4 Cricketers Who Were Fond of Playing Other Sports Before Cricket

Have you ever imagined Sachin Tendulkar in any other role apart from being a batsman? How would you feel if Shane Warne ended up playing soccer as well? However, when these cricketers were young, there would have been a natural instinct of joining many sporting activities. Cricket is a passion for the cricketers. However, that doesn’t mean that a cricket can’t play any other sport if they want! 

 With the platform of fantasy cricket games coming into the forefront, things became easier for the die-hard cricketing fans as well. Online fantasy games have made the dream of playing cricket virtually true for many! Similarly, there are many cricketers who have passion for other sports as well! What’s the big deal if they want to pursue both the sports together?  

According to experts a cricketer playing any other sport professionally will lack in either of the two and the performance level might be hampered. But here’s a list of cricketers who’ve received appreciation for other sporting activities as well. Quiet an interesting fact for all fantasy games lovers! 

Jonty Rhodes 

This South African legend has made a separate mark for himself in the cricketing world as an outstanding fielder. However, you would have surely missed out on this talent if he would have pursued his first love, Hockey as a career option! In the year 1992, he was selected for the Olympics in Hockey and represented his country. However, he didn’t qualify for the same. Later due to a hamstring injury he retired from hockey and moved on to cricket! That’s how cricket got one of the finest players in the league. While playing fantasy cricket you must be aware that He is currently associated with different leagues as their coaches.  

Yuzvendra Chahal 

After he IPL he is a known name among all fantasy cricket players. He was one of the leading wicket takers of the season and also played in T20s later. However, his fans would be awestruck to know that this man has represented India in chess once! Surprising isn’t it? You can check out his name on the World Chess Federation’s website for your convenience.  

Ellyse Perry  

Out of the men squad here’s one from the women’s list. Perry is undoubtedly one of the most talented Australian cricketers but it seems she is a great footballer as well. She made her debut at the age of 17 in cricketing fraternity. Soon after joining cricket in 2007, the next year this incredible woman began her career in football by representing Australia in the Asian cup. Till date she has also recorded 3 goals on her name. Cheers to women power!  

AB de Villiers 

His dominance over the international cricket has been there for a long time. He has been the number one choice in fantasy cricket leagues. But did you know that this person has been associated with many sporting activities and represented his country in the same! He was pretty good at playing Tennis, Golf and Hockey, however there was not much success that the player can get out of these sporting activities. Hence, unlike the others it is unarguably the best decision for Villiers to remain as the versatile cricket as he is now!  

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Cricketers Who Have Surprisingly Batted at All Positions

From 18th century when cricket came into existence, players have been playing different forms of cricket. Out of the same test cricket is one such platform that not only tests the patience level but also the performance of the players. In case of fantasy cricket games, depending on the test performances of the individual the players are generally selected. Many players have created many records and undoubtedly, they are all good enough! But in test cricket there have been 3 players who have played in all 11 positions!  

Although this is an intriguing piece of news for all online fantasy game players however looking at the same will definitely give you chills down your spine. Here’s a brief look at all the three players. 

Syd Gregory  

In the early Australian cricket during 1890 to 1912 this man has played around 58 test matches for the Australian team. And coincidentally he has batted in all 11 positions during this tenure. He began his career as the opening batsman and later shifted the position starting from 3rd to 11th position. Out of the same around 12 innings where he played was as number 1 and number 2 batsman. If the concept of fantasy cricket would have been prevalent at that time, then surely this man would have been a favorite choice for any online fantasy league.  

Wilfred Rhodes 

This cricketer has also played around 58 matches from 1899 to 1930 and is famous as a very reliable all-rounder for the England cricket team. This player also has made the record of taking the greatest number of wickets in first class cricket matches. As an opener he has played around 43 innings in his career. After this he has played around 11 innings in the number 7th position. He had a relatively satisfying career in the limited time span when he played for the England team. Fantasy cricket leagues do miss the opportunity of including such players in the game. An all rounder is always a good catch in these leagues.  

