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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Longest Sixes In Cricketing History Till Date

Without a six cricket seems incomplete. Since the time of invention, cricket has travelled a long way. Previously, cricket was a 50 over the match but now different new formats have been introduced. T20, ODIs and numerous other platforms are giving the players a platform to showcase their talent. Fantasy cricket games have also added a new face and changed the monotony of the game.  

Although world cricket history has been adorned with loads of defensive players however the new trend shows hard-hitters are the pick of the season. Especially in T20 matches, hitting 4 to 5 sixes on an average gives the team a winning position in the game. Fantasy sports has become famous because of such hard-hitters.  

Although the list is never-ending, however a special mention has been made of top 5 longest sixes in cricketing history. Let’s start the list by mentioning Shahid Afridi for hitting 158 meters long six in 2013 during ODI with South Africa. Fantasy cricket league selectors prefer using those players who are good at hitting sixes frequently.  

Looking back at some of the historic moments once again. 

Shahid Afridi, 120 meters 

In his overall international career, Afridi has hit more than 450 sixes and majority of them have been more than 100 meters. Although you’ll find the die-hard fans claiming that Afridi’s six has travelled more than 150 meters distance, however it’s always better to go with the facts. One of the most successful hard-hitters of the modern era, Afridi would have been a fair choice for any fantasy cricket games. out of all the sixes that he had hit the longest till date is the 120 meters six which was hit in 2013 in a match with South Africa.   

Mark Waugh, 120 meters 

Although not a very popular hard-hitter, however Waugh’s six in the test match against New Zealand went straight over the boundary at a distance of long 120 meters. This Australian batsman was very elegant and stylish. His career as a batsman is very successful. However there has been no special cases or hits in his career. This six has been a great mark in his career. 1997 WACA match has seen this excellent shot!  

Adam Gilchrist, 122 meters 

Before Adam Gilchrist started playing in the Australian team, the concept of wicket keeper was limited to getting wickets and stopping the opponent’s team from scoring much number of runs. However, he changed the face of Australian cricket and struck more than 250 sixes in his overall international career. The longest six that he has ever hit in his overall career was 122 meters in Dharamshala in 2011. Experts say, although it was a very slow ball however Gilchrist picked it up with brutal force. He would have been a great choice for every fantasy cricket leagues 

Simon O’Donnell, MCG 1993 – 122 meters 

Simon was a big name in the 1990s Australian cricket team. During a match between Victoria and New South Wales in 1993, Simon had successfully hit 120 meters long six against Greg Matthew’s ball. It is till date one of the longest six that was hit within the Australian grounds and was a spectacular hit.  

Martin Guptill, Wellington 2012 – 127 meters 

Regarded as one of the most destructive players of the modern-day cricket, Guptill with two toes missing in one leg has scored more than 250 sixes in limited overs cricket for team New Zealand. This kiwi opener has made his mark as the most exceptional batsman and is well known for his ability to hit sixes flawlessly. Out of all the sixes that he has hit, the longest till date is 127 meters that has successfully travelled all the way over the mid-wicket boundary!  


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