Fantasy Kabaddi Game – Top 5 Raiders

The 12 participating teams are playing well at the seventh season of fantasy kabaddi game league. These 12 teams are going to compete with each other in the three long month kabaddi competition ending on October.

The kabaddi fantasy league of India is seeing double robin round format with no zonal or interzonal format.

The kabaddi games teams have made many changes in their squad and gaming style in the hope to bag the championship. Raiders are one of the most important part of the seven members team. When selecting raiders in the fantasy kabaddi at the fans tend to select the most popular ones.

Let us take a look at the top raiders for this season and then go for our selection of online kabaddi games team.

Maninder Singh – Bengal Warriors

Maninder Singh played a crucial role as a raider when his team Jaipur Pink Panthers won the championship during the inaugural season. However, he couldn’t be part of the league for the next three season and returned at the 5th playing for Bengal team. He is one of the fastest raiders on the mat scoring 535 points in 59 matches till now.

Ajay Thakur – Tamil Thalaivas

Ajay Thakur began his sterling league kabaddi career with Bengaluru Bulls in the first season. However, his performance slacked down a little in the second season. In the third season he joined Puneri Paltan and then shifted to Tamil Thalaivas in the 5th one. A terrific skilled raider, Thakur has scored a total of 753 points in 102 matches so far.

Siddharth Desai – Telugu Titans

The Mumbai team had seen his extreme raiding skill in the last season. Siddharth Desai has been awarded the “best debutant” in the last season. He is the fastest raider with 50, 100 and 200 raid points. In just 19 matches, Desai has scored 221 points. Team Telugu Titans are keeping their hope up for this raiding star.

Pawan Sehrawat – Bengaluru Bulls

One of the biggest highlights of the winning Bengaluru team was its raiding star Pawan Sehrawat. He bagged the “Most Valuable Player” award with 271 raiding points in 24 matches. Pawan made his debut in the 3rd season with Bengaluru Bulls.

Pardeep Narwal – Patna Pirates

The star Patna Pirates made his debut in Bengaluru team. In the 3rd season, Pardeep Narwal shifted to the Patna team and became its top scorer. Pardeep notched up 369 raid points in 26 matches and single-handedly led Patna to win the championship for 3rd consecutive time in 5th season. With 865 points in his bag, he is the highest raid point scorer till now in the kabaddi games.

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Fantasy Kabaddi Game – 3 Raiders with Most Super Raids

The small-time kabaddi players of India have got immense popularity after the beginning of the Indian fantasy kabaddi leagues. Also, with the inclusion of this popular format of Indian T20 league in kabaddi game, the sport itself has got immerse support from the sports lovers.

The league games have given the age-old kabaddi sport of India a new life which was literally succumbing its last breath. This transformation occurred only because of good investment and contribution from talented kabaddi fantasy game players.

Prominent raiders from the 12 participating teams in the online kabaddi games such as Rahul Chaudhari, Anup Kumar, Pardeep Narwal, Monu Goyat and others are continuously entertaining kabaddi lovers through their amazing raiding skills.

To make the league interesting, a unique concept has been introduced “Super Raid.” The league implements this concept when a raider collects three or more points in a single raid. Let us take a look at three raiders who have collected the maximum super raids so far. Read about them and play fantasy kabaddi game at only.

Rishank Devadiga – 23

The Maharashtra-born raider was associated with the Mumbai team for the first four seasons of Indian kabaddi league. He emerged as the most consistent raider for the team and helped the team to reach the finals in three occasions out of four. He collected 8 Super raids for the Mumbai team.

After the creation of UP team in 5th season, Devadiga moved to the team and is still playing for it. During the 5th season, he collected 12 super raids. Despite of his injuries, he collected 3 super raids in the 6th season. He is the key player for the UP team, this season as well.

Rahul Chaudhari – 24

The star of the Telegu Titans, Rahul Chaudhari has impressed all through his sparkling performances. Though during the first season, he collected 2 super raids and in the second, collected 6. During the 3rd season again he collected 1 and added 15 in the next three ones. Chaudhari is playing for Tamil Thalaivas during this season.

