Fantasy Cricket Facts – Top 4 Changes That Took Place in World Cricket in Past Era

There’s a popular proverb that nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. Keeping the same in mind from 1877 when the first test match was held to the current cricket formats, a lot has changed over the decade. Whether it’s the introduction of limited over formats, or engaging fans with fantasy cricket leagues – cricket has seen it all!  

Several non-playing countries have become champions, introduction of new balls, day night matches, changes in jersey color and implementation of an effective review method – cricket has been subjected to constant changes over the past years.  

Technology and internet have also impacted the way the game is being played. Instead of just being mere spectators of a match, millions of fans can now make their own team and play fantasy cricket. Isn’t that a drastic change?  

There’s more! The list, in reality is unending. However, here’s a few major ones that has relatively changed the face of World cricket. 

No runner rules 

What if a batsman hurts his leg during the match? How will he run between the wickets? Previously there was a system of appointing a runner who would run on behalf of the batsman. However, present cricket formats don’t allow the same. Now an injured player has to walk out of the match whether or not he likes it! This change of rule has been beneficial because players are now concentrating more on developing their physical fitness. To win at fantasy cricket game, choosing the physically fit players are very important!  

Led lights on stumps 

Colored balls, night lights, fancy jerseys – cricket has always been a gentleman’s game. Just when the world thought that all experiments are over, in 2012, LED stumps were introduced. There’s completely no disadvantage of the same. Rather the moment the ball touches the stumps and the bail is removed, the LED lights start flashing. Well, the lights made the run-out and stumping decisions easy for the third umpire.  

Introduction of numbered jerseys 

Although in ODI and T20 format the number and name written jerseys were a trend, however, the tests were deprived of the same. For people sitting in the gallery identifying your favorite batsman can be a painful job. This may not be a problem for the fantasy game players though. They’ll be watching the match on TV sets so sun and light won’t create a vision problem for this set of fans. Keeping the problem in mind, ICC has recently introduced numbered T-shirts! Now you can spot your favorite player by his jersey.  

Day-night tests 

With T20 winning over the hearts of millions of fans, Test matches were left grasping for breath. That’s when this new rule of day and night test matches were introduced by ICC. From the moment the day and night matches started the ratings for the audience viewership increased automatically. It was a smart strategy indeed. Especially the students and the working population found this decision to be in their favor. The number of fantasy cricket league players have also increased.  


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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Funniest Moments In Cricket History To Make You Laugh

Funny quotes, hilarious miss outs, and weird behaviors – cricket might be a gentleman’s game but entertainment has always been an inseparable part of the same. While you’re glued to the screens during a tensed match and certain funny things happen, it certainly reduces the edgy feeling. Playing fantasy cricket becomes more exciting if such hysterical incidents keep on happening on the field. 

Here’s a list of few funny moments that definitely made a mark on cricket history. 

Lou Vincent 

At number 1 undoubtedly is Lou Vincent’s incident where his attempt to catch the ball and get a wicket turned out to be really funny. The viewers, who were lucky enough to watch the match, had seen the funny incident. This kiwi fielder was trying to save the boundary and accidentally his pants slipped down! As surprising and humiliating as it may seem, this incident will undoubtedly trigger the funny bones of any rational person. 

Tillakaratne Dilshan 

Wicket-keepers love taking the ball up into their hands as soon as the wicket comes down. That’s a signature move that every wicket-keeper makes. But what if the ball which you have in hand comes down on you? It can be painful! But with Dilshan things turned out to be different. Fantasy game players would have been amazed if at that time fantasy cricket was prevalent. As per the law of gravity, the ball which Dilshan raised in his hand came right down on Dilshan’s head! 

Andrew Strauss 

In a match between England and South Africa, Andrew Strauss broke his sunglasses. Seems an accident? Not really! The viewers of the match found it very funny! As Strauss lifted the ball to throw it towards the wicket, in an unfortunate turn of events his glasses came off and flew into the air. Maybe while reading the same might not sound funny, however, the scene brought a burst of laughter in the galleries. Unfortunately, though for Strauss, the glass was broken into pieces due to the hard impact of the ball. 

Zaheer Khan 

This one can’t be termed as a funny incident, however, definitely, it’s a lovable moment. During a match between India and Pakistan, the camera showed a young and lovely Indian girl holding a placard with “Love you Zaheer” written on the same. the same camera was later turned on to Zaheer where his teammates rejoiced the lovable moment. This craze for cricket and cricketers has helped in flourishing the fantasy cricket leagues. 

