Before Picking Chris Gayle in Fantasy Team Know about Him

When it comes to cricket fans forming their fantasy cricket leagues and choosing their players, the name Chris Gayle comes out on the top. Cricket is by all means, the most popular sport in India and it is truly followed like a religion in this nation.  

Fantasy cricket, in the present scenario, captures a major portion of user engagement. Cricket fans pick their fantasy cricket league to earn points based on their real performance and earn cash prizes. Jamaican cricketer who plays international cricket for the West Indies, Chris Gayle is one of the favourite choices of cricket fans to include him in their team due to his almost consistent performance in real cricket field. 

Explore a bit about him before you decide to take him in your fantasy premier league: 

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  • Chris Gayle is among the few West Indian players to have made more than 6000 runs in Test cricket. 
  • Gayle holds the record for most number of centuries for a West Indian in ODIs. 
  • He turned out to be the first West Indian to make more than 7000 runs. And take more than 150 wickets in ODIs. 
  • Gayle also became the first player to hit triple century against South Africa. 
  • While Sachin Tendulkar is the king when it comes to scoring tons in Tests and ODIs, in T20s it’s the Chris Gayle show. The dashing left-hander has hit seven centuries in this format–two of these are international hundreds.  
  • He is amongst the four elite Batsman in the world who have hit two Triple centuries in Test cricket with Donald Bradman, Virender Sehwag and Brian Lara. 
  • Gayle is the one of the three batsman to make three 150+ plus runs in ODI’s with Brian Lara and Vivian Richards being other two. 
  • He has the unique distinction of scoring a 100 in all three formats of the game. 
  • Gayle is the first player to have hit a century on T20 WC debut. 
  • He finished IPL 4 as the tournament’s leading run-maker, with 608 runs, and hence bagged the “Orange Cap”. 
  • Before Fame-He played with Kingston’s renowned Lucas Cricket Club, which he said saved him from a life on the streets. 
  • He is laughing, charming and always doing some crazy things on the field that Tony Cozier once called him “the Laughing Cavalier”. 
  • He is the first Batsman to make a hundred in T20 format against South Africa in 2007 world cup game (117) and also first to hit centuries in all three formats of the game. 

Note his records

In 2018 Chris Gayle is playing for IPL team Kings XI Punjab. But he made some amazing records when playing for IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore. 

  • Fastest Fifty in IPL 
  • Longest Six in this IPL 
  • Fastest Hundred in T20 
  • First to hit 150 Sixes in IPL 
  • Most Sixes in one Innings in a T20 
  • Fastest Team Hundred 
  • Highest Total In T20 Cricket (263) 
  • Highest Individual Make in T20 

Enjoy reading and playing! 

Strategies to Play T20 Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy sports are chiefly online gaming where participants unite to play their favourite game. There are numerous fantasy sports organized around the world such as football, baseball, hockey and many others.

And one of the well famous names added in this list is fantasy cricket. It is one of the most interactive sports for cricket fans. It tends to gain large number of followers as people of India enjoy this concept or sports. There is steady increase in people who love to play fantasy cricket leagues and tournaments.

In this post, we will try to put forward a few points that help people to play T20 cricket game.

Research well

The most basic and crucial thing that have to be done before playing any fantasy sports is research on it. People who wish to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily, should try to figure out lots of data related to this by using sources such as newspaper, magazines and internet.

This type of data aids people to choose players as well as offer knowledge about the present form of players. So, that they can eventually add maximum points when playing T20 fantasy leagues.

Get facts related to players and game

Another most crucial point that taken into thought while playing fantasy cricket is rules and regulations of the game. There are many rules that help to earn most points.

For batsmen, there are many parameters that should be regarded such as number of runs scored, milestone bonus and strike rate. Milestone bonus points are a few extra points that are awarded to a batsman when their playing score attains to 25 runs, 50 runs, 75 runs, 100 runs and so on. This type of points helps people to gain utmost points or score while playing the match

Likewise, for bowlers there are many points that taken into thought like economy rate, number of wickets and milestone bonus. In case of bowling, milestone bonus are awarded on the basis of wickets such as if a bowler takes 2 wickets then he will earn a few points, if he takes 3 wickets then he will earn a few more points and so on.