Pardeep Narwal – 38

The leading collector of super raids in the history of the Indian kabaddi leagues is Pardeep Narwal. He came to the limelight from season 3. In the 4 seasons that the 22-year old “Dubki King” has played for the Patna team, he has scored 849 raid points. His best performance is in season 5 where he collected 18 super raids out of his total of 38. During the last season 6, he collected 6 super raids.

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Play Exciting India Fantasy Kabaddi at

The Indian market of fantasy sports and fantasy kabaddi is expected to reach $5 billion. By the end of 2019, the industry is expecting to have about 100 million users. 11Wickets, the most trusted fantasy sports platform in India, has good number of users which is the reason behind the platform being the popular platform in India. Exciting, isn’t it?

Amongst the plethora of games available on 11Wickets, Fantasy Kabaddi is one game which is gaining the attention of sports enthusiasts not only in the country but worldwide too. With the 7th edition of Indian fantasy kabaddi league has begun from 20th July 2019, every Kabaddi player is excited to try their hand on 11Wickets.

Know the basics to begin the game

Kabaddi fantasy game is basically an online game where you create a virtual team of real Kabaddi players and score points depending on how your chosen players perform in real life matches. Now that’s interesting, isn’t it? You need to select 7 players which will consist of raiders, defenders and all-rounders. The selection of these players should be done with the credits given to you. Every game you play has a stipulated credit used to create your own team.

Once you are setting up with your Fantasy Kabaddi team, you can go ahead and pick to play in an upcoming league. Your team players accumulate points from every aspect of kabaddi action on the field such as raid, tackle, as well as the man of the match!! The team with the highest points by the end of the match is the League champion. With kabaddi league gaining success, people are now investing in Fantasy Kabaddi more than ever.

Put your analytical skills to test

Playing kabaddi fantasy league or any fantasy sports for that matter of fact requires to put your statistical and analytical skills to test. It requires a careful and in-depth analysis of teams & players – similar to what a coach does. And while you are at it, you can win some greens too!

Once you register in the 11Wickets app, you can choose to play cash contests or practice contests. Verify your PAN Card and enter your bank details to get payment from 11Wickets and choose a league that suits your budget.

Every game has its own point board. Apply your skills in your 11Wickets team and get the feeling of proven right with your knowledge. And that’s all!! You can stand a chance to win some real cash which can be transferred to your bank account instantly.

However, once you’ve created your fantasy Kabaddi league, you cannot edit it. There is also a deadline for being a part of any match.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Download the 11Wickets app today, flaunt your Kabaddi skills with Fantasy Kabaddi team and earn cash prizes while you enjoy the matches.

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Fantasy Kabaddi Game – The Coloured Signal Cards

Like football and other sports, the fantasy kabaddi games also have red, green and yellow card system.

The referee and the umpires of India fantasy kabaddi have the power to warn, declare technical point against. They can also temporarily suspend or disqualify any player or team from the match. The color cards are for the kabaddi game players who are committing any sort of violations or Foul.

Here is the list of those violations for the fans of to know. Read on:

  1. Persistently protesting or objecting the official’s decision, thereby disrupting the match.
  2. Making derogatory remarks about the officials & their actions, thereby trying to influence their decision
  3. Showing overt aggression towards the referee or umpire demanding a favorable decision.
  4. Stifle a raider by shutting his mouth or throat in any way
  5. Violent tackling leading to injuries being sustained the by opponent raider
  6. Taking more than 5 seconds to start the raid unless specified in the rules
  7. Hold the raider with the help of scissors operated by legs
  8. Coaching from outside by the coaches and the players
  9. Preventing the raider to take his turn of raid

In any of these cases, the referee and the umpire can use the following cards to warn, temporarily suspend, suspend from the match or debar from the tournament, a player coach/manager/ team:

Green Card

An initial warning for any violation of rules. The graph indicates the green cards conceded by all the teams in the first two seasons. U Mumba has the least number of green cards per match which indicates they have committed the least number of fouls.

Yellow Card

2-minute suspension from the game along with 1 technical point to the opposition.