Sachin Tendulkar 

This name on the list might seem unfitting. Known popularly for playing perfect cricket, Sachin also had his share of silly mistakes and funny moments. The greatest batsman on one occasion was about to get run out but was saved because the wicketkeeper on the other end was callous. In this particular match, Anil and Sachin were batting and when Sachin was about to take a second run, due to lack of coordination Anil didn’t come back for the second. This confusion left Sachin stranded with no clue in the middle of the wickets! However, the wicketkeeper missed the chance of getting him out! 

As funny as these blunders may seem now, during a tensed match a single miss out can cost a fortune. While playing fantasy cricket in India, winning probability becomes riskier if such incidents keep on happening! 


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Fantasy Cricket – Is it a Serious Business Or Casual Pass Time?

With new normal concepts like lockdown and work from home taking a toll on the daily life of the individuals, the future for  fantasy sports is looking good. Since the world population is now stuck within the four walls with absolutely no links with the outer world, playing fantasy cricket for some handsome amount of money seems a good option. 

When spending idle time is becoming difficult, fantasy games have come to the rescue. Esports like fantasy cricket games are keeping people occupied for a long time. And since it’s a skill-based game, hence the same is immensely being loved by the gen Y. if you’re an ardent fan of  fantasy cricket, they might be well aware of the different apps that you can download and start playing the game. 

Have a look at the numbers and you’ll be amazed to see the large number of users that these apps are generating every day! Although this was started as a mere game, however, now things have become serious. 

Future projections and hurdles for fantasy sports 

The way people are getting addicted and fond of fantasy cricket leagues, it is soon going to be a billion-dollar industry. Not only that, but this will also pave a way for high employment in this sector. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Fantasy games are no longer limited to try-out apps. Rather players have become serious now! 

There’s absolutely no dearth of cricket fanatics. Hence, it’s not likely that the trend of playing fantasy cricket leagues are going to wade off soon. What’s more? You can play this game if you have got a little knowledge of cricket and a sane mind! Unlike betting, this is not a prediction-based game. So, you need to have a fair amount of knowledge about cricket and cricketers. Make your own research, study the past performances, and check out the physical ability of the players before making your team 11. 

For die-hard cricket fans, fantasy cricket apps are a dream come true. Thus, the major reason behind so many users being attracted is the option of getting into the in-depth analysis of the game and getting the option to built your own team! 

However, there’re inherent challenges in everything in this world. Fantasy games are not an exception. Since almost all  fantasy cricket apps require a minimum registration fee which can’t be revived back, hence it is anticipated that later people may refrain from playing the same. 

Moreover, while playing fantasy sports it is not always possible that you’ll get a friend as your opponent. So, there can be times when your skill sets may not match with others! That can be another problem. 

To sum it up.. 

In a country like India with a flourishing cricket fan base, fantasy cricket is and will keep on growing at an increasing pace. However, in India and some other countries, legal obligations and public interest litigations may slower the growth trend. Ultimately the industry is profitable and is going to have a great future ahead 


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How Fantasy Cricket Can Help Eliminating Illegal Betting?

Sports betting and especially betting in cricket is still being practiced in many countries irrespective of the legal prohibitions. To argue, you’ll find cricket fanatics claiming the fact that rules are not important when it comes to cricket. However, with fantasy cricket in India becoming popular, gen Y is getting more addicted to this legal platform rather than indulging in illegal activities like betting!  

Betting has a lot of negative consequences. Moreover, the money that you earn from the same is illegal! That’s where fantasy cricket leagues make a grand entry. This is not only legal, but the income is also approved by the government. Then again, this is a complete mind-game and there’s no scope of guess work. So, your chances of winning are almost certain.  

Online fantasy games have seen exponential growth in the last few years and the ease of winning real money has finally convinced people that it’s a good option of connecting with the real-life cricket. For the purpose of argument, you may say that sports betting has not been eliminated till now!  

That’s true. For certain group of people, who love indulging in making easy money in short period of time, giving up on betting can seem difficult. Do you want a life-long trouble because of a few bundles of easy cash? The intelligent ones will certainly not want the same. And when you’ve the option of playing and earning cash in a legal way, then why opt for an illegal method? 