Vinoo Mankad 

When Australia and England are on the list, then how can India be far behind? Vinoo Mankad is one such player of the Indian national team who have played for all the 11 positions. He has played for the 1st and 2nd positions in around 40 innings and after that in the 8th position for around 10 innings.  Within a span of years from 1946 to 1959 he has played in around 44 matches. Undoubtedly while playing fantasy cricket in India, if this player was present then he would have been a good choice.  

There are many absurd records in the cricketing fraternity and this is one of them. This is surely a unique one because these players have proved their skills by batting at so many positions. In case the concept of fantasy cricket games was present a few decades back, then these players would have been surely on the upper side of the list.  

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What Are the Different Types of Cricket Matches?

There are many forms of cricket matches that are taking place. Every fantasy cricket game player is aware of these matches. Whenever you check out any player’s profile, you’ll find their profile details in relation to the types of matches they have played in the long run. You’ll find a list of international and domestic games being played in various forms at various point of time. Although the basic form of cricket is not unknown to anyone. However, if you’re an ardent fan of fantasy sports then brushing up the topic may help you chose the right type of leagues in the coming days.  

What are the basic forms of cricket? 

Initially when cricket was played by the British, there was only two types of games First-class and tests. Later to break the long matches into short ones the concept of Twenty20 was introduced. You’ll find all these types of leagues being listed while playing fantasy cricket.  

Apart from these international matches are also an integral part of the cricketing fraternity. Under international tournaments, you’ll find tests, one day internationals and twenty20 internationals. While selecting players for the fantasy cricket team check their international performance without fail. The records of international games matter more than the other types of series that they’ve been playing in their career.  

Now let’s have a brief look at the types of matches that are mostly being held in world cricket platform. 

One day internationals 

Only the teams with the ODI status can play ODI in international platform. ODIs were first played during the early 1970s and the match constituted 60 overs on each side. It was actually becoming very hectic for the players. Hence later keeping in mind the welfare of the players, the game was reduced to 50 overs per side. Thus, the ODI platform that you’ll find in fantasy cricket games nowadays are played for only two days at a stretch.  


Tests are the type of matches which are going on and on for a long time. The concept of tests is very simple. It’s a 6-day game with rest days in between for the players to rejuvenate their energy levels. With around 90 overs in hand, this game has very limited restrictions. However, since the tests go on for a long duration hence, selecting player for online fantasy games by looking at their test performances is not a fair deal. It is really difficult to assess a player’s performance based merely on the test.  

Twenty 20  

 As the name suggests T20 is the shortest form of game which has been introduced to make the game more interesting. Since this game gets over within 20 overs per innings hence this platform is more interesting and popular among the cricketing fraternity. The number of restrictions is also high and the cricketers are generally under high pressure when they play T20.  

First class matches 

Generally, these matches are played for a period of 4 days. In case there’s no natural calamity taking place, then the game will be played for 4 days and in case of natural calamity it will be played for 5 days maximum. The participating teams generally plays for 2 innings each and these matches are generally considered to an important one in the career of a person playing cricket. In case the player you’ve selected for the fantasy cricket league is having a high performance in the first-class matches, then surely, it’s a good choice indeed.  

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Fantasy Cricket – Fascinating Rules of Box Cricket

Cricket is popular than many other games and has been enriched with high fan following. However, how many of us gets the opportunity of playing the game in person? Till the time fantasy cricket leagues were invented, watching matches were the only option left. Even if you’re a gully cricket player, still affording all the equipment, building up a pitch and finding the right place to play the game is not always possible. That’s why playing fantasy cricket is a popular and an easy option.  

However, for the ardent cricket enthusiasts, mere online fantasy games don’t fulfill their playing needs. That’s where box cricket came into existence. This is a platform where you get a mini cricket field along with pitch, players and everything similar to the real-life cricket experience.  

However, box cricket has its own set of rules. Although while playing box cricket you can expect the feel of the fantasy cricket games, however you can definitely enjoy a thrilling match. Check out the rules of box cricket before diving into the game. 