Red Card

1 technical point to the opposition and suspension for the rest of the match. In this case, the team that loses the player shall continue the match with the remaining number of players. No substitution for a red carded player allowed.


The two minutes suspension of players shall commence from the time the player is on court only.

If the player out is suspended for two minutes then the suspension will begin after revival.

Teams will not be allowed to revive the next out player in place of the suspended player.

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Fantasy Kabaddi Game – Super Tackle Move

There is an old saying quite famous amongst the fantasy kabaddi lovers of and the saying goes like this!

“Raiders win you matches but the defence wins you tournaments.”

It takes a special skill to catch a top raider of online kabaddi game who is in form and terrorizing the defence. But it takes a very special mentality to hold him down multiple times that too with three defenders or less. The kabaddi games are the tactical combination of both defence and raids.

What is a super tackle?

A super tackle situation arises when the raider gets caught in the opposition half by three or less defenders. The defending team will be awarded 2 points for the effort. Rather than solitary point they get when a raider goes out although only one person can be revived.

The basic strategy raiders take is attack one corner of the sides. They try and get back as soon as possible after getting one or maybe two people. But when the defence is tight and the defenders are better than average most of the standard strategy does not work. That is where the top raiders show their class.

Not getting caught too often in a super tackle shows the raider’s class or rather the helplessness of the defenders when they are down to three or less.

As any point in Kabaddi leads to gaining a positive momentum in the game, none does it better than the two points getting a super tackle and the additional points after an all-out. Psychologically, super tackles show team spirit and trust of defenders in each other and one such moment can define the match and turn it on its head completely.

If the super tackle was done on a top raider of the opposition who is in good form and that too with two defenders it’s like cherry on top of the icing of the cake. It is rare to see such situations as usually raiders get the better of defence in such situations or just do an empty raid an rely on their defence to create that opening to reduce the opposition further.

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India Fantasy Kabaddi League – 5 Most Expensive Players

The seventh season of Indian kabaddi fantasy league has started with a bang. The Mumbai team has defeated the Telugu Titans in a thrilling and jaw-dropping clash.

12 teams are clashing each other in the 3-months long trending indoor sport. They have retained and bought players suiting their team need. Fans are playing the fantasy kabaddi games at to stay connected with the sport and also win cash prizes along with watching the sport on their TV sets.

As the season moves on to a much deeper competition, we have listed the top 5 most expensive players of the Indian fantasy kabaddi. Read on:

Siddharth Sirish Desai – ₹1.45 Crore

Desai became the second-most expensive player in kabaddi games history. He is second to Monu Goyat picked up for Rs 1.51 crore during the sixth season of the league in 2018. Desai was roped in by the Telugu Titans for a whopping Rs 1.45 Crore. He replaced raid machine Rahul Chaudhari who left the side to join Tamil Thalaivas after six years. Desai had become the fastest in the tournament’s history to reach 50 raid points and then equalled the record to 100 raid points last year.

Nitin Tomar – ₹1.20 Crore

One of the most consistent performers in kabaddi league, Tomar struggled last year due to injuries. He was retained by Puneri Paltan for a massive Rs 1.20 crore. Part of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup winning Indian team, Tomar was the most expensive player in season 5 at Rs 93 lakh, and attracted a Rs 1.15 crore bid last season.

Rahul Chaudhari – ₹94 Lakh

Chaudhari’s dominance in India fantasy kabaddi might have reduced with the emergence of Pardeep Narwal and Pawan Sehrawat, but he remains to be league’s all-time top scorer with 888 points in 101 kabaddi matches. This year he has been signed by the Tamil Thalaivas for Rs 94 lakh and the new season could mark Chaudhari’s revival as he would a formidable attacking line up with his India captain Ajay Thakur and dynamic raider Shabeer Bapu. Not to forget, he will always have Manjeet Chhillar on the mat to guide him.

Monu Goyat – ₹93 Lakh

Monu Goyat had made the headlines in 2018 by fetching a bid of Rs 1.51 crore last year, becoming India’s most valuable non-cricketing sportsperson and the most expensive player in the history of the tournament. However, a disappointing campaign saw him released by Haryana Steelers. The all-rounder was bagged by the UP Yoddha for Rs 93 lakh.