The debate regarding whether fantasy sports can help in stooping illegal betting or not is a controversial one. It may vary from person-to-person. For those who are true lover of cricket, playing fantasy cricket is a great option. Both profitable and enjoyable. Although you may find many betters trying lure you with the promise of large amounts of quick money, however, its better not to fall for this trap.  

With the growing demand for the fantasy games going uptrend, in a few years betting will be surely eliminated. However, it is highly necessary to change the mindset of the people before the same can be done. However, it can be said that from the time fantasy cricket games have emerged, it has created a dent in the foundation of the sports betting activities.  

The way online fantasy games are progressing, it is evident that if technology improves, this might become a major source of sporting activity. What’s more? Playing these games are completely safe and you’ll have full support of the government for the same. So, instead of indulging into illegal and malpractices, try out your brain and hands-on some intelligent gaming apps.  

If you are a die-hard fan of cricket and want to give a shot at the same, then instead of focusing on illegal betting try downloading a fantasy sports app.  Learn the rules, deposit money, make research and win loads and loads of cash. Easy money is always illegal money!  


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5 Fatal Life-changing Accidents In Cricketing History

Cricket is a popular game, no doubt about that! It’s an elegant, stylish and high-profile game. With millions of fans glued to the screens for just a boundary or a six, cricket has a special place in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. With the rage of fantasy sports trending currently, cricket has become more popular than ever before.  

However as ornamented as it may look, the game is not completely safe for the players. You may say there’s no life risk, but a sudden adrenaline rush may result in some fatal injuries. Such instances are quite common in cricket. You’ll find people especially the fantasy cricket league players recalling the iconic shots. However, no one remembers the mortal accidents and injuries that might have hampered the flourishing career of a cricketer.  

There’s no gain without a little risk. Both live cricket and fantasy cricket has it’s share of risks. On-field injuries are a part of live cricket and loosing out on real money is a risk for fantasy cricket gamesIf you browse the list, you’ll find many such instances of accidents, however here’s a few incidents which had literally shocked the cricket fans!  

Death of Phillip Hughes  

Under uncertain and very sad turn of events, this incident in unquestionably till date the saddest day for the cricket fraternity and also the Australian cricket team as well. Born in the year 1988, this 25-year-old left-handing Australian opener had made his test debut in 2009 and international debut in 2013. One of the finest cricketers and having played many tournaments, if alive, this man would have made it to the top and would have been a favorite choice for playing fantasy cricketHowever, on 24th November during a match at Sydney Cricket Ground, he was hit by a bouncer in the neck which caused a brain hemorrhage.  

Heart attack of Wasim Raja 

Starting his career as a cricketer from the very beginning with under-19 Pakistan team, Raja played at least 54 ODIs and 57 test matches on behalf of Pakistan team in his 12 glorious years. However, his death was not an on-field accident rather a very unfortunate event. He suddenly suffered from a heart attack on the ground and died on spot! Since he was a healthy cricketer hence this unfortunate incident was completely unforeseen.  

Raman Lamba temple hit 

This all rounder batsman played for India, North Zone, Ireland and Abahani and in a match against Himachal Pradesh he scored 312. This was indeed a notable success in his career as a batsman. However, his glorifying career and life came to an end in 1998. While fielding in Bangladesh league cricket, a ball has hit him on the temple and he slipped into coma. After that there was no way that he revived from the same!  

Wilf Slack on-field collapse 

The viewers who had witnessed this unfortunate match of 1989 knew that it was a sheer bad luck that caused the death of this English cricketer. Slack played county cricket for the Middlesex and Windward Islands and was also a popular name in the ODIs. However, his death on-field was a highly mysterious event. For a long time, he was experiencing sudden blackouts. The day when he died, he was on the field and was playing fine. Suddenly due to a black out he fell unconscious and died on spot! If online fantasy games were present at that time, then such an uncertain event must have affected the player as well.  

Ian Folley’s heart attack 

Another English cricketer who began his career at Lancashire as a right-handed batsman and later became an extra ordinary spinner also had an unfortunate luck. He managed to take 129 wickets in his whole career. However, he died too soon when he suffered from an eye injury on the field. Later when he was shifted to the hospital, he died out of heart attack!  


