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Fantasy Cricket Facts – 5 Sports With High Fan-base in the World

Sports is an ever-changing industry and the different sporting activities have witnessed drastic changes and growth over the time. With the craze for cricket and soccer going out of bounds, there are a few games which might’ve gone out of your mind completely. Moreover, with trend of online fantasy games taking over, the athletic sports like boxing and badminton have taken a back seat. Although at international level you’ll find many talented individuals making a career out of the athletic sports, however, when it comes to viewership there’s no comparison of any sport with cricket and soccer! 

Fantasy cricket leagues and football leagues have taken the viewership to different level. Speaking about popularity, the term is valid in terms of huge viewership status only. The criteria of popularity are also determined by the amount of funds and sponsorships that the sports are getting. Compared to cricket and soccer, there’s a very one who get enough of sponsorship and media coverage. Hence the talents in those fields often feel shattered.  

When it comes to India, the advent of fantasy cricket in India has not only made the game crazier but also helped people built a freelance money earning opportunity from the same.  

Here’s a list of top 5 sports apart from cricket that has exhibited high viewership and fan base in the recent years.  

#1 Football 

Older than cricket, soccer is the currently the most popular sport in the world. With an approx. global viewership of around 4 billion FIFA World has certainly overtaken the popularity of the cricket leagues. Like playing fantasy cricket, one can also play fantasy football. And the initiatives like ISL have definitely taken the fan following of soccer to a different level. No wonder, you’ll find every other person in a by lane playing football.  

#2 Cricket 

Competing at the same level of popularity, cricket has around 2.5 billion viewers globally. If you talk about India solely even then you’ll find millions and billions od crazy cricket fans glued to their screens whenever a match is being telecasted. Fantasy cricket further has heightened the viewership since many amateurs have been trying their hands on the app and are trying to earn some money out of the same.  

#3 Basketball 

Now coming to the NBA matches of Basketball, you might not find a huge fan following of the same in the Asian countries, however its definitely a hit game in the west. With an average viewership of around 2.2 billion, the game will soon catch upto the levels of cricket.  

#4 Tennis 

Ever heard of Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic? Definitely you’ve heard of them, because they are the ones to bring some prestigious awards in Tennis to their respective countries. With lots of sponsorships in hand, around 1 billion viewership is guaranteed for this game. Undoubtedly a very skilled game, this sport would have made a huge mark if introduced in fantasy sports platform.  

#5 Volleyball 

Are you surprised to even find volleyball in this list? Well, you may not be playing or knowing the rules but around 900 million people are well aware of the game and its technicalities. Pro volleyball has recorded a viewership of 14.3 million on an average.  

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