Fantasy cricket game is one of the most appealing and highly popular games around the world. Participants can create their own teams and play IPL fantasy leagues, T20 fantasy leagues and numerous other tournaments and games.

Enjoy fantasy sports!

Where you are the team manager of Fantasy Cricket

Everyone loves to win, no matter whatever sports are involved and with fantasy cricket leagues; it has never been so easy. Well, depending on whom you pick for your fantasy team that is. Nonetheless, it is great fun playing these games. You get to select your team by picking out the players according to their impending stats or popularity. It depends on what you’re after.

In the recent days more and more people have begun taking part in these sports as the one thing they can get through these games is the power to manage a team of own team, deciding who should have been captain and who should have opened the game.

You are the one who want to do more than just watch and fume at matches by creating your own teams and score big (or small) depending on how the selected players perform in real time.

Choose your combination

A fantasy premier league game allows you to choose your combination, by choosing your playing 11 from among the 22 selected for the real time match. How much you score relies on how your chosen players perform on ground. The more points your selected player earns, the closer you are to winning your league and therefore, the cash allotted.

Gamers can select how many others they play against. Fantasy cricket permit gamers to contend in a league of two, three or even five players. So, if you are challenging against just one other person, your chances of winning are higher even if the cash prize is lesser.

The deadline to lock in your team differs too. While you can begin choosing your team the second the match schedule is available.

A gamer has to choose the best 14 players from the live match — a playing 11 and three substitutes. Your players in the 11 have to play a maximum of 120 balls in T20 matches and 300 in ODIs, while the bowler has to take 10 wickets or bowl reasonably. The winner is decided on the basis of the runs margin.

Two substitutes can be used to replace a poor performer. But, a real-time match may not always reflect well on a scoring card, since a few good saves may not affect the scoreboard.

The entire power of managing your team relies on you. You act like the cricket control board for your team and lead your team to win.

Enjoy playing!

4 Must Know Strategy to Win Fantasy Cricket Games

These days, fantasy cricket has been soaring amongst the online gamers. This gives you a chance to experience the spirit of cricket virtually by forming your very own team and play the real time game. This game also has cash rewards. So fundamentally, this is a team of 11 players that you can choose from the two teams who will be competing live. You can select team members of your choice according to the budget you have. The next step is to plan an approach and adopt gaming methods that can help you to mark your win. So, get your pens and paper set, switch your brain to the plan mode because if you are still confused on how to play fantasy premier league cricket, here are a few pro tips that you can follow: 

Tip 1 

Yeah, we appreciate that being a cricketing fan, you should have favourites that you worship and can’t desist from including in your team, but, if you truly wish to engage in the game, you will need to manage your emotions and think rationally. In simple words, avoid preference. The idea behind the choice of the team has to be strategic, that is, based on the pitch conditions and also the present form of the player. Thus, it is highly significant to select your 11 players cautiously so that you can secure the chance of winning soon. 

Tip 2 

Like it’s mentioned above that the most vital part of this fantasy cricket is the forming of the team, thus it gets really very vital that you must carefully research the players. There are many sites that offer the exact statistics about the player data from where you can judge the performance. 

Tip 3 

The third tip is to trust you. At times you should trust your own instincts. If a popular player is traded for a newcomer, you might just get prejudiced by it and go on with the trading in a flow. But, the point is to listen to your gut. If the player is not in form yet you feel that you should keep up with it, well, and then you must trust your instincts as in the end, it’s your game plan and your approach, nobody gets it better than you, but mind it, the gut ought to be really strong! 

Tip 4 

The final tip is to put in some your time for your team. Yes! You may think that none of this is vital, but it’s really vital to devote your time as you need to lose a few to gain some more. Theoretically, it just takes 15 minutes of your time to monitor your players. This shall certainly keep you on top and you can brag about your team in full!  

Now enjoy playing! 

Cricket Gloves Story

It is another story that cricket has been given the status of GOD in India. But we all are aware that the sport is a global passion. 