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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Longest Sixes In Cricketing History Till Date

Without a six cricket seems incomplete. Since the time of invention, cricket has travelled a long way. Previously, cricket was a 50 over the match but now different new formats have been introduced. T20, ODIs and numerous other platforms are giving the players a platform to showcase their talent. Fantasy cricket games have also added a new face and changed the monotony of the game.  

Although world cricket history has been adorned with loads of defensive players however the new trend shows hard-hitters are the pick of the season. Especially in T20 matches, hitting 4 to 5 sixes on an average gives the team a winning position in the game. Fantasy sports has become famous because of such hard-hitters.  

Although the list is never-ending, however a special mention has been made of top 5 longest sixes in cricketing history. Let’s start the list by mentioning Shahid Afridi for hitting 158 meters long six in 2013 during ODI with South Africa. Fantasy cricket league selectors prefer using those players who are good at hitting sixes frequently.  

Looking back at some of the historic moments once again. 

Shahid Afridi, 120 meters 

In his overall international career, Afridi has hit more than 450 sixes and majority of them have been more than 100 meters. Although you’ll find the die-hard fans claiming that Afridi’s six has travelled more than 150 meters distance, however it’s always better to go with the facts. One of the most successful hard-hitters of the modern era, Afridi would have been a fair choice for any fantasy cricket games. out of all the sixes that he had hit the longest till date is the 120 meters six which was hit in 2013 in a match with South Africa.   

Mark Waugh, 120 meters 

Although not a very popular hard-hitter, however Waugh’s six in the test match against New Zealand went straight over the boundary at a distance of long 120 meters. This Australian batsman was very elegant and stylish. His career as a batsman is very successful. However there has been no special cases or hits in his career. This six has been a great mark in his career. 1997 WACA match has seen this excellent shot!  

Adam Gilchrist, 122 meters 

Before Adam Gilchrist started playing in the Australian team, the concept of wicket keeper was limited to getting wickets and stopping the opponent’s team from scoring much number of runs. However, he changed the face of Australian cricket and struck more than 250 sixes in his overall international career. The longest six that he has ever hit in his overall career was 122 meters in Dharamshala in 2011. Experts say, although it was a very slow ball however Gilchrist picked it up with brutal force. He would have been a great choice for every fantasy cricket leagues 

Simon O’Donnell, MCG 1993 – 122 meters 

Simon was a big name in the 1990s Australian cricket team. During a match between Victoria and New South Wales in 1993, Simon had successfully hit 120 meters long six against Greg Matthew’s ball. It is till date one of the longest six that was hit within the Australian grounds and was a spectacular hit.  

Martin Guptill, Wellington 2012 – 127 meters 

Regarded as one of the most destructive players of the modern-day cricket, Guptill with two toes missing in one leg has scored more than 250 sixes in limited overs cricket for team New Zealand. This kiwi opener has made his mark as the most exceptional batsman and is well known for his ability to hit sixes flawlessly. Out of all the sixes that he has hit, the longest till date is 127 meters that has successfully travelled all the way over the mid-wicket boundary!  


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Fantasy Cricket Facts – 4 Most Inspirational Stories of Great Cricketers

Amongst all games, cricket has always been an international craze. Currently the most-awaited and hyped game after soccer, everyone is interested about minute details of the game and the players. Internet has further helped in getting cricket into the bedrooms of millions of fanatics. Fantasy cricket games are a rage now! The temptation of creating your own team and playing the game along with the live team is undeniably an attractive option.  

For cricket fans and even the fantasy cricket league players, keeping up with the slightest changes in the lives of the cricketers is the main motive. Whether it’s about a cricketer’s love life, or his health, a fan has to know it all!  

There have been lots of cricketers over the centuries who have been inspirational in their own forte. However, here’s the top 3 inspirational cricketers who in spite of being physically ill has proved their talent over and over again. Although the list is never-ending, however, these top 3 cricketers need special mention amongst others.  

Martin Guptill 

The permanent opener for limited over matches in New Zealand team, Guptill has always been a favorite choice for fantasy cricket matches as well. However, are his fans aware of his physical inefficiency? This talented player has only two toes since he suffered from a fatal accident when he was only 13 years old. It was even declared that he was not medically fit to walk properly. However, destiny has its own set of plans. The man didn’t lose hope and made a history as one of the finest cricketers of world cricket.  

