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Fantasy Cricket – Fascinating Rules of Box Cricket

Cricket is popular than many other games and has been enriched with high fan following. However, how many of us gets the opportunity of playing the game in person? Till the time fantasy cricket leagues were invented, watching matches were the only option left. Even if you’re a gully cricket player, still affording all the equipment, building up a pitch and finding the right place to play the game is not always possible. That’s why playing fantasy cricket is a popular and an easy option.  

However, for the ardent cricket enthusiasts, mere online fantasy games don’t fulfill their playing needs. That’s where box cricket came into existence. This is a platform where you get a mini cricket field along with pitch, players and everything similar to the real-life cricket experience.  

However, box cricket has its own set of rules. Although while playing box cricket you can expect the feel of the fantasy cricket games, however you can definitely enjoy a thrilling match. Check out the rules of box cricket before diving into the game. 

Limitation on number of players 

As the name goes, in box cricket, the pitch is short in length and since its under an artificial field, hence accommodating all 11 years becomes difficult. So, you can easily start the game with 6-6 or 8-8 players each. Since, things are not very formal in these matches, hence both boys and girls can play the game together! Isn’t it a great opportunity! Well unlike fantasy sports its merely played because of the entertainment part.  

Runs deduction process 

For bowlers, box cricket has always been the worst option. It’s definitely like a night mare for them. The pitch is very less in case of box cricket hence the bowlers are not able to swing the ball effectively. Now let’s make things a bit easier then! Whenever a wicket falls a certain number of points are deducted from the batting side so that a certain number of runs can be reduced and the run rate can be managed.  

Rule of dismissals 

How does a cricket get dismissed in box cricket? The normal rules of dismissal are same. But since the boundary line in box cricket is very less, hence the hard hitters are not welcome in this cricket leagues. in case if you try to hit it too hard, then you may end up getting dismissed for the same. However, in case you’re focused on playing fantasy cricket in India, then selecting the ones who have hard hitting capability is more important. Because there in the live match they are the ones who will score and get points added to your leaderboard.  

Ball hitting the roof net 

In case of majority of the cricket boxes, the roof is generally covered with a net. This is done to make sure that the ball doesn’t go out of the roof. So, in case the player is trying to score a six and ends up hitting the ball high on the net, then what happens? It is generally considered to be a dead ball. The player gets no runs and neither is the player dismissed.  

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