Limitation on number of players 

As the name goes, in box cricket, the pitch is short in length and since its under an artificial field, hence accommodating all 11 years becomes difficult. So, you can easily start the game with 6-6 or 8-8 players each. Since, things are not very formal in these matches, hence both boys and girls can play the game together! Isn’t it a great opportunity! Well unlike fantasy sports its merely played because of the entertainment part.  

Runs deduction process 

For bowlers, box cricket has always been the worst option. It’s definitely like a night mare for them. The pitch is very less in case of box cricket hence the bowlers are not able to swing the ball effectively. Now let’s make things a bit easier then! Whenever a wicket falls a certain number of points are deducted from the batting side so that a certain number of runs can be reduced and the run rate can be managed.  

Rule of dismissals 

How does a cricket get dismissed in box cricket? The normal rules of dismissal are same. But since the boundary line in box cricket is very less, hence the hard hitters are not welcome in this cricket leagues. in case if you try to hit it too hard, then you may end up getting dismissed for the same. However, in case you’re focused on playing fantasy cricket in India, then selecting the ones who have hard hitting capability is more important. Because there in the live match they are the ones who will score and get points added to your leaderboard.  

Ball hitting the roof net 

In case of majority of the cricket boxes, the roof is generally covered with a net. This is done to make sure that the ball doesn’t go out of the roof. So, in case the player is trying to score a six and ends up hitting the ball high on the net, then what happens? It is generally considered to be a dead ball. The player gets no runs and neither is the player dismissed.  

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4 Common Cricketing Injuries and Their Prevention

Unlike football, cricket is a contactless sport, however the number of reported injuries is higher in cricket in comparison to any other game. whether it’s for the bowling or for the batting hamstring strains, lower pain, knee problems are some of the common and long-term injuries that definitely makes things worse for a good performer. 

While playing fantasy cricket in India, it is necessary to keep a track of the physical fitness level of the players before deciding on selecting them for your dream team. Sudden accidents, hazards and excessive stress results in poor performance many times. So, if you think that the popular player will play great and secure good points for your fantasy cricket leagues, then you might end up being wrong.  

Even the young bowlers face issues like lower back pain and muscle injuries so be very careful whenever you make a team for fantasy cricket.  

Although some of them are very common and are quite unavoidable, however some preventive measures against the injuries can definitely help the cricketer be a better performer. Let’s take a look at the 5 most common form of injuries and some the preventive measures that every player should take. 

Hamstring injury 

Around 15% of the cricketing injuries are a result of the tear that takes place in the muscle tissue. At whatever positions they’re playing, no matter what, this injury is almost unavoidable. Since a cricketer is always at stress hence this injury can come in way of his performance anytime soon. However, depending on the severity it may be classified as first, second- or third-degree injury. While building up your team for online fantasy leagues, if you come across information related to hamstring injury, then its better to get rid of that particular player for the time being. To successfully prevent the same, a player should successfully practice few warm-up exercises to smoothen up the muscles before the game begins.  

Lower back pain 

This is undoubtedly a common injury in case of any individual. But for a batsman this can be crucial. A sudden cramp in the discs, ligaments, facet joints or lower muscles can permanently end the career of a cricketer. These types of players are generally not eligible for fantasy cricket leagues. especially the fast bowlers in a team are quickly affected by this problem. The players need to ensure that the lower back doesn’t get overloaded due to bowling practice.  

Ankle injury 

A sprained ankle will keep the cricketer away from the game for a long time. The soft tissues around the ankle areas may get twisted while running and that will definitely put the player at rest! Again, a good warm up exercise is helpful for the players in this case. More importantly taking the help of physiotherapists for the purpose of ankle exercises will also be helpful in the long run.  

Abdominal pain 

Just as the bowler bows down to bowl, he might end up getting a cramp on his abdominal side. This pain may continue for a longer duration and can sometimes turn out to be dangerous because of the tears that takes place in the soft tissue areas. Thus, flexible and less weighted players are more preferrable for playing fantasy cricket games.  

