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Fantasy Cricket Game – Top 5 Commentators of Indian Cricket

Commentary and cricket, both are inseparable and are incomplete without each other. All  fantasy cricket  lovers, as well as the live game fans, are most of the time concerned with the batsmen and fielders. Would you be able to feel the excitement of the game if you can’t hear the commentary? Incredible visuals blended with the art of describing every action and emotion that is going on in the field – that’s what commentary is all about. 

If players are the strength of the game, then commentary is the heart of the game. The world cricket fraternity is blessed to have some iconic voices that every fantasy sports lover can relish for years to come. Most importantly, all top commentators shinning on the list were outstanding cricketers of their time! Certainly, a cricketer is the best choice for the job. Who would understand the technicalities and the emotions on the pitch better than the person who has experienced the same? 

#1Tony Greig 

He is the most charismatic, spellbinding, enthusiastic commentator of World cricket. This former England captain had a gifted voice which made all matches memorable. With his death in 2012, world cricket certainly lost a gem commentator without whose voice cricket would not have been a thrilling game. For the ones who have been lucky to watch the live match of India and Australia in 1998 in Sharjah will for sure remember the outstanding commentary by Greig about Sachin Tendulkar’s shot! Cricket got a new face with his soulful voice into the game. 

#2 Harsha Bhogle 

Popularly known as the Voice of Indian cricket, he is a man who despite belonging from a non-cricketing background, became an awesome cricket commentator. One of the finest voices to step inside the commentary panels, Bhogle’s mysterious voice, witty comments, and details about the technicalities remain unmatched to date. Bhogle has started his initial career as a commentator on All India Radio in the year 1958 and soon became a popular voice for every listener of Indian cricket. He was the first Indian to get invited by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to become a commentator for the 1992 world cup. Playing fantasy cricket becomes more exciting with a blissful commentary from the Bhogle. 

#3 Mark Nicholas 

Whether it’s 2011, India-Pakistan World cup semifinal, or the 2015 world cup in Australia and New Zealand, Nicholas has been the most capturing and endearing voice of the match. Having played for 17 years and worked as a commentator for Sky Sports, this guy knows it all. Memorable comments, enthralling field descriptions, and voicing the iconic winning moments, he has done it all with uttermost perfection. This 61-year-old commentator will continue to be one of the most loved names among all fantasy cricket game fans. 

#4 Ravi Shastri 

Dhoni finishes off in style” – the person who made this iconic comment in the 2011 world cup final, stole the hearts of millions of Indians. Ravi Shastri is the name that sends down chills among Indian cricket lovers. Not only an outstanding all-rounder of his time, but this man is also a classic commentator and is lucky enough to lend his voice to some of the dramatic moments of Indian cricket. 

#5 Richie Benaud 

“Marvelous” – remember the comment? If yes, then you’ve witnessed some of the best commentaries of world cricket. Richie Benaud thus holds a special place in the hearts of millions of cricket fans across the globe. He was also a master leg spinner of the Australian cricket team and has certainly given some useful tips to Shane Warne as well. Although, tragically, the fantasy cricket leagues will no more be adorned with the soothing commentary from this man, however, his comments will live forever. 


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