The evolution in the sport is increasing the craze day by day. Earlier it was just Test Cricket match and 50-50 one day cricket. But now the world plays Twenty20 Cricket along with these two formats and is very enthusiastic about this specific format. Even these days the common people can play cricket while watching a match through the online fantasy cricket games. 

As the sport has spread like fire, there are a few things the fans should know about its history to understand the game better. As one of the ardent fan of the new trend, fantasy sport India, along with the real sport, our today’s post is about the early days when cricket gloves were first used. Let’s explore: 

First to wear batting glove

According to some of the historians, the first sportsperson to wear a batting glove was Bobby Thomson of the Giants. He wore golf gloves in 1949 during spring training. Many others say that Ted Williams was the first man to wear a golf glove in the summer of 1953 during batting practice, after he came back to the Red Sox from Korea.  

The veteran sportswriter David Cataneo said that Williams’ manager, Fred Corcoran was with Williams one day while he was taking an added batting practice to return back in shape. Corcoran noticed the blisters on Williams’ hand and pulled out a golf glove from his bag and gave it to him to try out and keep his hands safe from further blisters. Soon, everyone started wearing a golf glove while batting. 

What other sources say?

There are many sources that suggest, the first person to wear a batting glove in cricket was Ken “Hawk” Harrelson. A few sources say Harrelson wore golf gloves at first in 1964 while playing for the Kansas City Athletics. Others cite a fictional tale, in which Harrelson was with the Red Sox in 1968 and, not expecting to play in a night game, spent the afternoon playing golf. Arriving at the ballpark with blistered hands after shooting 27 holes, he was amazed to discover himself in the beginning line up and chose wearing golf gloves to guard his tender hands. Rusty Staub was the first to wear the golf gloves on a daily basis. 

Batting gloves turn out to be an essential and ordinary part of MLB in the early 1980s with Mike Schmidt of the Philadelphia Phillies leading attempts of Franklin Sports to be the option of the bulk of players. Over time Franklin Sports turn out to be, and still remains in our day, the official batting glove of Major League Baseball. 

So, this was the story of gloves! 

Happy reading and play fantasy cricket! 

IPL Fantasy League

Gone are the days, when you can play cricket on the field or on your colony streets only. The internet and technology era has totally changed the way we think of enjoying our beloved games. Now you can effortlessly play cricket at your office or home at the time you feel convenient. IPL Fantasy Cricket has grown so much in popularity in India that even a Bollywood star like Sunny Leone has started to endorse the game by becoming a brand ambassador of one of India’s biggest IPL t20 fantasy site 11wickets.  

Just think how a real-life cricketer helps your IPL fantasy league to win points through his real-life performance on the field. Nothing sounds cooler than this. Absolutely yes, the IPL t20 fantasy cricket game has totally revolutionised the way in which we used to love cricket in the last decade. The game may be virtual one. But you need to remain aware of the recent events. The ones occurring in the world of cricket to be a champion in the IPL fantasy one. 

The thrill of the cricket fans is reaching to new heights with each passing days. The credit goes to the T20 matches and IPL fantasy league tournaments. In these formats, the fantasy cricket league starts to give the fans ultimate moments to rejoice. Their chosen players scores high at the real match and this helps the user to gain a few points too at the virtual league. This game is extremely easy to play. You just need to love the game so that your skill helps you in choosing the most suitable team. All users in this virtual game have the propensity to do well provided they use their skills wisely. 

An interesting format

This blend of virtual IPL fantasy league cricket with the real occurring on the ground makes it a more interesting format. Here you get a chance to enjoy the game daily. When your players play well at real matches you get the advantages of the same transferred to you as points. Who knows you may end up topping the chart at the league and confirmed as a winner. Normally fantasy cricket league is open to all that lets all to participate.  

Playing fantasy matches is more of the use of your skill than simple guesswork. Even the law fraternity all through the world has termed fantasy IPL fantasy league cricket game as a legal online fun activity. Whenever you play this game, do keep in mind to check the latest statistics. And the performance of your players as in the online fantasy crickets play. The only real performance of the cricketers and your skill matter. 

Play online fantasy cricket game and win cash. Build your fantasy cricket team and enter the leagues online like IPL T20 fantasy and many more to win unlimited cash prizes. 

Enjoy fantasy sports!