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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Funniest Moments In Cricket History To Make You Laugh

Funny quotes, hilarious miss outs, and weird behaviors – cricket might be a gentleman’s game but entertainment has always been an inseparable part of the same. While you’re glued to the screens during a tensed match and certain funny things happen, it certainly reduces the edgy feeling. Playing fantasy cricket becomes more exciting if such hysterical incidents keep on happening on the field. 

Here’s a list of few funny moments that definitely made a mark on cricket history. 

Lou Vincent 

At number 1 undoubtedly is Lou Vincent’s incident where his attempt to catch the ball and get a wicket turned out to be really funny. The viewers, who were lucky enough to watch the match, had seen the funny incident. This kiwi fielder was trying to save the boundary and accidentally his pants slipped down! As surprising and humiliating as it may seem, this incident will undoubtedly trigger the funny bones of any rational person. 

Tillakaratne Dilshan 

Wicket-keepers love taking the ball up into their hands as soon as the wicket comes down. That’s a signature move that every wicket-keeper makes. But what if the ball which you have in hand comes down on you? It can be painful! But with Dilshan things turned out to be different. Fantasy game players would have been amazed if at that time fantasy cricket was prevalent. As per the law of gravity, the ball which Dilshan raised in his hand came right down on Dilshan’s head! 

Andrew Strauss 

In a match between England and South Africa, Andrew Strauss broke his sunglasses. Seems an accident? Not really! The viewers of the match found it very funny! As Strauss lifted the ball to throw it towards the wicket, in an unfortunate turn of events his glasses came off and flew into the air. Maybe while reading the same might not sound funny, however, the scene brought a burst of laughter in the galleries. Unfortunately, though for Strauss, the glass was broken into pieces due to the hard impact of the ball. 

Zaheer Khan 

This one can’t be termed as a funny incident, however, definitely, it’s a lovable moment. During a match between India and Pakistan, the camera showed a young and lovely Indian girl holding a placard with “Love you Zaheer” written on the same. the same camera was later turned on to Zaheer where his teammates rejoiced the lovable moment. This craze for cricket and cricketers has helped in flourishing the fantasy cricket leagues. 

Sachin Tendulkar 

This name on the list might seem unfitting. Known popularly for playing perfect cricket, Sachin also had his share of silly mistakes and funny moments. The greatest batsman on one occasion was about to get run out but was saved because the wicketkeeper on the other end was callous. In this particular match, Anil and Sachin were batting and when Sachin was about to take a second run, due to lack of coordination Anil didn’t come back for the second. This confusion left Sachin stranded with no clue in the middle of the wickets! However, the wicketkeeper missed the chance of getting him out! 

As funny as these blunders may seem now, during a tensed match a single miss out can cost a fortune. While playing fantasy cricket in India, winning probability becomes riskier if such incidents keep on happening! 


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