

In last few decades cricket has evolved a lot as a game. Previously cricket was a game of gentlemen, but now cricket is more of a hard-hitter’s game rather than being gentle. Among all the new changes, introduction of fantasy cricket leagues has also been a big advantageous option for the global cricket fraternity.  

Apart from that T20 cricket leagues have been a game changer in global cricket as well. This platform has helped players to show a more aggressive approach towards the game. Even in the fantasy cricket platform this format has been a popular one. You’ll find many fantasy cricket leagues forming up during the T20 matches.  

Although, you’ll find experts criticizing the format since it might be reducing the skill set of the bowlers. Better or worse, whatever the situation is, there has been many T20 leagues out of which fantasy sport players are able to make a lot of money.  

T20 leagues are a big name now. With millions of brand endorsements, high level broadcasting, online fantasy leagues and incomparable popularity – T20 leagues have been a huge hit in the cricket world. Here’s a short list of the richest cricket leagues.  

Big Bash league 

One of the most famous global T20 league is the Big Bash league. Majority of the fantasy cricket league players eagerly wait for this match. Originally organized by Australian cricket board this game attracts huge advertisements, sponsorships and is a very good way of making money. In 2011 the big bash started and seeing the levels of popularity that the game has attended a Women’s league has also been introduced.  

Indian Premier league 

There’s no one who doesn’t know the name of IPL. This is the competition that changed the face of world cricket completely. Before the beginning of IPL entertainment and cricket were two different things. But now cricket is a part of entertainment. Fantasy cricket in India became more popular with the advent of IPL. It’s not only a big brand but also involves a lot of money.  

Pakistan Super League 

Although hearing the name of Pakistan may bring insecurities in the mind of many. However, Pakistan cricket board has effectively and respectfully hosted the PSL every year from 2016. Like every other league, the valuation of this league is also very high. PCB spends a lumpsum amount of money every year for arranging this league.  

Caribbean Premier League 

West Indies like Australia and Pakistan planned on to organize a T20 league within their country which in turn turned out to be quiet a popular activity. As the saying goes practice makes man perfect, this T20 league has given rise to some of the best in the country. Playing fantasy cricket is incomplete without players like Chris Gayle, Andre Russel and Dwayne Bravo. How did they become such skilled in T20 leagues? CPL is the answer to the same.  

Ram Slam T20 Challenge 

This is undoubtedly the oldest T20 competition that started in South Africa. In the year 2019, the 15th edition of this match was help in SA. Great players like Ab de Villiers and Miller have been enthusiastic participants of the game. It is unquestionably the richest premier league till date. The title sponsor of this league Ram is a leading sports courier company and hence the money invested in the game is in millions.  

Bangladesh Premier League  

Like India, Bangladesh is also a cricket loving nation. And hence to follow the same they have successfully organized the T20 competition in their country. The first ever BPL game was played in 2012 and till 2019 successful T20 games have been organized by the Bangladesh Cricket Board. The league invites a lot of attention of the fantasy sports lovers. The total prize money that is offered each season is around R$1.5m.  

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