Yuvraj Singh 

The major performer who helped India finally win the 2011 world cup, was suffering from deadly cancer which was diagnosed in the middle of the tournament. However, “Yuvi”, as his fans love to call him, knew that his slight change of actions might make India lose out on the trophy again! Thus, despite being a cancer patient, he was announced the player of the tournament for his extra ordinary contribution towards the team India’s success. He was and he will always be the finest batsman that Indian cricket team had ever seen.  

Wasim Akram 

The best left arm bowler in till date, Akram was diagnosed with diabetes in 1997. He was under medications all the time and through out his career he performed flawlessly with the same issue persisting. However he never complained of the same and knew that it was an incurable disease. Fantasy cricket leagues are incomplete as this gentlemen has already retired from cricket! His passion for the game shows that a mere disease has no power to stop a sportsperson from achieving heights!  

Michael Clarke 

Undoubtedly he is currently the most attractive cricketer, however a very few fans are aware of the fact that he is suffering from severe back pain issues. Knowingly he had entered the team at the age of 18 and is currently the most successful captain of the Australian cricket team!  


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Top 4 Popular Wicket-keepers In Cricketing History

Bowlers and batsmen – cricket fans are more concerned about these two aspects of a team. How many of you know the name of the wicket-keeper of Australia during the last world cup? Probably a very few people keep a track of the man standing behind the stumps. However, both psychologically and physically, a wicket-keeper makes a great amount of contribution to the winning team. Looking closely into the history of world cricket it is evident that there have been many successful wicket-keepers who’ve been successful in getting the cup home for their team. Making the right choice for the wicketkeeper is crucial in the case of  fantasy cricket leagues. 

Instead of unnoticing the contributions of the wicket-keeper, take a look at some of the greatest wicket keepers that the world cricket fraternity has seen till now. There might not be all the deserving names on the list, however, these few need special mention. 

Moin Khan 

287 dismissals in 209 winnings within a career starting from 1990 to 2004, Moin Khan was undoubtedly one of the best wicket keepers, that the Pakistani cricket team had seen in years. His awesome cricketing skills made him the team manager of the Pakistan national team after he retired from the team as a wicketkeeper. He was fast, explosive, and innovative while was standing behind the stumps. Playing fantasy cricket would have been more interesting if teams had such wicket keepers now as well. 

MS Dhoni 

When it comes to the list of wicket-keepers, MS Dhoni deserves a special mention anytime! Unquestionably one of the best ODI captains of the Indian National cricket team, Dhoni is not only a marvellous wicket-keeper but also an all-rounder. Out of 166 innings, he has successfully achieved 294 dismissals during his time starting from 2005 to 2014. Wait, there’s more! This figure is a mere International cricket figure, if you look at the ODI career of Dhoni, then you’ll be amazed to find that he had secured 444 dismissals in 345 innings. Fantasy cricket in India has been a popular game because of Dhoni! 

Adam Gilchrist 

This former Australian wicketkeeper and captain Gilchrist is to date the highest wicket-taker of the Australian cricket team. In international matches, he has taken around 416 wickets in 191 matches and 472 wickets in 281 matches in case of one-day internationals. Not only a great wicket-keeper but also a very good batsman, Gilchrist has been coined as the best batsmen of all time! 

Rodney Marsh 

Before the world had seen the wonders of Gilchrist and Dhoni, Marsh was reigning in the first position and was unarguably the leading wicketkeeper in the world. 120 wickets in 92 matches in ODI and 343 matches in 96 matches in Test series was his record. The capability of getting the team out of difficult situations by taking crucial wickets just at the right time was his speciality. 

Whether it’s the fantasy sport or the live matches, without a good wicket-keeper it is difficult to score good runs. The role is not as easy as it seems. Thus, getting hold of the best wicket-keeper is essential to keep the team in a winning position. 


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5 Early Retirements of Cricketers That Proved To be A Loss for World Cricket

Retirement – the mere word brings a tint of sadness with it. Unquestionably it’s one of the toughest decisions of any person’s life. Talking about retirement in a cricketer’s career, it’s not only a daunting task but also a game-changing situation for the team as well. Play fantasy cricket becomes a terrible experience if you find your favourite player getting retired from live matches. 