Sandeep Narwal – ₹89 Lakh

“The Beast” of kabaddi game was bought by the U Mumba for Rs 89 lakh against his base price of Rs 30 lakh, forming a dream partnership in the defense with Iranian Fazel Atrachali. The duo set the mat on fire in the very first game of the season, earning four tackle points each.

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Fantasy Kabaddi – 5 Tricky Raid Moves

The raiders of the kabaddi team are always in pressure. This is because they are one against many defenders of the opposite team. And all the defenders of online kabaddi game are waiting to take them down at the slightest error.

It is essential for kabaddi games raiders to develop a number of techniques and make decisions within fractions of a second. They need to keep the defenders on their toes.

Here is a list of five tricky moves adopted by the raiders. See if you can spot a few of them during the on-going India fantasy kabaddi league. Join fantasy kabaddi at the best online sports platform,

Running Hand Touch

The Running Hand Touch is the most popular of all the hand touches. It needs great acceleration and stretch from the raider to get a touch on the defender before he has a chance to back off and get back equally fast to avoid being tackled.

What makes this move even more impressive is that the defenders are always looking out for it. Therefore it has to be executed with lightning speed and the utmost precision

Toe Touch

The Toe Touch involves a raider ducking low to escape the hands of the defender and instead attack their feet using just the tips of their toes. When used at the right time, it is one of the most effective surprise attacks in the game. This is a versatile move, requiring speed, leg strength, precision and agility.

Frog Jump

One of the most visually stunning and physically demanding moves, the Frog Jump involves a raider launching himself above an incoming defender and while in the air using his hands to propel himself off the defenders back on to safety. It needs quick judgement to chart out the escape route, ascertaining the defender off which the move can be pulled off, and physical strength coupled with the flexibility to allow the raider to carry it out seamlessly. This is one of the favourite moves to escape an incoming defender’s low Block or Chain Tackle.


A move that needs a tremendous amount of flexibility, the Dubki allows the raider to escape by going underneath a chain of defenders to evade the oncoming tackle and reach the half line. Strength of the legs and overall flexibility vital in this move as the raider needs to first squat down and then find the right time to use all his might and propel him to safety.

Scorpion Kick

For a Scorpion Kick, the raider turns away from the defender to face the half line and, just when the defender is expecting the foot to come low, the raider curls his leg up backward to get a touch on the crouching defender, following the trajectory of a scorpion’s sting. Equally as fast and effective, this move requires balance, flexibility and the element of surprise to come out of the blue and take down an unsuspecting defender.

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Fantasy Kabaddi – 5 Defence Moves Hard to Escape

Kabaddi is the sport which needs the teamwork and right combination between defenders and raiders of a particular team. You might have played this indoor sport a lot during your kid days. Playing with your bunch of friends and winning matches would have felt great. Do you know that you can still be associated with Kabaddi sport through the trending online kabaddi game at these days?

While playing and watching the fantasy kabaddi games, you must have experienced that stopping an opponent team raider in his tracks is not an easy job. But obviously, there are some moves which do the trick.

The defences in kabaddi fantasy league need co-ordination, concentration teamwork, awareness and timing from all members of the team. It is the job of the opponent team’s raider to get a touch and escape to the half-line. And defenders need to stay focused to see off these attempts and time their moves to perfection.

Here we list a few defensive moves that need individual skills as well as teamwork of an India fantasy kabaddi team. Watch out for some of these show-stopping moves in the on-going series of kabaddi game.

Ankle Hold

You can guess what this move is by its name already. This kabaddi move involves grabbing hold of the opponent raider’s ankle and pulling him inside half. The other teammates also join in to tackle the opponent raider. This move needs perfect timing to get a good hold, huge strength and an extremely tight grip so as to avoid the raider’s escape.

Thigh hold

This move is a bit advanced and it depends on the surprise element to get rid of the opponent raider. The defender needs to dive on the thigh from a distance and bring down the raider through his body weight. Here as well, timing and grip is very important.