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Fantasy Cricket Facts – 5 Sports With High Fan-base in the World

Sports is an ever-changing industry and the different sporting activities have witnessed drastic changes and growth over the time. With the craze for cricket and soccer going out of bounds, there are a few games which might’ve gone out of your mind completely. Moreover, with trend of online fantasy games taking over, the athletic sports like boxing and badminton have taken a back seat. Although at international level you’ll find many talented individuals making a career out of the athletic sports, however, when it comes to viewership there’s no comparison of any sport with cricket and soccer! 

Fantasy cricket leagues and football leagues have taken the viewership to different level. Speaking about popularity, the term is valid in terms of huge viewership status only. The criteria of popularity are also determined by the amount of funds and sponsorships that the sports are getting. Compared to cricket and soccer, there’s a very one who get enough of sponsorship and media coverage. Hence the talents in those fields often feel shattered.  

When it comes to India, the advent of fantasy cricket in India has not only made the game crazier but also helped people built a freelance money earning opportunity from the same.  

Here’s a list of top 5 sports apart from cricket that has exhibited high viewership and fan base in the recent years.  

#1 Football 

Older than cricket, soccer is the currently the most popular sport in the world. With an approx. global viewership of around 4 billion FIFA World has certainly overtaken the popularity of the cricket leagues. Like playing fantasy cricket, one can also play fantasy football. And the initiatives like ISL have definitely taken the fan following of soccer to a different level. No wonder, you’ll find every other person in a by lane playing football.  

#2 Cricket 

Competing at the same level of popularity, cricket has around 2.5 billion viewers globally. If you talk about India solely even then you’ll find millions and billions od crazy cricket fans glued to their screens whenever a match is being telecasted. Fantasy cricket further has heightened the viewership since many amateurs have been trying their hands on the app and are trying to earn some money out of the same.  

#3 Basketball 

Now coming to the NBA matches of Basketball, you might not find a huge fan following of the same in the Asian countries, however its definitely a hit game in the west. With an average viewership of around 2.2 billion, the game will soon catch upto the levels of cricket.  

#4 Tennis 

Ever heard of Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic? Definitely you’ve heard of them, because they are the ones to bring some prestigious awards in Tennis to their respective countries. With lots of sponsorships in hand, around 1 billion viewership is guaranteed for this game. Undoubtedly a very skilled game, this sport would have made a huge mark if introduced in fantasy sports platform.  

#5 Volleyball 

Are you surprised to even find volleyball in this list? Well, you may not be playing or knowing the rules but around 900 million people are well aware of the game and its technicalities. Pro volleyball has recorded a viewership of 14.3 million on an average.  

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Essential Equipment Cricketers Need to Keep in Their Kit

Every cricket fan in the world aspires to be a cricketer someday. However, not every dream can be a reality. Playing fantasy cricket can bring you close to this reality. However, having sufficient knowledge about cricket is a necessity to win fantasy cricket games. There’s simply no cricketing fan who has not tried to imitate the playing style of their favorite players at least once in their life.  

Hitting a hard six like Tendulkar or Gilchrist may be your only aim, but do you know the essential equipment pieces that you should be keeping in your cricket bag? For fantasy cricket leagues, you just need to know the background of the cricketers, but if you’re going out to play the game then these are a must carry items! 

Either buy these equipment pieces online or visit a good sports shop and get them handy. Whether you’re a beginner or you’re a veteran, keeping them in your cricket bag is essential. Let’s have a look at the essential items that every cricketer needs to keep in hand. 

Cricket bat 

Although there’s no special need of mentioning but a cricket match without a cricket bat is impossible. If you’re an aspiring player then select a bat with good grip and light weight. If you’re making team for playing fantasy cricket in India, knowing about the batting strategies and types of bast that the players prefer is essential. It will give you a fair idea about the performance graph of the player that you’re planning to select.  

White cloth 

Since eternity, cricketers have been wearing white colored uniform. Thus, white clothing is an integral part of cricket fraternity. Being an amateur cricket player, you can easily avoid this and wear any colored t-shirt for the match. However, getting one of the white ones will certainly bring a realistic feel to your street side cricket games.  