If the player has come off his age, bagged quite a lot of tournaments, and has created some iconic moments, then the retirement of that particular player doesn’t hurt much. However, in the past, there’ve been players who have unfortunately retired too early! Even in  fantasy cricket, there’s no place for a retired cricketer. So once a player decides to walk out of the team, there’s no way that you can get to see him play on the field ever again. 

Zafar Ansari 

Having considered cricket to be just a part of life, Ansari announced his retirement from the England cricket team in the year 2016. Although he didn’t consider the decision to be tough, however, the team lost a good all-rounder. The retirement of this 25-year-old was a piece of surprise news for the fantasy cricket league players as well because they had plans revolving around the young blood in the future. The period of this player in the England cricket team was very less and hence there’s not much to talk about! 

Craig Kieswetter 

His career was quite promising since in 2010 he was the man behind the success of England’s T20 world cup trophy. But when he retired at the young age of 27 due to some serious facial injuries, the England team was devasted. Currently, he is a professional golfer but to the dismay of the fantasy cricket game players, there’s no way to get him on to the field again. His vision problems made him finally call a quit with the cricket fraternity. 

James Taylor 

When he was at the highest point of his international career, Taylor had to, unfortunately, retired in 2016 at the age of 26 years. Again, a big blow for the England cricket team when this rising star had to retire due to some serious health issues that he faced during the training session. Under the unfortunate turn of events, it was later revealed that Taylor was suffering from a heart problem that didn’t permit him to continue his career as a successful cricketer. 

Beau Casson 

Similar to the sad story of Taylor, this Australian batsman was forced to take early retirement at the age of 28 in 2011 because of rare heart disease. Although this was not a piece of sudden news for the player since he had already undergone heart surgery during his childhood. He was undoubtedly a great spinner and would have made an unbeatable position in the online fantasy cricket if he would have stayed on. However, life is precious than a profession! 

Simon Cook 

Although not a very early retirement, however, Cook retired from the game at the age of 32 in 2004. However, a sudden accident caused some serious injuries to the player and forced him to end his career with the Australian cricket team. 


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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Most Popular Short-heightened Cricketers Till Date

Height is directly related to the success of any sport. However, it’s a myth that only the tall and bigger individual can be a good sportsman. A cricketer is always visualized as a tall, well-built, and mammoth individual. However, their shorter counterparts are equally talented and have done well in their respective teams. Although you might be astounded to know about their heights, however, their performance has overshadowed this physical disability. 

A few on the list might come as a surprise! So, if you’re planning on  playing fantasy cricket lately, then checking the performance is what matters and not their vital statistics. Smalls can make wonders which you may not even think of! 

Sunil Gavaskar 

Indian cricket has been blessed by the presence of this versatile cricketer. However, there have been many who have doubted the brilliance of Gavaskar due to his short height. With an average height of only 5.5 ft, he might look small compared to other cricketers. He was the first right-hander who scored 10,000 runs. Whether it is backfoot or front foot, he is the best that the Indian cricket team has seen. Fantasy cricket in India would have been more thrilling if Gavaskar would have been playing till now! 

Tatenda Taibu 

This guy was only 18 years old when he made his debut for the African cricket team. With a height of only 5.4 ft, he became the youngest test captain in the history for a test against Sri Lanka. His career is bejewelled with around 4800 runs. You might say that his height is short and so he can’t cover the pitch. However, he was a dasher when it was about running between the wickets. 

Sachin Tendulkar 

Little master or the god of cricket – call him by any name you want, this man has taken Indian cricket to another level. He was a child prodigy from the very beginning. With around 34,000 international runs in his bag, his graceful shots have always been the talk of the town. He might be shorter than many other cricketers. However, the same doesn’t matter! This individual has engraved cricket into the heart of millions. 

Mominul Haque 

With a considerably very short height of 5.28 ft, he is the only player in Bangladesh to have scored 11 consecutive 50 plus runs on test crickets. Fast, swift, and very good with the red balls, his height has never been a barrier for him. Certainly, a very good choice for  fantasy cricket leagues, this player is undoubtedly a talented one. 

Gundappa Vishwanath 

Coined as the most elegant batsman of the Indian cricket team, this 5.3ft batsman was a master of wrist movements. May it be great pace, spin, or playing at a good pace, he was magical in every aspect of cricket. An unbeaten 97 against Andy Roberts in the 1975 match was an excellent display of skills by this cricketer. Whether it is a tough pitch or a smooth one, he was brilliant on every pitch. 


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