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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Most Popular Short-heightened Cricketers Till Date

Height is directly related to the success of any sport. However, it’s a myth that only the tall and bigger individual can be a good sportsman. A cricketer is always visualized as a tall, well-built, and mammoth individual. However, their shorter counterparts are equally talented and have done well in their respective teams. Although you might be astounded to know about their heights, however, their performance has overshadowed this physical disability. 

A few on the list might come as a surprise! So, if you’re planning on  playing fantasy cricket lately, then checking the performance is what matters and not their vital statistics. Smalls can make wonders which you may not even think of! 

Sunil Gavaskar 

Indian cricket has been blessed by the presence of this versatile cricketer. However, there have been many who have doubted the brilliance of Gavaskar due to his short height. With an average height of only 5.5 ft, he might look small compared to other cricketers. He was the first right-hander who scored 10,000 runs. Whether it is backfoot or front foot, he is the best that the Indian cricket team has seen. Fantasy cricket in India would have been more thrilling if Gavaskar would have been playing till now! 

Tatenda Taibu 

This guy was only 18 years old when he made his debut for the African cricket team. With a height of only 5.4 ft, he became the youngest test captain in the history for a test against Sri Lanka. His career is bejewelled with around 4800 runs. You might say that his height is short and so he can’t cover the pitch. However, he was a dasher when it was about running between the wickets. 

Sachin Tendulkar 

Little master or the god of cricket – call him by any name you want, this man has taken Indian cricket to another level. He was a child prodigy from the very beginning. With around 34,000 international runs in his bag, his graceful shots have always been the talk of the town. He might be shorter than many other cricketers. However, the same doesn’t matter! This individual has engraved cricket into the heart of millions. 

Mominul Haque 

With a considerably very short height of 5.28 ft, he is the only player in Bangladesh to have scored 11 consecutive 50 plus runs on test crickets. Fast, swift, and very good with the red balls, his height has never been a barrier for him. Certainly, a very good choice for  fantasy cricket leagues, this player is undoubtedly a talented one. 

Gundappa Vishwanath 

Coined as the most elegant batsman of the Indian cricket team, this 5.3ft batsman was a master of wrist movements. May it be great pace, spin, or playing at a good pace, he was magical in every aspect of cricket. An unbeaten 97 against Andy Roberts in the 1975 match was an excellent display of skills by this cricketer. Whether it is a tough pitch or a smooth one, he was brilliant on every pitch. 


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