You don’t want your hands to get hurst by the fast deliveries or accidental swings. Gloves are mainly for protection and comfort. Other than that, they also help you to get a good grip on the bat which in turn helps in scoring better. Now depending on your skills and sizes select the best glove for your playing purpose. Online fantasy games may not take into account these small necessities, however if the player you’ve selected doesn’t have a good pair of globes, there’s a high chance of him getting injured in the field.  


Helmets are an essential product in case you’re playing for the leagues and professional clubs. Obviously if you’re planning on playing for the street cricket, then a helmet is not a requirement at all. Sometimes helmets act as a part of the style drive! You can purchase it if you want to have the look of the famous cricketers that you’re fond of.  

Abdomen guard 

Not only the abdomen guard but also the thigh guards, chest guards and gum shields are a few important ones that deserves special place in your cricket kit bag. To keep your pelvic region and other sensitive areas protected these are very much necessary. Sometimes they may seem costly, however even if that happens, be sure to purchase them if you’re planning to play the game seriously.  

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4 Exciting Ways To Become Rich From Cricket Games

Ever heard of the fact that a mere game of cricket can make you insanely rich in a matter of no time? Until a decade back, this might’ve seemed an unreal thing! But now it’s possible. Every cricket fanatic of modern-day world is aware of the concept of online fantasy games. If you’re able to play fantasy cricket professionally, then millions and billions will be in your pockets soon.  

However, there are some other options as well. Sometimes the undeniable desire of quitting the regular and monotonous jobs can be highly irritating in nature. No worries now! Worldwide intervention of internet and smart gadgets have definitely changed the life of many. You can now make money out of anything. Doing a 9-5 job may not be a compulsion. Fantasy games are a sure shot skill-based way to make money in a very short span of time. Not only cricket, you can indulge in any type of fantasy sports nowadays.  

If you’re passionate about cricket, then engage in any of the following four activities and earn cash from home. The only thing that you need is good amount of knowledge, skills and reasoning ability. Using your knowledge to earn some extra cash won’t be a bad decision! Read on, know more and earn more. 

Cricket blogger 

Playing cricket is a dream which can’t be true for everyone. However, there are millions and trillions and cricketing fans who have tremendous amount of knowledge about the game and can astonish you anytime. For them blogging is certainly a feasible option. This platform gives the chance of expressing the words, thoughts and opinions and also helps you to earn money. With social media marketing taking a toll over traditional marketing techniques, blogs have become a crucial part. You can start writing for fantasy cricket games or you can become a salaried blogger for a good company. Many people are pursuing this as a career as well as freelancing option.  

Cricketing tips 

Predictions and online cricketing tips for fantasy cricket leagues are a sure-shot way that can help you earn a lot of money. The online betters and the fantasy cricket players in India are always eager for some good and profitable tips.  If you’re the expert person who can give the same, then you can get secured income without any physical hassle. This industry is full of amateur betters. Just help them and earn in millions. 

Fantasy cricket games 

Yes, if you’re a true fan of cricket, then you must’ve played fantasy cricket at least once in your lifetime. If not, then this is the right platform to get some easy money in hand. Just download the app, use your skills and knowledge and start playing along with your team. Depending on the past performances of the players you’ll only required to make a team. That’s it. Then as the game progresses, go on with the flow and keep getting points.  

Online betting 

The most illegal and unethical yet quite popular and profitable process is to indulge in online betting activities. Unlike online fantasy games, this is a purely luck-based game. There’s no assurance that you’ll get money. You may also end up losing some. However, if luck favors then you can easily get cash raining down on you! 

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Cricket Fielding Positions – Facts That Every Fan Should Know

While hearing the commentary of any live cricket match, it might seem difficult sometimes to understand a certain term which the commentator is saying. If you’re not well versed with all technicalities of cricket than cricketing language may be a dismay for you. This poses a real threat for the fantasy cricket game players.  

Only a religious follower of cricket can unlock the terms and take things in a simple manner. This article will certainly help you to understand the simple terms of fielding positions in cricket. For beginners and also for all fantasy cricket players, knowing about the fielding positions is a compulsory thing!  

Almost all positions of player playing in the field can be divided into on and off positions. Now you may question what’s an on and off position? Keep in mind while playing online fantasy games, that the ones positioned on the right side of the batsman are “on” position and the ones standing in the left are “off” position. Hope this tip helps you next time! 

