Amazing Facts about Glenn Maxwell

IPL being the most competitive cricket tournament in the world has the plethora of talent. When we sit to select our team to play the fantasy cricket games of the ongoing matches, we research on the players to know them better. We tend to know their performances better, so that we can include them in our team. 

Would you select Glenn Maxwell in your fantasy cricket leagues, if you get the chance? Check out some facts about him to decide. Read on: 

“The Big Show” of Australia

Glenn Maxwell is the Aussie all-rounder! Maxwell is known as “The Big Show,” though this nickname has no link with the huge WWE wrestler. However it is a nickname that was coined by the Australian media. To project him as a player who had little to show as far as his cricketing skills were concerned. He is often considered as a careless slogger who hits a couple of sixes. And then gets out, which is why the nickname ‘Big Show’ started doing the rounds.  

It is public knowledge that he made his one day international debut against Afghanistan. Not many are aware of that fact as Maxwell was an unheralded cricketer at the time. His debut was a rather average one in which he was dismissed for 2. And then went without a wicket in his 5 overs as a bowler. 

Next up is the secret behind the firm competitive streak that Maxwell often displays when he is one a cricket field and it is something that he credits to the strong competition he shared with his best friends when they played for the same club team as teenagers. Pointless to say, it was a healthy sort of contest with both individuals trying to outdo each other during every game and additionally to that they also tried to check out who could hit the ball farther when it came to hitting sixes. Maybe that is also one of the reasons why he is such a clinical striker of the ball. 

His choice of idol

Glenn Maxwell has the rather odd choice of idol for a cricketer who is an assigned all rounder in the Australian cricketing establishment and so it is a surprise that Maxwell considers former Australian Adam Gilchrist as his idol. However, one look at the way in which he goes about his batting is surely a sign that the ultra aggressive approach that Gilchrist brought to the batting crease has rub off well on Maxwell’s approach to batting as well. Besides that, just like Gilchrist, who never played for personal milestones, Maxwell is also someone who is always ready to risk his own wicket to win the game for his side. 

Maxwell proved his huge hitting skill pretty early in his cricket career. He has hit a 19-ball fifty for Victoria against Tasmania in 2011 which is still the fastest half-century in Australia’s domestic one-day matches. 

Maxwell has a inclination to score fastest 50s. He also has the joint-fastest half-century — off 18 balls — for Australia in ODIs. He got to the landmark against India in Bangalore in 2013. Along with David Warner, he holds the record of fastest T20I half-century as well, also off 18 balls. He got there when he blasted Pakistan for at Mirpur in 2014. 

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