This is one of the kabaddi moves which require a perfect balance of agility, technique and strength from a defender. When a raider ventures too deep into the opponent half or is trying to escape after getting a touch, a defender runs across and pushes him out of bounds before he gets any part of his body beyond the half-line to eliminate him. This move involves the defender using his body weight, speed and strength to create enough momentum and ensure he gets his raider.


In this move, the defender needs to get in front of his raider and stop him from getting to the half-line. The block move needs tremendous strength, precise timing and good positioning from defender’s side.

Chain tackle

This is the move which needs great communication and co-ordination amongst the teammates. Here a defender locks hands with another defender and runs to tackle the raider. The chain form reduces the amount of space for the raider that he can run into. Both the defenders tackle him, making it impossible for the raider to escape. The grip coordination between both the defenders must be in the sync.

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Fantasy Kabaddi League – Terms to Know About

Like every year, the seventh season of kabaddi games has kicked off on a thrilling note. We have seen kabaddi to re-invent it over the previous seasons. And it has certainly put India’s own sport on a fantastic new platform.

Most of us have certainly tried our hand at the game at some point in our lives, but the addition of a few innovative transformations at fantasy kabaddi league has only raised the bar and made this unique, high impact sport even more electrifying.

With the start of the online kabaddi games at, it’s a great time to refresh our minds with the terms used in the game


The continuous clear sounding recitation aloud of the approve word ‘Kabaddi’ within the course of one respiration is cant.


One who enters the court of the opponent with the cant is a raider. The raider must begin his cant before he touches the opponent’s court.


Every player of the party in whose court the raid has been made, is an anti-raider or anti.


When the raider enters the court of the opponent with cant, it is a raid.


When the raider crosses the baulk line of the defending team at least once during the course of a raid and reaches his court with cant, it is a successful raid.


When a raider touches an anti or an anti-touches a raider, the struggle begins.


To stop the continuous and clear sounding chant of the word ‘Kabaddi’ or to take a breath during a cant is known as losing the cant. A cant must be started and continued within one and the same respiration.


If a raider touches an anti without the breach of the rules of play or if any part of the body an anti-touches any part of the body of the raider and then the raider touches his court with the cant, the anti is said to be put out.


If the anti’s or anti hold without breach of rules of play and keep the raider in their court and do not allow him to reach his court until he loses his cant, it is known as holding the raider.


If the raider after crossing the midline touches his court with any part of his body without breach of rules of play and with cant he is said to have reached his court safely.

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Strategies For Playing Kabaddi Fantasy League

With fantasy sports gaining popularity in the world, India is also not behind in the league. Like us, many of the sports fans have been following the online games for a long time and the best and trending one in India after online fantasy cricket games is fantasy kabaddi. It works similar to other fantasy sports like fantasy cricket and football or soccer.

Kabaddi is the indoor sport played in India by teams of seven players on a circular sand court. The aim is for a player to tag or capture opponents and must hold their breath while running, repeating the word “Kabaddi” to prove that they are holding their breath. Many of you must have been a huge fan of Kabaddi. And we are guessing that you have played this indoor sport during your school and college days. But somehow they had got disconnected with the sport after completing education. Thankfully online kabaddi games at is there to help them be a part of it world.

Kabaddi is particularly gaining popularity after India fantasy kabaddi league has started. People have started watching kabaddi with even more interest. With this gaining interest, Kabaddi has even gone international now.

Under kabaddi fantasy game you create your own team of your favourite players, and the performance of the team depends on the performance of the players in their real-life matches.

While playing the kabaddi fantasy league, we have built some tricks and strategies which can help you win matches:

Selecting the right players

It is important to choose the players that will play the match. You should analyse the previous line-ups and then decide onto the players that you select for your team.

Selecting Raiders

Generally, raiders score more points than a defender. So picking raiders would be more beneficial as compared to defenders.

Choosing the right Captain and Vice-Captain

It is highly critical to determine the right captain and vice-captain in your fantasy team. Selecting raiders as a captain and vice-captain can also bag you some extra points and prove to be beneficial.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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