Here’s a few more. Read on and enhance your cricketing knowledge. 


The fielders who stand behind the batsman are simply called the slips. The major reason behind this position is to catch a ball that might have slipped from the batsman’s grip.  Generally, more than one fielder is placed for this position. In case the striker is right-handed then the fielder on the right is commonly referred to as leg slip. Fantasy cricket in India can be successfully played if the fielders are selected well enough.  

Cover point:  

When the fielder is positioned in a bit wider angle from the batsman, then you can call it a cover point position. The wider ones are called extra cover and the ones deep within the boundary line are called deep cover. In case the extra cover player is positioned deep into the boundary then you can easily call him in an extra deep cover position. Fantasy cricket leagues are incomplete without the presence of these players.  

Silly point:  

This is a controversial and risky position for a fielder where the player is positioned in the midway between the pitch towards the side. Since the player is standing almost in between hence there always remains a chance of getting by the bat! There are two types of silly positions namely the silly mid-on and the silly mid-off. Playing fantasy cricket becomes easier as soon as you became acquainted with these terms.  


 In this case the player is generally positioned in the middle line and is simply termed as the mid-fielder. And another fielder is generally placed along with the mid-wicket position in the same line near the boundaries. This position is called deep mid-wicket.  


The fielders in the mid positions are generally closest to the bowler. Either they are found standing on the leg side or on the off side of the pitch. Either way round, these fielders generally are placed closer to the batsman so that they can stop the batsman from scoring boundaries easily.  

Although there are some other positions as well, however the more you watch cricket the better grip over the positions you’ll be getting! Fantasy cricket games are a fun when they are played with full knowledge. 

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Interesting Facts About Leg Spin Bowling

For a regular cricket watcher, the difference between leg spin and arm spin is undoubtedly very clear. The rare yet fascinating style of leg spin bowling has its own set of pros and cons. The concept of leg spin is also commonly known as the wrist spin. Fantasy game fans would be knowing that bowlers who are engaged in leg spinning mostly uses their wrists to rotate and spin the ball.  

What’s so good about leg spinning? Unlike the other bowlers a leg spinner generally bowls the ball very slow. However, including a leg spinner in your fantasy cricket league is inevitable. If you ask why? Then, please note that a spin ball if bowled with accuracy can be the most threatening delivery of a bowler.  

Generally, you’ll find a leg spinner bowling at a very lower speed compared to the fast bowlers. However, don’t get delusional by the same. For those who have seen Shane Warne bowling, would know the fear that the same created on the field. So, if your opponent in the fantasy cricket game is having a right-handed batsman, then keeping a leg spinner in your team may end up profitable for you.  

Origination of leg spinning 

With Shane Warne’s mind-blowing balling in 1993, leg spinning gained its popularity. Before that cricketing experts believed that fast and slow balls are the two most commonly practiced bowling deliveries. Although in a team you’ll majorly find players with fast and slow bowling techniques, however, the moment you get hold of a leg spinner, make sure to take him for playing fantasy cricket.  

Why are leg spinners better? 

Although there are very less in cricketing fraternity, however they are the ones who can change the pace of the game. according to many professional bowlers, leg spinning is the hardest thing to do. You need to be fit, skilled and consistent if your work!  

The rarity of this bowling technique makes the leg spinners stand out in the crowd. Once you get hold of a good leg spinner in your fantasy cricket game, you can easily expect the bowler to get the best of the best batsmen stumped out!  

Spin bowlers have another edge over the others. When they are standing at the other end, there’s a lot of surprises waiting for the batsman. But to do that, the bowler should have the required number of apt skills and strategies in place.  

Always remember that a leg spinning delivery is not an easy piece of work. Hence check the past record, skill level and the performance graph of the spinner before relying on the player for your fantasy games. Moreover, getting hold of the suitable pitch conditions, good grip over the ball and situation in which the game is being played – needs to be favorable with the skills of the leg spinner. If the same is not there, then you can’t expect wonderous results from the spinner.  

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