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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Funny Cases of Hit Wicket

Hit wicket was a rare form of dismissal in cricket during its early days, especially in the one day international. Nowadays, the fantasy cricket fans of 11wickets App have seen a rise in this form of dismissals.  

In hit wicket, a batsman unintentionally dislodges the bails. This is possibly the most awkward way to end an innings in a fantasy cricket game for a batsman.  

If a daily fantasy cricket batsman dislodges the stumps with his body part or bat while taking a run or hitting a shot, the umpire declares it as an out.   

Let us take a look at top 5 unbelievable hit wickets in fantasy games cricket history. 

Imam Ul Haq against Bangladesh 

The event was Cricket World Cup 2019 in England and Pakistan’s Imam Ul Haq was playing against The Tigers. Haq scored a century and then was immediately dismissed in a funny way. Two balls later and still on 100, he accidentally hit his own wicket and dismissed at Lord’s. 

Martin Guptill against South Africa 

This is another instance of hit wicket in WC 2019. The Kiwi cricketer, Martin Guptill was playing against South Africa and chasing runs when he hit wicket and went on to get dismissed in a funny manner. The right-handed batsmen proved that the zing bails do work when he got out after dislodging his own wicket with a 360 degree turn into a hook shot. He slipped while trying to take off for a single and dislodged the bails. 

Roy Fredericks against Australia 

This is one of the very first instances of hit wicket. The first instance of hit-wicket took place in the final of the 1975 World Cup in England. West Indian opener Roy Fredericks was the batsman who got hit wicket playing against Australia. The left-hand batsman lost his balance while playing a shot and one of his legs, in the quest of holding on to the ground, touched the stumps and unsettled the bails. 

Franklyn Dennis against England 

Franklyn Anthony Dennis was a former cricketer who played for Canada. He played three One Day Internationals matches. In a match, against England at Old Trafford, he scored meagre 21 out of the team’s total of 45 all out. He was the second player after Roy Fredericks to be dismissed hit wicket. 

Maurice Odumbe against West Indies 

Maurice Odumbe was a former Kenyan cricketer and a former ODI captain for Kenya. Till 2015, he was the world’s only player who was dismissed hit wicket twice in a career.  

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